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Hot off the Set

Apr 08, 2008 in Headline, Other, Releases

Jennifer DorogiThis is one of the first stills from our current production JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH.

Kristin (Jennifer Renee) hunts something in the subterranean world… or is it hunting her?

Like we need an excuse to post a picture of a girl with a gun…

Help Latt Get into Heaven*

Apr 08, 2008 in Headline, Other

David Latt, one of the founding members of The Asylum, is going on two charity walks and he wants you to join him (not literally, figuratively). Basically, he wants you to donate some $$$$.

The first is the MS Walk for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. That walk is Saturday, April 12th in Simi Valley. To donate, here’s that link:

The second walk is Relay For Life and raises money for the American Cancer Society. This walk is on May 31st. To donate, here’s that link: Latt’s Relay For Life. It’s easy and painless AND tax deductible.

In addition we are making a one time special offer to our friends. Anyone who donates $30 or more to either charity will receive a FREE autographed DVD “War of the Worlds 2: The Next Wave”! After you donate just send Latt an email with your address. It’s that easy to make a difference, and get a free movie. (Latt’s email:

We can’t thank you enough for your time and support! Please let us know if you have any problems logging in.

*He must feel guilty about making all these¬†direct-to-video movies. Or maybe it’s all the prostitutes he killed…

Don’t Try This at Home

Apr 07, 2008 in News

But watch the new promotional trailer for STREET RACER now.