Syfy Announces Air Date for Megafault

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009 @ 6:24 am | Headline, News, Releases

Syfy has officially annouced the air date for our very first Original production for the network: MEGAFAULT.

The film, which stars Brittany Murphy, Eriq La Salle, Bruce Davison, and Justin Hartley (pictured) will air on Syfy on October 10, 2009 at 9 pm (8 pm central time).

MEGAFAULT is our biggest budget film to date and has more action and special effects than Julie and Julia.

And if that’s not enough to get you to tune in, the film was directed by David Michael Latt, written by Yours Truly, and it isn’t a rip-off of any other movie… except Julie and Julia.

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    17 Responses to “Syfy Announces Air Date for Megafault”

    1. MegaFan Says:

      Great news!! Can’t wait!! Congrats!

    2. A.J. Haut Says:

      i thought somwhere i heard sept. 18th. can you shed some light on that subject?

    3. Daniel J. Roos Says:

      I remember thinking that Julie & Julia could use an extra large earthquake to shake things up.

      Bring on Megafault!

    4. kage Says:

      You people are bastards! I just cancelled our cable. Now what the hell am I supposed to do???

    5. Bobby Says:

      I can’t wait! I am very, very excited!

      I got lucky, and just found a DVD of your guys Death Valley: Revenge of Bloody Bill, and snatched it up. So far, lots of fun! Love you guys!

    6. Best Supporting Extra Says:

      I have seen a DVD date of November 24th on some sites. Just waiting patiently for a trailer.

    7. Rick (The Major) Corbin Says:

      I’m thrilled to see an actual air date announced.
      I’m in a quanrdi tho because thats the same night the Iowa Hawkeyes play a nationaly televised night game that starts at 7PM.
      Looks like I need to go buy a DVR recorder.

    8. Melvin Says:

      I was wondering how could I sell an original movie concept to you guys?

    9. Serjio Says:

      What does the “A” in Paul A Bales stand for?

    10. Admin Says:

      It rhymes with Basshole…

    11. Serjio Says:

      Potty mouth.

      Hey great article in Vice Magazine!

    12. Admin Says:

      Hey, thanks for the link, Serjio. I didn’t even know Latt did that interview (he doesn’t tell us anything). He’s such a Basshole…

    13. Best Supporting Extra Says:

      That is a great inverview with David Latt. He had me cracking up pretty good at some of his answers.

    14. Best Supporting Extra Says:

      The trailer is now available on

    15. Osvaldo Neto Says:

      Congratulations on MEGAFAULT and hope everything is turning out well on PRINCESS OF MARS shooting, cant wait for them.

      I wrote some words today on the releasing of THE HAUNTING IN WINCHESTER HOUSE:

      Brazilian portuguese only.

    16. Brittany Murpyh Memorial Video Says:

      She will be missed

    17. Brittany Murpyh Dies video Says:

      rip babe

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