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Monday, July 28th, 2008 @ 2:55 pm | Headline, Other, Releases

Journey to the Center of the EarthOur friends at B Movie News have posted an interview with Scott Wheeler and Davey Jones, the co-directors of Journey to the Center of the Earth.

Learn the behind-the-scenes secrets behind the production of the film, the directors’ feelings about mockbusters, their work as visual effects artists and whether or not Jules Verne was a lesbian (maybe I misread that part).

If you like the interview, be sure to rent the movie and hear more from Davey and Scott on the filmmaker commentary.

In fact, go rent the movie even if you don’t like the interview.

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    6 Responses to “Journey Interview”

    1. admin Says:

      And here’s another review:

    2. Guestar57 Says:

      What about my interview with the traitor DAMIAN PUCKLER at GUESTAR webzine ?

    3. Guy Says:

      LuLz I seen the trailer to this how the hell is there light in the center? >.

    4. Ronald W.Adams Says:

      Worst version remake or attempt at I have ever witnessed…Jurassic Park much more entertaining. Loser of a film…no wonder there were only 4coppies on the shelf and three were available.

    5. Ronald W.Adams Says:

      excuse the miss spelling of 4coppies it should read 4 copies

    6. Andrew Norris Says:

      I really can’t see why everyone hates this movie so much. I’ve seen it via YouTube (the DVD shops here in the UK aren’t interested in selling mockbusters) and I personally thought that it was a good movie – and far more bearable than the Brendan Fraser version!

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