The Land That Time Forgot Trailer

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009 @ 2:53 am | Headline, News, Releases

The trailer for THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT, based on the novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs, is now online.

You can watch it here.

I won’t tell you how the scene to the left ends… but it isn’t very good… for either party.

THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT will be released on DVD on July 28, 2009.

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    29 Responses to “The Land That Time Forgot Trailer”

    1. Awesome Says:

      Oh hey
      That Actually looks pretty good. you know you guys are too hard on yourselves
      you make pretty good movies.

    2. Scotch Says:

      Hey! The trailer looks great! I’ve been waiting for this one. Can’t wait…Thumbs up, Asylum. And two more thumbs up for C. Thomas Howell and Tiny Juggernaut! That’s a whopping total of four thumbs I’ll have you know and I haven’t even seen the damn thing yet!

    3. Craig from the UK Says:

      Looks terrific, if its a tenth as good as the 70′s classic, we are all in for a treat!!!!

    4. Mega Fan Says:

      Wow!! This looks Awesome!! Great job again. Don’t forget they did a sequel to the orginal called “The People that Time Forgot”. What do ya think?

    5. Kalebzilla Says:

      Nice to see another dinosaur movie.

    6. stoliarovd Says:

      God bless you, dudes!!!

    7. Rick Says:

      Very cool, looks like fun.

    8. RebelTaxi Says:

      Are your mothers proud of you for making these films?

    9. Admin Says:

      Thankfully, our mothers don’t even know we make these films.

      They think we’re drug dealers.

    10. Maarten Says:

      Comments like that from the Admin at july 18th are exactly the reason why I keep on visiting this webiste… keep up the good work guys! :D

    11. The Asylum – Mockbusters « The Movie Horizon Says:

      [...] from the Asylum: Thankfully, our mothers don’t even know we make these [...]

    12. Patrick Says:

      Yes these good people got a great sense of humor lol. I will have my review up tomorrow:)

    13. Robert Says:

      Frankly, I was a bit uncertain about Asylum making this project, but the trailer looks really exciting, with great FX and beautiful photography. Looks like you guys are moving on up into the big leagues as producers of Sci-fi and I couldn’t be happier. Keep up the Great work!

    14. tmi Says:

      this blog is actually hilarious, i wish i had a smart yet funny insult to come up with…..

    15. tsl Says:

      The Asylum soils another favorite piece of source material.

      Thank goodness your crap gets bootlegged online so people don’t need to pay to feel insulted.

    16. Admin Says:

      That’s okay. We’re equally happy to insult people for free.

      By the way, you’ll love our next adaptation: The Byble.

    17. SpookySinner Says:

      With pleasure we wait this film in Russia!

    18. Fry Says:

      If your serious about making movie remakes, what you need to do is get some really good Actors, like doug mclure, which is sorely missing in most big films today, you need to create some amazing atmosphere in these films that will help overlook any budget, and classy acting not girl models which will destroy and cheapen the look of any movie, when you study the older films, what made them wasnt a big budget but good solid acting with plenty of seriousness and class which made these flms much more believable, with todays technology cgi theres no reason you cant do better than the original films that had bad effects in there time, the problem is theres not enough class in some actors or storylines, if company’s focus on hiring woman that think there to beautiful to act with proper emotion and charactor and men who would never have passed to play men leading roles like Doug Mclure, which is what the success of the previous films relied upon, They will always Fail. AT THE EARTHS CORE 1975 AMICUS would be another good one to remake or WARLODS OF ATLANTIS 1977, but again the only way you can improve on these films is with storyline [a little] effects [a lot] with cgi no problems for you, with actors, heres trouble, find a new Actor who can act like Doug Mlure, he is out there somewhere, Girl actors dont go overboard, dont rely on models who cant act seriously or you will destroy and cheapen the film, use a decant Actress and create plenty of atmosphere, stay faithful to original films and you cant go wrong. oh yeah and a good director.

    19. Flaming Mo Says:

      Any boobs in this one ?

      I’m only buying if there are boobs…screw the (kinda nice looking) T-Rex !

    20. hans Says:

      Youre the worst film producers ive ever seen in my life…^^ stop making shit, plz. would be best for every one.

      Watched War of the worlds 2, most crappy movie ever seen!!! plz stop it!

    21. Jack Says:

      That’s why I love you guys – only the Asylum would have a grounded submarine firing a torpedo like it was a freakin’ missile to kill a T-Rex LOL.

    22. Flaming Mo Says:

      Sadly no boobies :(

      The movie itself was surprisingly not bad. On level with the SciFi flicks which I enjoy from time to time. And seems all the money asylum earned “ripping” us off are used to make better SFX. Nice T-Rex and shit. Still i think this Cinetel guys have better quality (movie and sfx) but you are on a good way.

      But don’t forget the boobs next time !!! ;)

    23. Admin Says:

      Patrick’s review:

      He doesn’t seem to mind that there aren’t boobs.

    24. Bowen Tyler Says:

      Asylum continues to frustrate me. What I don’t understand is why this SOUNDS so horrible. What I mean is, why is the dialogue and even the trailer’s narration so bad? I would agree with others that the ONE thing Asylum seems to be doing better each time out is upscaling their SFX work. It’s actually gone from laugh out loud bad to somewhat competent, with some shots on occasion even being…dare I say it?…actually pretty good. But why are the scripts still SO atrocious? Even the old Americus Production — which is now 34 years old — looks better than this schlock fest. For crying out loud, you’re doing THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT. You had a book that actually contained a great, pulp storyline that would have been perfect for Asylum to adapt — one that was ripe with sequel opportunities — and yet I can tell from the opening bit in the trailer and the groan inducing way the girl delivers her line that this will SERIOUSLY take a dump all over Edgar Rice Burroughs’ material. Why…WHY…with all the resources you have at hand is it still so tough for you guys to learn how to write a GOOD movie? You know, with this little thing called GOOD dialogue and actual internal story LOGIC behind it? Hell, even a barely COMPETENT script would be cause for celebration!

    25. Admin Says:

      Thanks, Christopher:

    26. Admin Says:

      Thanks, ZigZag:

    27. Admin Says:

      And another:

      Thanks, Robert.

    28. Admin Says:

      And more:

    29. Admin Says:

      Still more:

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