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The Asylum and T4

May 21, 2008 in News

We’re not planning a mockbuster of the latest Terminator sequel (yet). But The Asylum was interviewed by the UK Channel 4 weekend show T4.

Our interview with host Steve Jones will appear during the show’s Cannes coverage. We talk about the philosophy behind our mockbusters and even a sneak preview of a few possible new ones.

What you probably won’t see is the part of the interview where David calls me a euphemism for male genitalia, or my unintentionally crude response (Turns out that the word I thought meant something completely different in the UK means pretty much the same thing it does in the States. Who knew?). These exchanges will most certainly end up on the cutting room floor… or at least I hope so.

Viewers in UK can find out this Sunday, May 25, 2008 on Channel 4.

Update – You can watch a low-res clip of the interview here:

Ich Bin Omega

May 20, 2008 in News

Cinema, the number one movie magazine in Germany has published a review of I AM OMEGA in time for the DVD release in that country.

According to our friend Johannes, who brought us a copy of the magazine and translated it for us, the film received a “Sideways Thumb” rating, which means that the reviewer thought it was better than “Mr. Brooks” and “Blonde and Blonder,” but only equal to the Japanese erotic film “Wet Desire.” I knew we shouldn’t have cut out the zombie sex scene…

If you read German you can see the details on the Cinema website.

Cannes Film Festival

May 10, 2008 in News

No, Transmorphers isn’t competing for the Palm d’Or… but The Asylum will once again be selling our movies to buyers from all over the world at the Cannes Market.

If you happen to be on the French Riviera from May 14-22, drop by and see us at our booth, Riviera A16, located (appropriately) next to the toilets.

Or if you’d like to set up a formal meeting send an email here.

Time Out for Mockbusters

May 10, 2008 in News

The international entertainment guide Time Out London has posted a new story on The Asylum and our films just in time for the UK release of AVH: Alien vs Hunter.

Check out the online version here.

Sci Fi Announces 100 Million BC Airdate

May 08, 2008 in News

Mark your calendars, because 100 MILLION BC will have its world television premiere on Sunday, June 22, 2008 at 9 pm on the Sci Fi Channel.

We’ve set a goal to try to get 1 million viewers to tune in for the premiere… so we’re asking all of you Asylum fans to just convince 999,997 other people to watch.

Dinosaurs, hot cave chicks, and the kid from “Blue Lagoon.”

Why wouldn’t you watch?

Street Racer

May 08, 2008 in Headline, Releases

STREET RACERAfter serving time for a tragic accident, in which a young boy is crippled, an illegal street racer finds himself dragged back into the world of high speed competition on the side streets and highways of Los Angeles.

Starring Clint Browning and Dorothy Drury and featuring some of the most rare, sought after, and fastest cars in production.

Feel the rush when Street Racer hits the DVD shelves on May 27, 2008.

If you really can’t wait you could probably download it illegally now. But that would be wrong… uh… like illegal street racing.

On second thought, just watch the trailer here.