Hot Off the Set: Merlin Photos

Friday, August 1st, 2008 @ 5:45 pm | Headline, Other

Jurgen ProchnowProduction on MERLIN AND THE WAR OF THE DRAGONS continues on location in Wales, but thanks to modern technology we’re able to give you a sneak peek at a few preliminary stills from the set.

Legendary actor Jurgen Prochnow plays The Mage, the mentor to a brilliant young apprentice wizard.

Not this one.

You can see a few more photos from the production here.

The film will be released on DVD on November 18, 2008.

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    24 Responses to “Hot Off the Set: Merlin Photos”

    1. fantasy fan Says:

      MORE STILLS PLEASE!!!!!! i want to see Merlin and his arch nemisis!!!! xxxx

    2. admin Says:

      Your wish is my command, Fantasy Fan.

      You’ll find more stills in our Flickr stream (right side of page)

    3. Rick Says:

      HOLY CRAP! YOU GOT JURGEN PROCHNOW!? He’s one of my favorite actors of all time. I do hope he’s in the film longer than five minutes. Now I’m really interested in seeing it. Can’t wait for a trailer.

    4. Annoyed Watcher Says:

      You have fans? I thought the only way you made money was making a crappy take on an already popular film and tricking customers into renting your crappy films than the real thing that they wanted.

    5. admin Says:

      We also sell drugs to school children.

    6. Annoyed Watcher Says:

      That makes perfect sense, along with bad movies ;)

    7. Lust4Bmovies Says:

      Alright Annoyed watcher!! did mummy buy you the wallmart version of transformers for xmas instead of the real thing?

    8. Dylan Jones Says:

      Can’t wait to see the film. Cheers for choosing Wales as a location.


      King Uther ( ha, ha)


    9. Dylan Jones Says:

      Can’t wait to see the film. Cheers for choosing Wales as a location.


      King Uther ( ha, ha)


      p.s. Hope you all return soon.

    10. Annoyed Watcher Says:

      Lust4Bmovies; if she did, it would have been TRANSMORPHERS.

      These movies are corny and rip offs or name rip offs of the movies already in theaters.

      It’s my job to prevent any sane human being to not rent them ;)

    11. Guestar57 Says:

      You know something ANNOYED WATCHER,You’re on Theasylum website Get Off or go away.We fans love what these guys do and GET THE JOKE !

    12. Annoyed Watcher Says:

      What joke? That they waste money on crappy rip off films instead of helping the homeless or children with no families?

      Wow, that’s an awesome joke.

    13. admin Says:

      Actually, most of our casts and crews are the homeless and orphans.

    14. Annoyed Watcher Says:

      Then you should hire me to be in a movie and pay me big bucks to pay off loans. That way I can use it for school loans and donate it to cancer research.

      Then I’d sell your crappy movies like hot cakes!

      No joke O_O

    15. admin Says:

      Read about the production from a local perspective:

    16. Rick Says:

      Always good to help the local community. If you guys ever do a movie in Savannah, GA I’m a film student at SCAD and be glad to help out on set during my off days from classes.

    17. Annoyed Watcher Says:

      I think you guys need a writer to make something that’s not going to be like everything else out there but low budget.

      Personally, if you have a no name writer writing you movies, I think they’d do a lot better than the semi-rip offs you’re putting out now.

    18. Sam Hain Says:

      Where’s the trailer you guys? The suspense is killing us!

    19. Dylan Jones Says:

      Attended the Cast and crew screening last night in Nortgh wales. What a film !!! All the hard work and passion paid off!

      A joy to watch. Bring on the sequel!!

    20. Admin Says:

      Thanks for the review, Patrick:

    21. Admin Says:

      Another review:

      Thanks, Chris!

    22. Admin Says:

      A review from the UK:

      Thanks, Craig!

    23. Admin Says:

      And more:

      We appreciate it, Dan!

    24. Admin Says:

      Another review from Christopher at DVD Late Show:

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