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I was just reading all the hate comments about 2012: Supernova on our youtube account and came across several like this one:

“i tot this was really 2012 and watched it and realised it was 2012 SUPERNOVA? =.= SUCKS. this movie sucks. and many parts its like SO SUPER FAKE.”

The funny thing is that most of these comments came in before either movie was even released.

In other words, they  meant to illegally download the Emmerich film, ended up illegally downloading ours… and then complained about it…

That’s like having a bartender give you a free round and then bitching because the beer isn’t cold enough.

Look, I’m not trying to end internet piracy, but I think there should be a new rule: If you illegally download a movie, you forfeit the right to go online and talk shit about it.

And I’m not saying you have to like our movies. But if you got something for free don’t complain about it.

That right belongs to the people who actually paid money to watch the crap we make.

Now, they have something to complain about…

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    13 Responses to “Avast!”

    1. Kalebzilla Says:

      That stinks David. :(

    2. Jesse Says:

      How you guys doing with all the brick and morter video stories going out of business? Got any plans on what to do with fewer blockbusters around?
      -Moving to Red Box?
      -Just doing Syfy channel movies
      -trying to make deals with stores(Best Buy, Wal-Mart) to sell your movies

    3. Admin Says:

      Kalebzilla, Admin isn’t David (but thanks for your support).

      Jesse, at this point, although traditional video is shrinking, we’re still doing pretty well in that market. That said, we’re actually doing all of the other things you mentioned to make up for any losses and expand our business.

    4. Rick Says:

      Look at the downloading this way, people will be so frightened into thinking they’re downloading an Asylum film instead of the film they want internet piracy will die.

    5. Admin Says:


    6. Jenn Says:

      If you’re going to complain that your attempted piracy didn’t go as planned, the least you could do is use proper grammar.

    7. kenshin Says:

      i’ve just download your movie .. megashark vs octopus
      :D :D

      okay i admit .. it’s worth to wacth .. ahaha.. you guys should make more monster movies !

      and sorry for illegally downloading your movies !

    8. kenshin Says:

      btw.. i rent some of your movies ! legal !

    9. Osvaldo Neto Says:

      “That’s like having a bartender give you a free round and then bitching because the beer isn’t cold enough.”

      Nice thought!

      I always take a big laugh when i heard those stories. I also heard not only 2012: SUPERNOVA is being downloaded by these people, but also 2012: DOOMSDAY, who was downloaded while DOOMSDAY was on theaters LOL!

    10. Acrisius Says:

      While piracy is bad, the analogy is flawed and downright stupid. If you can’t say anything bad about something (for whatever hackneyed reason), by that same standard you can’t say anything good about it either.

    11. TheDM Says:

      Paul! You’re awesome! Ha.

    12. Ben Says:

      Lol, it is a shit movie though.

    13. Jason Says:

      I agree…the same thing happens with our movie…most of the bad reviews are from people who pirated the movie. :(

      I don’t like your bartender analogy. I prefer to think of it like someone steals your car, and then comes back the next day and punches you in the face because they thought the car was going to have a leather interior.

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