Death Racers Trailer Now Available

Friday, June 27th, 2008 @ 7:18 pm | Other

Death RacersThe promotional trailer for Death Racers can be viewed here.

However, please be warned that the images and soundtrack for this trailer are for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY.

If your kids start putting on evil clown make-up, listening to “horrorcore” hip hop, start dating strippers, or chopping up their playmates with hatchets don’t blame us… that’s what parental controls are for.

Death Racers will hit the video stores in mid-September.

Be sure to rent it or WWE wrestling champion RavenĀ may start hitting you.

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    10 Responses to “Death Racers Trailer Now Available”

    1. Brandon E. Says:

      This looks pretty damn violent, and not the good special effects violent, but the low-budget kind. Anyways, it looks pretty sweet and I’ll be psyched to see it.

    2. McQuade Says:

      Vagina Might??!!? Holy crap, this one’s a must see!!
      And a pretty damn cool cover too!

      May I ask you who’s the mastermind(s) behind all of your posters? They’re all very awesome.

    3. Rick Says:

      Looks to be entertaining. Will be grabbing this when it hits shelves.

    4. Scotch Says:

      I’ve been anxiously awaiting a trailer for this. It looks like a whole lot of fun…the graphic on the dvd cover is VERY eye-catching in a GRINDHOUSE sort of way! I’d love to own a full-sized poster or t-shirt for this baby!! Nice casting.

    5. juggalo Says:

      Death, Racing, & ICP what more can you ask for. Cant wait!

    6. Spooky da juggalo Says:

      Insane clown posse……. hell ya

    7. Ninjalo Says:

      Wow, this movie is a must see by me, cant wait, also, ive been hearing rumers it may be featured on Sci-fi. Is this true? I dont believe simply because its got the Wicked clownz in it.

    8. admin Says:

      Families should rent videos and watch them together:

    9. Rattlocke Says:

      Raven’s in TNA now. so if you put WWE on there, Isn’t Vince gonna probably want to sue over it? He does that a lot, you know.

    10. OH NO... another Juggalo Says:

      I just got the movie… Hellz to the mo’ fuckin’ yeah.

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