Megafault is Explosive!

Saturday, October 10th, 2009 @ 12:49 am | Headline, News, Releases

Okay, this is the last time I will beg you to watch MEGAFAULT (…until the DVD release in November).

The Original film premieres on Syfy tomorrow night, October 10, at 9 pm EST/8 pm CST (check your local listings… for some people on the West Coast it’s on at 6 pm…).

The film was shot in Iowa and the local media are all talking about it:

The Hawkeyes want you to watch MEGAFAULT (instead of some silly football game that might be on at the same time).

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    14 Responses to “Megafault is Explosive!”

    1. Jesse Says:

      Wrong science, terrible acting, explosions for no reasons, tons of continuity errors, bad cgi.

      Megafault can mos def be called a succesful SyFy channel movie. Congrats Asylum.(This isn’t sarcasm promise)

      Can’t wait to see what you do on the next one. May I suggest you make a monster movie. Or more steampunk.

    2. Bobby Says:

      Caught the 1am showing, and thought it was lots of fun! Sure, the science might not be right, but I don’t care, I just wanted to see a massive earthquake destroy things, and I got that, with some excellent camera work and some the best acting in any of your movies to date (no offense to your usualy pool of actors, I love you guys!)

    3. Travis Clemmons Says:

      Jolly Good Fun. A perfect example of what I’ve always referred to as “Good Schlock”.
      One thing though … I’d lived in Lexington Kentucky for more than 20 years and was completely unaware that the downtown was built on a major river. (Lexington is the 2nd largest city in the nation to not be built on a major waterway. Indianapolis is number 1.)

      The wife and I were really cracking up on this one.

    4. Craig from the UK Says:

      Caught it on syfy last night (on vacation from England), thought it was great fun, don’t know aboutthe science aspect but I enjoyed it!!!!! Well done guys!!!!

    5. Rick (The Major) Corbin Says:

      The crowd at the 11th Street Precinct (Bar & Grill)in the Village of East Davenport turned their attention away from the Hawkeyes to watch this flick. The crowd seemed to enjoy the film and I know my Lady Friend (LF) and I were entertained by the show.
      Thanks Assylum….come back anytime. We are ready to work with you again.

    6. Admin Says:

      Thanks for watching, everyone. We’re glad you enjoyed it.

      Travis, I wrote Lexington into the script because I was born there and I always like to (figuratively) destroy my past, but we filmed the movie in Iowa… and the geography refused to cooperate with us (f’ing diva!).

      As for the science, as a holder of dual doctorates in seismology and crappymovieistics, I can assure you that everything in the film was realistic… except for the prompt government response to the disaster (it is science fiction)….

    7. Best Supporting Extra Says:

      This film was very fun to watch. Some people are tearing it up with their reviews, but they must not watch these kinds of movies. The show ahead of it, NYC Tornado Terror or whatever the hell it was called wasn’t any better or worse. These are typical SyFy channel movies and people like me love to watch them.

    8. Admin Says:

      People are giving one of our films bad reviews?

      That’s never happened before…

    9. Best Supporting Extra Says:


    10. David Says:

      I didn’t watched that movie but I’m sick of the people complaining about everything like if they were big actors or big scientest. If there’s big stars like Brittany Murphy, Bruce Davidson and Eric La Salle it because they liked. The people who said “Bad acting, special effects, lots of errors” I want to ask you: ¿How many movies have make all of you?

    11. Randall Atha Says:

      I liked the movie but comeon Asylum! West Virginia does not look like that, I live in wv, couldnt you guys found some better stock video, other wise good movie.

    12. Brittany Murpyh Dead Video Says:

      brittany murphy rip :(

    13. Paul Says:

      Robert’s review:

    14. Sorin Roiban Says:

      Worst movie we ever saw. Whoever directed this, should change career. NOW! Brittany Murphy used to be a good actress, she should have never accepted to play in this one.

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