What Kind of Scum Would Rip Off a Movie Idea?

Monday, July 21st, 2008 @ 9:24 pm | Headline, Other

Why, somebody oughta sue…


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    6 Responses to “What Kind of Scum Would Rip Off a Movie Idea?”

    1. Mubashir Says:

      You people rip-off movies every time.

    2. robert Says:

      Mubashir…how would you know that unless you enjoy watching ASYLUM movies?

      you ever made any movie yourself?

      ASYLUM movies are unabashed in their gory scenes and enjoyable…

      nuff said.

    3. A Says:

      So you’re admitting that you cant come up with original ideas so you just take other peoples? I don’t know why you call yourself scum but continue anyways

    4. Newk Yuler Says:

      Some people apparently can’t understand. The idea of what you guys do is pretty cool. You’ve created a niche and filled it and I’ll bet you all have a lot of fun doing them. The quality of the movies you make is exactly as great as it should be. For the effort you put into your productions, the results sometimes turn out as good as their (ahem) counterparts. Especially when compared to a Paul Anderson flick. Keep up the good work. I wish you guys great prosperity.

    5. Guy Says:

      Its fine if the movies are actually entertaining. The Asylum MOVIES ARE SHIT, AND AN EYESORE thats why I say The Asylum sucks because their effects are shit.

    6. Mubashir Says:

      Robert, i watched one Transmorphers it was in the 99 Cents bin even the seller wanted to get rid of it it was a waste of my 99 cents that could have been put to better use like charity i am a ameture special effects artist and i can make somthing much better then the rip-off dog shit you try to sell why cant you come up with your own movies.

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