AMC Invents a Noun

Monday, March 10th, 2008 @ 10:57 pm | Headline, Other

We were all pleasantly surprised by Kevin Maher’s recent AMC TV Sci-Fi Scanner post about The Asylum:

Knockbusters, mockbusters, studio tie-ins, drafting, shameless rip-offs… whatever you want to call them… we think we’re in good pretty good company.

Thanks, AMCtv!

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    9 Responses to “AMC Invents a Noun”

    1. Rick Says:

      After seeing some of that 100 MILLION BC footage, definitely looking forward to it. Can’t be worse than 10,000 BC, saw it at my theater’s midnite show…ya know a film is bad when the biggest challenge for the characters are giant man-eating ostriches. And he does bring up an excellent point of a whole sub-genre of tie-ins existing prior to Asylum. If ya start now, you guys can get ahead of Michael Bay with his remake of NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET with your own NIGHTMARES ON OAK STREET.

    2. Larry Says:

      I’m so glad, You are getting more populary. I hope you make a film that’s based on Frankenstein Conquers the World.
      Edward D. Wood wound be so happy!

    3. fozzy Says:

      Awesome, you guys should be proud. Honestly, this kind of filmmaking doesn’t hurt the film companies seeing as how these are a) direct-to-video, and b) don’t promote themselves to be better than the Hollywood counterpart. Keep it up, Asylum.

    4. ann Says:

      YAY … you know it is sad when the asylum film is better than the big budget knockoff of said asylum film .. or wait is it the other way around… not so sure anymore…

    5. David Says:

      You know, it’s werid. The Ayslem makes rip-offs, but seeing I am Omega, 30,000 leagues under the sea, MONSTER, I mean, some of this stuff is better then the real massive bugdet films, that should put them in their place.

      Keep makn’ movies, Asylem, I’ll rent them at Blockbuster :)

    6. AJ Says:

      Yes the asylum movies may be “Knockbusters” but most of the time whey are better than the big budget stuff. I’d rather watch an asylum movie anyday.

    7. David Says:

      Asylum, your movies are awesome and much better than most high budget films, I like watching your movies, don’t stop.

    8. martin Says:

      Ok firts of all, i’ve seen some of these asylum movies and in my honest opinion most of them are horrible and I wouldn’t suggest anyone to watching these movies. (( admit really enjoying I am Omega with Dacascos)

      However I really respect the way they are making their movies bussines wise, there are always enough fools worldwide who buy and/or rent these movies thinking they have just bought/rented a quality picture while the opposite is true. So as long as these fools keep doing this the asylum will keep on making money, and that is what i respect so much, a clever way of doing bussines.

      I really hope that they will continue like this and that one day they will be able to sign some bigger names and can make movies with a bigger budget. Kinda like Nu Image/Millenium is doing these days, cause also started with very low budget movies and look who they are signing now for their movies. Hell they even signed Pacino for 10 movies.

      Keep it up Asylum.

    9. Dixen Says:

      You guys still rock! You’ve got a legion of sci-fi zealots on your backs.

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