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Principal photography has started on our latest feature, HAUNTING OF WINCHESTER HOUSE.

Directed by long-time Asylum collaborator, Mark Atkins, this classic ghost story about a family trapped inside the haunted mansion will be released in time for Halloween.

Starring Lira Kellerman, Michael Holmes, Patty Roberts, and Tomas Boykin, HAUNTING OF WINCHESTER HOUSE will  be available in 3-D from select retailers.

You can see a few more production stills here.

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    21 Responses to “Spooky!”

    1. Tatourmi Says:

      I just need this movie, go the asylum, go go!

    2. Kalebzilla Says:

      Sounds nice. Maybe you guys shound remake Universal monster movies. Like Hammer Film did.

    3. Octopus Prime Says:

      Honestly, with titles like ‘The Terminators’ and ‘Transmorphers’, you guys don’t even try to hide the fact you’re ripping people off! Get out of the industry please!

    4. Tatourmi Says:

      Octopus prime, it’s all about taste. I personaly prefer the Asylum mockbusters to the original blockbusters. Moreover the asylum are actually one of the best (Yes there are not alot of them on the market but they’re still one of the best) “B movie” producers of our time, so please, let them B.

      Oh while i am there: “By the time for halloween”. Does that mean that you won’t produce a movie per month until halloween? I read it was in your uses somewhere.

    5. Filmguy450 Says:

      Dear Tatourmi, I think they still will be. They’ve got Transmorphers 2 in a week (well, just over) plus Megafault and Sexpot all on it’s way, I have no doubts that it will one a month, as per usual.

    6. McHuge Says:

      Ghost boobs?

    7. Admin Says:


    8. Rick Says:

      That image of Ghost boobs is incredibly disturbing….

    9. Johnny Says:

      Uhm, actually it’s “principle” photography. Idiots.

    10. Avishai Weinberger Says:

      I want to work for you! I’ve made videos! Youtube up Night of the Amphibians!!!!!

      OK, I’m too young to work for you, but based on my video, do I have what it takes?

    11. Mega Fan Says:

      Sounds like a great flick. And with Mark Atkins at the wheel, you can’t go wrong.

    12. serenity Says:

      Umm, no, Johnny. It’s PRINCIPAL photography. You’re shooting the principals.

    13. Patrick Says:

      Received my copy today, problem is it shipped without the 3D glasses, I hope you guys shipped them with the retail copies or your going to have a lot of upset people. Do you know what color glasses are needed for this?

    14. Admin Says:

      Thanks, Fangoria:


    15. Admin Says:

      And Patrick:


    16. Admin Says:

      And for those of you in Brazil:


    17. Admin Says:

      And another review:


    18. Flaming Mo Says:

      Yeah yeah…great movie bla bla BUT: Again, NO BOOBS !!! Whats wrong with asylum nowadays ? I want boooooobs (human or ghost i dont care).

    19. Admin Says:

      Dan’s review:


    20. Bulin Says:

      Hey Mo, I think Asylum blew their boob allowance for the year on Sexpot….

    21. Paul Says:

      Robert’s review:


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