December 16: The Day the Earth Stopped

Thursday, December 11th, 2008 @ 5:21 am | Headline, Releases

Prove the value of human civilization or be destroyed…

C. Thomas Howell directs and stars in The Asylum’s latest mockbuster THE DAY THE EARTH STOPPED, which will premiere on DVD on Decemember 16, 2008.

Unlike a certain major studio release that has a suspiciously similar title (we suspect that the majors have spies digging through our trash), our movie features hundreds of giant robots, that guy from The Breakfast Club, and a hot naked chick.

Rent THE DAY THE EARTH STOPPED at your local video store next Tuesday.

In the meantime, watch the new and improved trailer here.

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    16 Responses to “December 16: The Day the Earth Stopped”

    1. Mac Says:

      Long live mockbusters, and long live The Asylum!!!

      This looks great!

    2. Jose Prendes Says:


      Come out to Burbank, California’s DARK DELICACIES bookstore, grab your copy of the film before it’s released, and have the cast sign it for you!

      Cameron Bender, Bug Hall, Sinead McCafferty, Stephanie Greco, Jonathan Sanders, William Morey, and Daniel Inkles are all confirmed to appear.

    3. Dirk Says:

      “Hot naked chick” sounds interesting (I have pre-ordered the movie anyway). The trailer is your best yet.
      But talking about cuties: When will we see Wittley Jourdan again?

    4. Admin Says:

      Patrick’s review:

    5. Admin Says:

      Another review:

      Thanks, Dan. Next time, we’ll leave the aliens naked…

    6. Montel Says:

      The music at the end of the movie where can i buy it or download it is it for sell as mp3 if so where can i get it thanks

    7. ¬¬ Says:

      jesuschrist you just gotta be Shitting me…..OMG

      i can’t believe the whole shit you just ripp…all of you should be in jail…or in hell bunch of cock suckers….you don’t have imagination at al???

      maybe you should make a movie of this comment



      -Andrew simmons Marvel industries lawyer….

    8. dude... Says:

      hey is it possible to sue a production company for making me wanna kill my self?

      i mean for god sakes… where the fuck should i begin?!?
      i only managed to watch the 1st 10min, then i kept skipping scenes in order to see if this is gonna make sense soon.
      unfortunately it didnt and further more i think i got a brain damage.

      i mean like at 1st i was like “uw nice, ships in space” and then this giant robot.. in the middle of the city..
      and its like the only army in the enitre erea are only 4 black vans?.. where’s the fucking army, the freaking jet fighters, the confused president that dosnt know if to shoot or negotiate with them. I MEAN WTF 4 BLACK VANS!!!!!
      oh sure a guy had to piss thats awesome.. god i really hope u can understand sarcasm.

      hey you know that bme pain olympics shit? and the winner in there, the guy that cut off his own balls and dick.
      i thought thats disturbing..
      ide rather see that any day instead of seeing this film again..

      and another thing.. whats up with the 20,000 alien ships coming from the end of the galaxy just to.. see that earth is nice?.. please… befor making any movies.. READ BOOKS!! know some basics physics, aspecialy some space phyisics cause ur just emberessing ur selfs and make the people who watch the movie wanna kill them selfs

      befor publishing such movies please think of the results.. u might hurt incoent people..

    9. MKCEE from the UK Says:

      Come on everyone, leave The Asylum alone. They have a fanbase and are popular. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t continue to make films and also no doubt make a profit. Personally I enjoyed the film, it won’t change the world…’s just a movie. It’s escapism pure and simple!!!!

      Oh yes and Sinead McCafferty is very pleasant on the eye!!!!

    10. Admin Says:

      Another review:

      Thanks, James!

    11. Jack Says:

      Just watched this last night, it was pretty good. Liked the babe :) Better than the Keanu Reeves one, which I slept through.

    12. jay Says:

      hey i liked the movie it was pretty good to me.
      but about the music at the ending of the video the once with the girl singing so beautifully i would love to know what the song is called.

    13. Jubes Says:

      Also want to know what the music at the end is. It’s beautiful.

    14. Chrissy Says:

      Watched the film not bad but I need to know the music played at the end of the film with the girl singing it was beautiful.

    15. Ranchero Says:

      Is that song during the end credits available for download? Does anyone have a link to it?

    16. Matt Says:

      Please someone tell me the name of the song at the end its so beautiful!!

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