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Ask Latt: How can one go about getting a script produced by The Asylum?

Jul 30, 2008 in Headline

“I was wondering how one can go about getting a script produced by The Asylum? Are you buying scripts at present, or do you wish to see a full treatment first? Can I send spec scripts? Thanks! Richard”

Unless the script comes with a check for $1 million dollars (my reading fee), we are not looking for outside material at the moment. Why? a) I’m lazy, and the stack of scripts on my desk from friends is very intimidating; b) We pretty much know our slate for the next year. In other words, we don’t produce outside material.

So…how can this change?

Good question. For our Faith Film label there is a possibility that I’ll be looking for outside submissions. Nothing is set in stone yet…but I’ll keep you posted. Also, if you have a published book or comic. OR, if you are Colin Hanks and your dad said he’ll do a cameo in the script you are submitting (tough town, get used to it). OR, work for us. If I see you around the office enough times I’ll put your script on the ‘Friends’ pile, and not read it for a year.

Now, in regards to the spec script…again, I refer back to the stack that is still looming over me. As I read them all personally (no readers for me!), it takes forever. So, I’ve sort of stopped reading specs. Yeah, it sucks.

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Journey Interview

Jul 28, 2008 in Headline, Other, Releases

Journey to the Center of the EarthOur friends at B Movie News have posted an interview with Scott Wheeler and Davey Jones, the co-directors of Journey to the Center of the Earth.

Learn the behind-the-scenes secrets behind the production of the film, the directors’ feelings about mockbusters, their work as visual effects artists and whether or not Jules Verne was a lesbian (maybe I misread that part).

If you like the interview, be sure to rent the movie and hear more from Davey and Scott on the filmmaker commentary.

In fact, go rent the movie even if you don’t like the interview.

“Ask Latt” Returns

Jul 28, 2008 in Headline

Back when we had an online forum (before the spammers inundated it with porn) one of the most popular bulletin boards was the “Ask Latt” forum, where visitors could ask Asylum Co-Founder David Michael Latt questions about making movies The Asylum Way, filmmaking in general, his personal life, or particle physics.

We’re now happy to introduce the new “Ask Latt” feature as part of this blog.

If you’ve got questions for Latt, send an email to and the Master will answer on this site for the education and enlightenment of everyone.

Any questions?

What Kind of Scum Would Rip Off a Movie Idea?

Jul 21, 2008 in Headline, Other

Why, somebody oughta sue…

Evil Trailer Online

Jul 21, 2008 in News

It’s unusual that The Asylum will acquire a finished film, but when the movie in question is as visually stunning as EVIL, we’ll make an exception.

Check out the trailer for our August release here.

Dear Asylum

Jul 14, 2008 in Headline, Other

One of the risks of posting your email address and phone number on your website is that people will actually contact you. One of Admin’s favorite memories is listening to a fifteen minute voicemail rant from a drunk guy who was upset because there wasn’t enough violence in Supercroc (and then called back to leave another fifteen minute message because he forgot a few things).

We get a lot of enjoyment out of the “fan” letters we receive and thought you might enjoy some of them too. You can read some of our personal favorites here (Warning: Some of the language in these emails is for MATURE AUDIENCES). Names and other identifying characteristics have been removed, but these emails are otherwise unedited (or spell checked).

We’ll post more of your correspondence here from time to time. We’ll even post some of your compliments.

If we ever get any…