Unity in the Middle East!

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009 @ 1:00 am | Other

Our friend Rod found this story on an Israeli website:

Because we can’t read Hebrew (or English), Rod also provided this translation.  He even included some of the reader comments (We especially enjoyed the last one.).

Israel is united with the rest of the world… in hatred of The Asylum.

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    7 Responses to “Unity in the Middle East!”

    1. Kalebzilla Says:


    2. Rick Says:

      Well, its a small step toward unity, but a step non-the-less.

    3. daniel Says:

      You do the most terribe and worst films in the World ever. Can’t you read comments on your films in IMDb? Noone likes your movies exept you. I don’t even want to download your movies for free from internet. Shame on you. Better give all your money to pour people somewhere in Africa – it will be more profit on these money.

    4. Alec Says:

      Well, it seems the films sell, don’t they? No matter how bad or silly they may be, it’s a livin… of sorts. But I congratulate the guys behind the operation, taking the negative press in stride. They know their productions suck for the most part, but they still keep their cool about it and manage to laugh at themselves. You gotta admire that. Cojones the size of nuclear warheads. And doing a sci-fi channel original shows that their business model works. I just hope that with increasing budgets the quality wont stay behind. After all, with all the cheese Roger Corman cranked out, even he landed a few critically acclaimed hits. The Asylum: the new King of Bs?

    5. daniel Says:

      Well, the thing is not in budget. There are a lot of good films without spaceships and robots and special effects. It depends on professional skills. Bad actor playing spoils any movie.

      And I don’t understand, why you people can’t do your own product but you make only parodies on blockbusters which can’t be compared with originals (Try to compare Transformers and Transmorphers). If I were you I would forget for a while about science fiction (which requires bigger budgets than you have) and tried to do something simplier but quality and without clishes. As we say in my country: “it’s better less but better”. ;)

    6. iamafreak88 Says:

      i <3 you and your movies. Nobel Peace prize for you contributions to ending the tribulations in the Middle East!
      <3 the asylum gang more that Ritz crackers and peanut butter!

      btw, i gotta say your H.G. WELLS’ WAR OF THE WORLDS was 10,000 times better than that Spielberg piece of diseased rat vomit.

    7. Torin Says:

      Just make a zombie movie! Its impossible to fuck that up… for most people.

      Actually, never mind. You’d fuck it up.

      I hope you die of a malignant brain tumor.

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