Megafault Wraps Principal Photography

Saturday, May 9th, 2009 @ 9:08 pm | Headline, News, Releases

MEGAFAULT, The Asylum’s biggest film to date… and our first original production for the Sci Fi Channel… has wrapped principal photography in Iowa.

Starring Brittany Murphy, Eriq La Salle, Bruce Davison, and Justin Hartley, this action-packed thriller about a massive global earthquake features huge effects like the one pictured here.

MEGAFAULT also represents David Michael Latt’s return to the director’s chair after almost five years.

This film will premiere on Sci Fi in the Fall and will be released on DVD shortly thereafter.

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    15 Responses to “Megafault Wraps Principal Photography”

    1. McHuge Says:

      When are you going to cast Carl Lewis or the guy that played Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell? Can you imagine those two in a film with Britany Murphy? Pure awesomeness!

    2. Iowan Says:

      Can’t wait to see this film. I hope Iowa and its people on the crew and cast are represented well enough to have more films here in the future.

    3. Iowan Says:

      Are there any potential stars from Iowa in this movie or are they all extras? Let me know what to watch for!

    4. uncle joe mccarthy Says:

      hey….you guys gonna be running titles every 10 minutes telling the audience where the characters are…even though everyone can see they are standing in a cornfield in iowa??


      poor brittany murphy…doesnt she know that working with you means her career is over?

    5. CrackSylum Says:

      Seriously, which movie are you ripping off this time?

    6. Admin Says:

      All of them.

    7. Torin Says:

      If I could punch you in the face, I would. By the way, feel free to rip off my films. A nice lawsuit would set my mind at ease.

    8. Best Supporting Extra Says:

      When will the Megafault trailer be available? I can’t wait to see this movie!

    9. Jeremy Eble Says:

      According to IMDb, it premieres a month from today. Is that still true? My friends and family can’t wait to see the very little amount of work I did for it.

      And I hope the bunny car makes the cut.

    10. Best Supporting Extra Says:

      I’m thinking it will be later than that. The SyFy channel’s schedule for September doesn’t include Megafault at all.

    11. Admin Says:

      Schedule Update: Hey, all, thanks for your interest in MEGAFAULT.

      Right now, Syfy has the film tentatively scheduled for October 10,, 2009… of course that depends on our finishing the final effects and sound mix… which we’re working feverishly to do by mid September.

      Stay tuned!

    12. Rick (The Major) Corbin Says:

      Please keep us informed as to the air date.
      I am in charge of the local (Davenport) viewing party down in the Village of East Davenport at the 11th St Precinct.
      It sure would be great if we had a few (4-6) posters to splash about the viewing location, then hand out to cast-crew-extras, etc. (Hint)

    13. Iowan Says:

      when will we know for sure when the official air-date will be?

    14. Brittany Murpyh Deceased Video Says:

      I loved brittany murphy in sin city

    15. Brittany Murpyh RIP video Says:

      <3 brittany murphy

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