Sex For Sale! (Haunting Too)

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009 @ 11:49 pm | Other

Sure, the majors make 3D movies all the time. But how often do you see such cutting edge technology from a fourth rate B movie studio?

We’re so proud of our two recent titles that for a limited time we’ve dropped the price on the 3D versions of SEX POT and HAUNTING OF WINCHESTER HOUSE to just $14.99 (plus shipping and handling).

You can buy them both at the Asylum Store here.

Nudity and ghosts in 3D!  What are you waiting for?

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    9 Responses to “Sex For Sale! (Haunting Too)”

    1. Rick Says:

      Poo, don’t have the money to spare (blasted film school) for movies. Y’all planning any more 3D films in the future?

    2. Admin Says:

      Rick, it’s hard to say. Our post production team hopes not (because 3D means twice as much work for them), but both movies are renting well… so it’s a distinct possibility.

      Good luck with school.

    3. Rick Says:

      Thanks. SCAD film students are always waiting to be exploited. :P

    4. Bobby Says:

      How long will this sale be going on? I would love to get “Haunting” on 3-D!

      On a different note, I just finished watching “Evil” and the dialogue is off-synch. Is this usual, a la the originally release of “Transmorphers”, or did I just get a bum DVD?

      Finally, I just saw the cover art for “Princess of Mars”, it’s one of my favorites! It’s a great cover.

    5. Admin Says:

      Rick, if you like to be exploited, move out to LA when you graduate. We’ll make you work really hard for almost no money, totally demolish all your fantasies about film, and make you question why you even went to school in the first place.

      It’s a service we provide…

    6. Admin Says:

      Bobby, the sale will be going on until the end of the month (tell your friends!).

      The reason the dialogue is off-synch on Evil is because the film was originally shot in Russian with Russian-speaking actors. That’s why there are so many shots of people holding newspapers, glasses of beer, and chickens over their mouths.

      Uh… oh, yeah… that was the problem with Transmorphers too. We shot that film in Aramaic (hey it worked for Mel Gibson…)… that’s why the dialogue on the original release was out of synch… not because we’re idiots (How did we fix it for the re-releaase you ask? We reshot the entire movie. Honest.).

    7. Bobby Says:

      -laughs- Thanks for the info about Evil! I did not know it was in Russian originally, that is really cool, and I shall tell my friends, no worries!

    8. Rick Says:

      Hey, if exploitation leads to money its good. Money is money to a college kid and experience is experience. At the very least, does Asylum offer summer internships?

    9. Bulin Says:

      Fourth Rate? Don’t be so hard on yourselves…Asylum has been looking better and better with each release this year!

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