Sherlock in the News

Friday, October 9th, 2009 @ 5:16 pm | News, Releases

Production has wrapped on SHERLOCK HOLMES and most of the crew are back in LA after doing their part to support the economy of our former monarch, as reported by the local newspapers:

From the North Wales Chronicle:

And the Daily Post:

Hey, are those Victorian headphones on the guy in the background?

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    5 Responses to “Sherlock in the News”

    1. Bobby Says:

      I am glad you guys are getting some good press out of this, and they seem to love you there, so awesome!

      One quick question though, one of the articles referred to you as “Institution”, is that your international name?

    2. Dylan Jones Says:

      It was nice to have the L.A crew back to film again……. Not so many dragons this time but evil machines of mayhem!!…. And of course one or two horses ;)

      Looking forward to seeing the final product!

      And to see you all back for the next ” Merlin” story

    3. Icke att förväxlas med Guy Ritchies film | Says:

      [...] heter The Asylum och de har även en blogg med uppdaterade uppgifter om [...]

    4. vxga Says:

      Watch the film just today and wrote a little rewiew here:
      I like it. May be it was one of the better film of you I ever seen.

    5. miles wignall Says:

      i think the asylum is getting its act together now, war of the worlds1 and2 had high production values and great acting from the cast, i hope there can be more films made to this standard, the only film by asylum i didnt like was invasion the beggining, it was just more like a soft porn film but i suppose it was an early film, i hope theres a sequal to princess of mars [i really enjoyed that] heres hoping that asylum will keep bringing these films out while impoving the quality of visual effects and acting, if asylum producers are reading this, i would love you to make your own version of an old british comic strip from the sixties called :the trigan empire: it was a combination of a roman type cyvilizasion and high tech vehicles, this was one of the most popular strips in british comics at the time same as dan would be nice to see asylums take on this story.

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