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New Trailers

Dec 21, 2007 in News

Watch the newest trailers for our January and February releases MONSTER and  2012: DOOMSDAY, including cool visual effects by our friends at Tiny Juggernaut.

The Few, the Proud…

Dec 19, 2007 in Other

Toys for TotsIs David Michael Latt finally making good on his promise to enlist in the Marine Corps despite the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy?

No. But he did accept the “Commander’s Award” at the Toys for Tots fundraiser on behalf of The Asylum for donating the most toys in our area.

We want to thank all of our friends and co-workers who contributed to the drive this year, especially Scott Meehan (for the most toys given by an individual) and Damien Puckler at Extreme Boot Camp in Simi Valley (for the most toys from another company). 

Happy Holidays and Semper Fi!

Empire Strikes Back

Dec 17, 2007 in News

The UK-based film magazine Empire did a feature on The Asylum for their January issue.

We’re not sure which we liked better; the fact that the story appeared just before an interview with Will Smith about his tie-in to I Am Omega; or the quote from David Michael Latt describing us with a euphemism for a person who has sex for money.

The issue is available at news stands now.

Dead Man’s Party

Dec 07, 2007 in Other

DEAD MAN'S PARTYOn November 1, 2007, The Day of the Dead,  The Asylum celebrated its 10th Anniversary during AFM with a “Dead Man’s Party” at the Santa Monica Pier Carousel.

Enjoy more photos from the event on our Flickr stream.

AVH: Alien vs Hunter – Coming Soon!

Dec 06, 2007 in Headline, Releases

AVH PosterIn this new science fiction thriller, a galactic hunter chases the most dangerous creature in the universe to the planet Earth, where humanity is caught between predator and prey.

Starring William Katt and Dedee Pfeiffer and directed by Scott Harper (who also did the visual effects).

This DVD also includes a making of featurette, bloopers, and a particularly interesting filmmaker commentary.

Release Date: December 18, 2007.

The Asylum on NPR

Dec 04, 2007 in News

Scott Simon, the host of NPR’s Weekend Edition Saturday, just interviewed our very own David Michael Latt for this week’s broadcast.

This is either one of the signs of the apocalypse, a GOP plot to utterly destroy public radio, or maybe we’re actually doing something right.

Regardless, we’re thankful to Scott and NPR for classing up the joint and we hope everyone tunes in to listen to Latt this Saturday… or on if you miss it.

Asylum Made the I-List

Dec 02, 2007 in News

MovieMaker Magazine named The Asylum to its I-List as one of the Top 40 Independent Film-Friendly Businesses in the current issue (on news stands now).

We do business with several of the other companies listed and are proud to be included.

Thanks MovieMaker!