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Tuesday, February 26th, 2008 @ 4:10 pm | Headline, Other

We haven’t intentionally stopped posting comments. It’s just that our host, wasn’t notifying me that your comments were waiting. I should have checked it sooner. But I’m glad to see that so many of you wrote. We were starting to think you didn’t hate us anymore.

If you’ve been following this site, you’ve no doubt noticed that liking our films is not a requirement for having your comments approved. This is because we are firm believers in the free exchange of ideas, opinions, and movie concepts.

In addition, we are not personally offended by foul language. However, we understand that some people may be. And after much debate, we’ve made a decision that we will not delete or edit your comments soley based on the use of expletives.

Therefore, for those of you with more sensitive dispositions, and children with access to the internets, please be warned that, unlike our movies, THE COMMENTS ON THIS SITE ARE FOR MATURE AUDIENCES.

That all said, we do reserve the right to post, delete, or ban, any comment or user for any reason, not limited to; spammers, repetitive posting of the same comment, pretending you are admin, and misspelling “asholes.”

I promise I’ll check the site more often… so keep sending that input… how else will we know that you want us to die?

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    9 Responses to “Some Comments about Comments”

    1. kenzo Says:

      c’ mon “we are firm believers in the free exchange of ideas, opinions, and movie concepts.”

      that just trying to justify copying

    2. r3dm3nnace Says:

      i understand that you make low budget movies in a short amount of time. that being said, what your doing is not only illegal but also immoral. production companies spend millions buying the exclusive rights to source material (books, franchise, true stories, etc.), so that other companies don’t shoot the same movie. you guys must be plagiarizing to some degree. the REAL film scripts are written a year or so in advance, and you guys some how make a movie in about 2 weeks with usually the same storyline (don’t try to dispute it either, Monster is obviously cloverfield).

      I think you guys have potential, but you should consolidate your funds into less movies. offbeat, low budget movies are becoming more popular (evil dead, Cashback, etc.),but a good script/storyline is needed. I got one for a scifi/romance/horror if your interested.

    3. Gabriel Benitez Says:

      I want be realistic. Your movies are, in general, very bad. Strange, because i can see you have a big potencial for better things. One example is WAR OF THE WORLDS. Very good adaptation, excelent performance (C. Thomas Hollew and Rhett Giles was fantastic)and good direction make a War of the Worlds a… ok low budget but a very good movie…better than the britanic version (a few). Mark Dacascos y I AM OMEGA make a very good job too, but the movie can be much better. I agree that your movies are a low budget movies, but you can make better scripts, whit less cliches and more substance. Is not necesary a original works, i know that they most be rep offs, but you can make good reps off.
      Tks (Sorry for my english)
      I am waiting for WW2…

    4. kenzo Says:

      u guys are queer i mean c’mon “I promise I’ll check the site more often… so keep sending that input… how else will we know that you want us to die?” ok so no 1 likes ur movies who cares
      i mean sum1 should really sue u for stealing cloverfields roar(check the last comment on “monster”)

    5. Larry Says:

      Hey Asylum. I got awesome ieda for a movie. It’s called Terror of The Cave Giant.

      Scientist Jack Black , and his colleagues Sueko Togami and Kawachi, are studying the effects of radiation on survivors from the Hiroshima bombing. During his studies, Doctor Black stumbles across a small boy roaming the streets of Hiroshima. Bowen begins to study the child, and is amazed when he discovers that the boy is, in fact, Eye-gor’s monster, regrown from a dissected heart that was then mutated by the fallout of the atomic bomb. However, the small child quickly grows in size, as it begins to prey on the livestock in the area as a means of food. Upon learning of the creature, and his rapid growth, the US army becomes worried if the beast might turn on a more abundant source of food: humans.

      The US armay, after locating T-rex still trapped in ice in the Bering Sea, decides that freeing the nuclear menace and luring him to Japan to fight off the Cave Giant might be their last hope if their fear is realized. Taking action, the military breaks the icy prison from around the creature and lures T-Rex to the Japanese coast with ships, while a series of towers on the mainland lead him to the Mt. Fuji area. Once there, the nuclear menace spots Sueko, but before any harm can come to her, Cave Giant rushes to the woman’s rescue and does battle with T-rex. The two titans war is interrupted, though, by a series of volcanic fissures, as one swallows The Cave Giant while another causes a great flood which washes T-rex away in a nearby river.

    6. resevil Says:

      Keep up the good work..and tell scott harper they should have used the Rocket launcher on the Alien….

    7. Rick Says:

      I do enjoy your films and though I’m happy that 100 MILLION BC got picked up by the Sci-Fi channel. A little sad I have to wait till July to see it as it was one I’ve been looking forward to it for some time.

      Most of your newer films baring a couple (AVH: ALIEN VS HUNTER, MONSTER) were pretty entertaining flicks. AVH should have been good, but the direction was atrocious. I don’t mind so much if you tie your films into larger studio films with the title as long as the film itself is different. Roger Corman and other low budget producers have been doing low budget tie-ins for years so I don’t see a problem with it.

      Personally between seeing a low budget tie-in vs a bad remake of a classic film produced by studios who have the resources where they don’t have to resort to that…rather watch an Asylum film. I prefer HITCHHIKER and I AM OMEGA over their studio counterparts.

    8. Sam Says:

      Ok, I enjoy B movie flicks no matter how bad, your covers would be enough to sell a film to me, so Kudos to whomever creates those (its like being back in the 80s). I think its great that you create rip offs from big budget movies, no complaints there from me, but….

      I do however wish a little more effot is put into such great ideas. A perfect example of a low budget but incredibly well directed and polished film is THE OUTPOST, I dont know how similar the production budgets would be with films created by Asylum or Black Camel Productions, but guys you have such potential to be the ultimate low budget production company.

      If anything, perhaps The Outpost would be inspiration that low budget doesnt necessarily mean crap. Another very low budget but excellent example of a great film is the movie.. PRIME.

    9. Paul Says:

      I haven’t seen anything from you guys before, but I’m currently watching “I Am Omega” and it’s pretty entertaining, more so than some of the high-concept bullshit I see multiplexes groaning under the weight of.

      My only reservation is the choice of titles; obviously there’s a certain amount of “cashing in”, and given the rather mixed quality of the original titles, this is surely a double-edged sword!!

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