From the Set: Sherlock Holmes

Saturday, October 3rd, 2009 @ 1:24 am | Headline, News, Releases

Last year we filmed MERLIN AND THE WAR OF THE DRAGONS in Wales and the locals had such a good time on the production that they asked us to come back “…and bring more money next time.”

Well, we honored one of those requests…

Principal photography is about to wrap on SHERLOCK HOLMES and the crew has just sent us the first batch of stills from theĀ set.

SHERLOCK HOLMES stars Dominic Keating (pictured) from ENTERPRISEĀ  with Gareth David-Lloyd (TORCHWOOD) and introducing Welsh local Ben Syder as the famous consulting detective.

You can see more pictures here.

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    14 Responses to “From the Set: Sherlock Holmes”

    1. Jesse Says:

      I’ll be honest this looks…good. I’m a sucker for steampunk, and Holmes. So, I’m going to ask please start work on other steampunk movies or Holmes.

      Also I’m from North Carolina and the state is having a tax incentive go into affect this Jan. I was wondering if you guys would shoot here in Wilmington. Lord knows we need the business.

    2. Bobby Says:

      That’s a neat looking suit! I like that pic.

      Also, I was wondering if you guys would ever do a superhero movie? I would love it if you did! You guys rock!

    3. Rick Says:

      Looks rather interesting take on Holmes, very curious to seeing how it will turn out.

    4. Isobel Crawford Says:

      Bobby,pleased you like the photo, this has been a fun film set to work on. Can’t wait to see the results.

    5. Jenn Says:

      Gareth David-Lloyd in period costume… Wow! I can’t wait. How soon can I order this?

    6. Bobby Says:

      I cannot wait either! I just picked up 100 Million BC and Evil. Only watched BC, lots of fun. Will watch Evil soon.

    7. Best Supporting Extra Says:

      Rachel Goldenberg is very hot AND a good director. I hope she keeps doing films for you guys!

    8. Alex Says:

      Cool!! Can’t wait to see this one – but please, no CG dinos this time though! And make more films in the UK so we can quit our day jobs and come work for you guys!!

    9. Gareth Says:

      Where can I get more photos of the shoot. I was used as a runner for some filming days and would like ti see them.

    10. Admin Says:

      Gareth, I’ve just been informed that the disk of stills has just arrived from Wales.

      As soon as I get them I’ll post them on the site.

    11. Rachel Says:

      Looking forward to this :) Any news on when some pictures will be posted on the site?

    12. Admin Says:

      Rachel, pictures are posted here:

    13. Lynn Says:

      Will there be any more pictures? Also, can we pre-order this?

    14. Mr Jones Says:

      looking forward to this one!!!

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