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War of the Worlds 2: The Next Wave

Mar 26, 2008 in Headline, Releases

War of the Worlds 2 PosterOn April 1, 2008 the sequel to one of the most successful direct-to-video films of all time (and the movie that started The Asylum on the Mockbusters), WAR OF THE WORLDS 2: THE NEXT WAVE will hit the video shelves.

Three years have passed since the Martian invasion, but George Herbert suspects that we haven’t heard the last of the alien invaders.

This time when the Walkers attack, we’re ready for them.

What’s left of human society launches a counter attack and we take the battle back to Mars.

Directed by and starring C. Thomas Howell.

Watch the new trailer now!

Allan Quatermain Trailer

Mar 26, 2008 in News

Watch the new teaser trailer for ALLAN QUATERMAIN AND THE TEMPLE OF SKULLS, which will be released on April 29, 2008.

Relay for Life

Mar 24, 2008 in Headline, Other

Latt is on a personal crusade to make us all feel guilty. So something that has NOTHING to do with making or buying films is cluttering up this News Section. Bastard. So what is it?

On May 31st Latt is going to make his two and four year olds walk three miles in order raise up money for the American Cancer Society. Yes, he’s heartless. And even though they will be in a stroller or on their daddy’s shoulders, it seems like child abuse to us.

And, so we all feel abused as his kids, he’s asking for donations for this walk called, “Relay For Life.” In order to make this less painful The Asylum is going to give an autographed copy of either 100 MILLION BC or WAR OF THE WORLDS 2: THE NEXT WAVE DVD to those that donate $35 or more.

Here’s how to do it:

Visit Latt’s personal link below to the Relay. Pledge your tax-deductible donation. See. Easy! You will make a real difference in the lives of people facing cancer and in the lives of the people who love them — especially his kids after we call Child Social Services.


FOR DONATIONS: Click here to visit my personal page.

(Yes, that’s Latt’s mommy in the picture getting her master’s degree at age 61!)


After you donate, just send an email with your address (Bother Latt. He’s making me do this.). It’s that easy to make a difference and get a free movie.


We can’t thank you enough for your time and support! Let us know if you have trouble logging in.


Can You Believe We’re in The Believer?

Mar 10, 2008 in News

Published by McSweeney’s The Believer is a San Francisco-based magazine about art and literature.

So imagine our shock when we saw The Asylum featured in their pages.

You can read a brief sample here or buy the latest issue at your newstand.

We’re just oozing with class.

AMC Invents a Noun

Mar 10, 2008 in Headline, Other

We were all pleasantly surprised by Kevin Maher’s recent AMC TV Sci-Fi Scanner post about The Asylum:

Knockbusters, mockbusters, studio tie-ins, drafting, shameless rip-offs… whatever you want to call them… we think we’re in good pretty good company.

Thanks, AMCtv!