Transmorphers: Fall of Man Trailer

Friday, June 5th, 2009 @ 10:24 pm | Headline, News, Other, Releases

The trailer for TRANSMORPHERS: FALL OF MAN is now online.

In this present day prequel to our 2007 hit, TRANSMORPHERS, the robotic alien invaders attack the Earth and a small group of humans leadĀ a smallĀ resistance against the machines.

If you’ve seen the first movie you know how that turns out…

Transmorphers: Fall of Man hits the video shelves on June 30, 2009.

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    26 Responses to “Transmorphers: Fall of Man Trailer”

    1. Rick Says:

      This is on my ‘to buy’ list for the summer, hoping for a lot more robots than what’s seen in the trailer. After MSvsGO, my hopes are high for this one. Was it just me or was that a TR from TERMINATORS making a Transmorphing cameo just before the titles came up?

    2. Mubashir Says:

      2007 “hit” yeah keep dreaming

    3. Kalebzilla Says:

      I’m very happy for you guys.

    4. TikiMexican Says:

      Hey I just plugged your website, production company, and a few of the titles I bought. How about throwing some love my way? Let me get a hat, a plug, something for the supportive fan. Also, you should offer up slim cases on the DVDs on the store site, it’d help my shelf out a lot.
      The Best non-porn Site in the US

    5. NiK Kacy Says:

      Who’s the hot chick making out with Shane?

    6. Leigh Slawner Says:

      You gotta love a company that is proud of producing crap. Must be financed by AIG.

    7. Admin Says:

      No, GM.


    8. Robert Ellis Says:

      Okay Admin, I have a quick question that I’ve been wondering for a while. Transmorphers: Fall of Man was titled as a 3D film, and then lost it. Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus was titled as a 3D film, and then lost it. Now Sex Pot, once again originally titled 3D or rather 3DDD has lost that aspect of the film as well. As a fan, I keep getting excited for Asylum’s venture into 3D, and then it doesn’t happen. What keeps happening to the plans for these films, and is 3D ever going to be a viable home video format for the Asylum in the future? Thanks.

    9. Admin Says:


      Thanks for asking. I’m happy to clarify this issue.

      We had originally planned to make both Transmorphers: Fall of Man and Mega Shark in 3-D, but it turned out that the video chains didn’t think they would be prepared to support the format in time for the release of these films, so we decided to move forward in 2-D only.

      Sex Pot was shot in 3-DDD, but at this point, only one retailer will be offering that version… and since not everyone will be able to see the 3-D version, we decided to remove that aspect from the title.

      Once we have a confirmed order I’ll let everyone know where the 3-D version will be available.

      By the way, we’re about to start production this weekend on our second 3-D film… more on this title later… but I can tell you that it’s a horror film.

      Now if we could just figure out how to shoot in color…


    10. Rick Says:

      A followup question on the 3D aspect Admin. Would the 3D be the old Blue/Red or something along the lines of Real D where the image when not wearing glasses, simply look blurry?

    11. Admin Says:

      It will be the old blue/red cardboard glasses that the chicks go crazy over…

    12. Delta:S.A.R.S. Says:

      It’s great Jennifer Rubin is in this movie. I watched ‘Dream Worriors’ last night, and forgott how good she was in it.

    13. Leigh Scott Says:

      Hey, fake Leigh Slawner, not fair. No AstroTurfing. I do plenty of things to anger the Asylum on my own. No help please.

      Plus, anyone who knows the real Leigh Slawner/Scott knows that if I made a political reference it would have been about the President, not a glorious example of free market economics like AIG.

    14. Filmguy450 Says:

      On topic here, I bought the first one straight out (was my fourth or fifth buy from yuo guys) and the audio was messed(the out-of-sync thing), I know it has been corrected, but I do not know if there’s a way for me to see if a version in a store is the corrected one or not. Any hints or ideas or suggestions etc. Thanks!

    15. MajorXero Says:

      Once again you guys are a hit a

      Keep up the great work

    16. Flaming Mo Says:

      Damm you guys, you’ve missed a perfect opportunity to show some boobs (The makeout-scene was not even pg-13). I’m starting to get dissapointed guys. We neeeed more boobs. You should have casted a hot Megan Fox double and let her show all the good stuff. Even the original advertises with “more alien robots, bigger explosions, and much more megan fox” (Amazing Cover: ), and look how much they made at the boxoffice.

      Bottom Line: Screw the Robots, Optimus Prime my ass…Optimus Boobs is what we want ! :).

    17. Vdl Says:

      I’m just wondering how this “production”, or company, or organisation, whatever, have numbers of fans making such cheap remakes of real Hollywood films like Transformers…
      I did notice it becomes a fashion to make a crap films from once made true hits, such as Donie Darko (S.Darko) , Cell (Cell 2) , The Day The Earth Stopped (same titled in 2008), Iron Man (Iron Man 2), Terminators, and such cheap crap that suppose to be ‘alternative’ or ‘continue’, but is nothing more than just a cheap crap.

    18. James Says:

      To be honest, I liked Transmorphers, it’s my guilty pleasure, so i’ll definatly be catching this on Zone Horror if it makes it’s way on. Are there plans for this and any more films to be put on to Zone Horror?0

    19. Torin Says:

      Hopefully, you’ll remember to release the finished cut of te movie this time.


    20. SpookySinner Says:

      The trailer class, but film has reminded more comedy)))

    21. Admin Says:

      Thanks for the review, Z:

    22. Admin Says:

      And another:

    23. Admin Says:

      And more:

    24. Admin Says:

      And Patrick’s take:

    25. Alfie Says:

      Well the film is not tooo crappy as i espected I would said 2 1/2 out of 5

    26. Admin Says:

      And another review:

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