I Am Omega – Coming in November

Friday, October 19th, 2007 @ 9:34 pm | Headline, Releases


The Asylum is proud to present I AM OMEGA starring Mark Dacascos (The Crow) as the last man on Earth, who must battle the undead creatures that now control the planet.

Also starring: Geoff Meed (Resident Evil: Extinction, Little Miss Sunshine) and Jennifer Lee Wiggins (Shapeshifter, King of the Lost World).

Directed by Griff Furst, Written by Geoff Meed

Release Date: November 20, 2007

Watch the TRAILER now.

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    24 Responses to “I Am Omega – Coming in November”

    1. Flubynuby Says:

      This was actually very good. Not to sound surprised but I have seen a lot of zombie flicks, and The Omega Man, as well as Cyborg. This seemed like an amalgam of the three with some unique additions. Good action, no stupid-unbelievable-set-up plot, acting was a little better than I expected, subtle details on protagonist rather than sappy crap, Soundtrack was good (especially the ending track). Hail to the Iron Chef Chairman.

    2. GrimmKnight532 Says:

      wow.you seriously had the balls to ripoff I’am Legend? when are you guys ever gonna stop with these god forsaken ripoffs? transmorphers? alien vs hunter? jesus christ at least have the gauls to make them good.I’m suprised you aren’t ripping off the mist cause i know stephen king and frank darabont would rip you all a new asshole

    3. Coolman Says:

      Hi guys,

      I was quite impressed with the camera work in I am Omega and would like to what camera was used? I assume digital, Canon A1 maybe? Could you let me know?

      Thank you!

    4. admin Says:

      Thanks for the comments. We really love to hear from you… even the haters.

      We think I AM OMEGA is one of our best films yet and we’re fairly certain that Mark Dacascos could beat up Will Smith.

      We shot this movie, like most of our films, on the HDW-F900 (and we hope Sony appreciates the plug by giving us free stuff).

    5. admin Says:

      As with the old Asylum Bulletin Board, we’ll post external reviews here.

      This is from Video Views: http://angelfire.com/pq/moviereviews/page249.html

      Thanks, Patrick!

    6. Chris Says:

      Ive got a question for you Admin. Do you enjoy making low budget ripoffs of big productions? like King Kong & AVP which you guys made King Of The Lost World and AVH? and secondly how would I manage to buy copy’s of your productions from here in Austarila?

    7. admin Says:

      There are big productions called King Kong and AVP? We had no idea…

      Actually, you can order most of our films from The Asylum Store: http://www.theasylum.cc/store/ (we’ll be adding all of them soon), but I’m happy to report that one of our deals at AFM was with an Australian distributor who will be releasing AVH, Transmorphers, The Da Vinci Treasure, and 30,000 Leagues through the video stores early next year.

    8. Chris Says:

      You had no idea so all the movies like snakes on a plain, war of the worlds, king kong, AVP, Transformers you never knew had been made but your versions came out at the same time wow what a fluke lol. Ok sweet so does that mean I would have to buy it from the USA? or is there a store in Austarila where I could buy the movies via: money order or credit card? I don’t trust using paypal over seas.

    9. Chris Says:

      I would like feedback please Paul.

    10. Shane Says:

      Is this movie being released in Canada? Some of your movies are released here in winnipeg and this one looks pretty good, is this being released anywhere other than america?

    11. uncle joe mccarthy Says:

      i just discovered your company. so are you guys like a porn production company…without the porn? and does your company really make a profit on the straight to video market, without having big boobed chicks taking off their shirts every 5 minutes…and boy do i feel sorry for c thomas howell and william katt

    12. admin Says:

      Chris, we’re working on adding a credit card payment option to the store. In the meantime, several of our films will be released in Australia by Peacock Films in early 2008.

    13. admin Says:

      Shane, most of our movies are released in Canada by Peace Arch (although a few are distributed by other companies). Check back and we’ll let you know if I AM OMEGA will be one of them.

    14. admin Says:

      By the way, Uncle Joe, we actually do make porn. All of our movies have hidden “easter eggs” that, if unlocked, reveal all of the hard core action. So I encourage you to keep buying and renting our movies and I’m sure you’ll eventually find the secrets (this only works on the actual DVDs… illegal downloaders are out of luck).

    15. aquarian Says:

      I saw something called “be kind rewind” … reminded me of working on an Asylum Pic.

    16. Gregory Paul Smith Says:

      Hell yeah!!! Be Kind Rewind looks awesome! I wonder if the makers of the film got the idea from The Asylum? That’s the first thing I thought when I saw the trailer.

    17. aaron Says:

      Well, despite being quite reluctant to watch this film, in the end i am glad i did. Geoff Meed is without a doubt one of the best guys ever.

      I am omega is without a doubt the best film to come for asylum in my mind. Yes its like i am legend but who cares, its fun, action-filled and has a great script.

      I would personally like to bring some new idea’s to the asylum. yes im a script writer. the quality brought forth by the asylum is amazing but to me the film idea’s are just… to samey as many others. I think i could bring in some fresh ideas. I love writing screenplays, i have ton idea’s and work as a script advisor for a living – you have my emails if you decide im worthy.

      TAPPED(May 2008) – Freedom Force (2009) keep your eyes out for both. ;)

    18. David Says:

      Dude, I enjoyed how much of the elements from this film seem to be seemlessly taken from Omega Man and The Last Man on Earth. The hose that Renchard lives in totally reminds me of the one from The Last Man on Earth, and hist car so many other things remind me of Omega Man. Seeing as the fact that you guys had actually actors as your vampires/zombies I like your version better. The vampires’zombies in I am Legend look SOOOO fake it ruined the movie for me, instead I just laughed and people looked at me stangly.

    19. asabsobe Says:

      loved the mummified corpse that neville (that’s his surname, right?) finds in the barn…i almost cracked a rib laughing.

      it would be easy to just sit here and rip your movies to pieces but in all honesty i totally admire what you’re doing…so maybe the parts of your movies that you find entertaining probably aren’t the ones that i do but who cares, i was entertained…and i liked your version of war of the worlds (called invasion here in the u.k) much more than the overblown spielberg/cruise effort…i have high hopes for the sequel, and the howell’s directing it too…bonus.

      please keep up the good work…

    20. Poop Says:

      I watched a scene of this on youtube and I have to say it would be really really almost tolerable if it was a joke movie. Unfortunately i dont think it is. Oh well at least you get points for originality……oh wait….

    21. Guy Says:

      The best part was the ending because it ended. Worst fucking knock off movie out there. Dont be fooled by the trailer! Trust me you do not wanna buy this movie it’ll prolly make you fall asleep

    22. Admin Says:

      Not everyone agrees with Guy:


    23. Jonathan Nolan Says:

      Since I Am Legend was a disgrace of a film in every respect I think I Am Omega ranks as being devastatingly good, given that its budget is micro compared to the obscene amounts of money trucked into Legend, mainly to push its Obama, global terrorism and Swine Flu agenda.

      Mockbusters are fun, and are the classic B-movies of tomorrow. To the haters- try making a professional quality movie yourself some time. As if. Coward’s castle of the internet makes all the wastes of space so brave.

    24. James Says:

      What’s the name of the song at the end of the movie?

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