Useless Crap Sale

Sunday, August 16th, 2009 @ 4:56 pm | Headline, News, Other

Many of you have sent emails asking where you can get posters of our movies.

Clearly, we’ve failed at effective web design, because the link to our online store is right in the center of the the Home page.

Anyway, you can order posters for many of our movies right here. In fact, if the poster for your favorite Asylum movie isn’t there, just send an email to Latt and he’ll  add it for you (How’s that for customer service?).

Not interested in posters? You can also buy mugs, t-shirts, clothing for your dog, and much more (and who doesn‘t want SUNDAY SCHOOL MUSICAL thong panties?).

If you really want to waste your money, why not buy some Asylum movies here.

Many of our “classic” titles are ON SALE for the month of August for only $9.99 per movie (plus shipping and handling)!

You’d have to illegally download to get a better deal than that… but then you’d just be stooping to our level…

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    13 Responses to “Useless Crap Sale”

    1. Kalebzilla Says:

      That’s awesome! :D

    2. Dr. Voloslov Alextzavich Says:

      Ustedes son lo que en México llamamos “tener los huevos muy azules”

    3. Raphat Says:

      You are made of win and pwnd

    4. Rick Says:

      Hm, I gets most of my posters from work but might finally get around to buying an Asylum poster. Been aching for a Transmorphers poster to decorate my room at film school.

    5. Eric Spudic Says:

      I need a SUPERCROC poster for my store!

    6. Leslie Morris Says:

      LOL! Funny like alway guys :)

    7. Leslie Morris Says:

      It would be great if you could make a t-shirt with this pic

      And have it read. “The Asylum. Accept No Substitute.”

    8. Thomas Says:

      Bonjour les amis !

      How can you refuse so many great goodies with people cool like you guys !

      You rock!

      I can t wait to receive my transmorphers goodies !

    9. Maarten Says:

      Just the last sentence of this post is a reason to love The Asylum! :D

    10. MAD Says:

      you sons of bitches! you fucking suck. you rip people off. fuck you, pieces of shit!

    11. Tom Says:

      Hello guys, will you be at the MIP Festival in Cannes in october?



    12. O que eu já fiz para comer pão – Andrew Dice Clay « SHV – Super Heroes of Video Says:

      [...] – Leiam isto e depois perceberão o meu respeito pela Asylum e porque são os maiores, a sério, mesmo os [...]

    13. Admin Says:

      The Asylum… Andrew Dice Clay…

      Oh, how I wish I understood Portuguese…

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