AVH: Alien vs Hunter – Coming Soon!

Thursday, December 6th, 2007 @ 12:50 pm | Headline, Releases

AVH PosterIn this new science fiction thriller, a galactic hunter chases the most dangerous creature in the universe to the planet Earth, where humanity is caught between predator and prey.

Starring William Katt and Dedee Pfeiffer and directed by Scott Harper (who also did the visual effects).

This DVD also includes a making of featurette, bloopers, and a particularly interesting filmmaker commentary.

Release Date: December 18, 2007.

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    23 Responses to “AVH: Alien vs Hunter – Coming Soon!”

    1. Chris Says:

      This could even be better then AVP.

    2. Andrew Says:

      Loads of fun looking movies you produce !!!

    3. Jay Says:

      believe it or not, ive already seen the film and its horrible. the alien is a like huge spider and the hunter is a human, i say if your gonna copy the name of a film at least come close to the plot…and whoever gathered the music for the film must be deaf. honestly, hire the director of “i am omega” and get him to do all the asylum films because so far hes the only good director.

    4. Jay Says:

      i know im being harsh, but come on. The film had an idea that was completelly hidden. i would love to write and direct AVH2…if there is ever one in the near future.

    5. admin Says:

      Another external review:


      Thanks, Patrick!

    6. nunya bidna Says:

      Quite possibly the worst movies I have EVER seen.

    7. admin Says:

      Really? Did you see “Crash?”

    8. Chris Says:

      Haha Yeah Crash is crap also check out Blind flight – http://imdb.com/title/tt0362454/. Worsed movie I have ever seen.

    9. David Says:


    10. Chris Says:

      Lol yeah read that, Man does that Hunter costume look cheap and that alien haha I want this junk on DVD.

    11. jason Says:

      the movie was put together terribly. what really made me mad is the hunter on the box is not the hunter in the film. in the film you get a return to oz looking character. hopefully i am omega will do better.

    12. John Says:

      pathetic, obsolutely awful, was the budget under $1000?

    13. admin Says:

      That’s an insult!

      It was $1001.

    14. Charles Says:

      Honestly, whoever thought this was bad has never seen AVP…at least this is an improvement. Keep up the great work Asylum!

    15. Chris Says:

      LOL admin I have managed to buy this on DVD should be great for a laugh he he. I must say your fount cover designs are looking really good. Shame you cant do it with the movie.

    16. Johnny Says:

      Your movies are awkward. Its the only word for it. Its like watching a ugly girl trying to be pretty but no matter how many times you hit her shes still an ugly bitch.

    17. Hunter of your Hunter Says:

      Total Shit and missery :)))

    18. resevil Says:

      The commentary was hilarious and the movie was terrible..I did like the Alien design, and the Hunter Design on the Box..but not the Lord Rayden Can o Soup in the movie. Again…Scott Harper…When you have a Rocket Launcher…You need to use it!

    19. Ashamed Says:

      I was one of the many people who was fooled by the title. I’m a fan of the Alien/predator franchise who saw this and told my wife “hey let’s check this out”. 30 minutes into the move, she fell asleep and I was grossly disappointed and pissed off. So I just want to start by apologizing to my wife for wasting 30 minutes of her life which she can never get back, I apologize to the entire DVD renting community for contributing to the profits of this god awful mess. My actions were impulsive, reckless, and completely un-called for. I take full responsibility for renting this non-entertaining nightmare and will accept the consequences for my actions. Hopefully the next 6 months of counseling, couples therapy and group prayer, will repair a fraction of the damage this movie has done to my relationship and mental capacity for movie night decision making.

    20. admin Says:

      Hey, look at the bright side… your wife can always use our films as a non-addictive sleep aid.

    21. Guy Says:

      Fuck you and your crappy movies

    22. Maverickprwn Says:

      I would watch this movie, only I promised myself a long time ago that I won’t ever watch anything where the “movie” makers spell an actors name wrong on the poster… It’s Pfiefer lol, not Phieffer… Pathetic.

    23. Admin Says:

      Actually, we’re both wrong.

      It’s Pfeiffer.

      But that’s no reason not to watch the movie (Super crappiness, however, IS a reason not to watch it).

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