Princess of Mars Teaser Trailer

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009 @ 12:16 am | Headline, News, Releases

The teaser trailer for PRINCESS OF MARS is now online.

 Antonio Sabato, Jr. and Traci Lords (pictured) star in the classic sci-fi adventure of a US soldier transported to a distant planet in the midst of a war between two alien races.

PRINCESS OF MARS will be released on December 29, 2009.

You can also see more stills from the production here.

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    12 Responses to “Princess of Mars Teaser Trailer”

    1. David Burton Says:

      This looks really nice. I’m impressed and am looking forward to it. Hope to work with you people soon.

    2. Pohjanakka Says:

      Alright, I’m not overly fond of the fact that you seem to have replaced Dejah Thoris with Phaidor, and that the Tharks have only two arms or that the thoats are two-legged, and so on, but considering you probable budget and schedule I can let those slide. In other words, I’m a fan of the original story and curious enough that I do want to see your take on it.

      So, a question: I live in Europe. Will this be available from any European seller (preferably Scandinavian), or do I have to order directly from Asylum (or Amazon, maybe)?

      (Region coding or lack of doesn’t matter, I have a dvd player which plays all of them).

    3. Admin Says:

      Pohjanakka, we’re working on finding a distributor for Scandinavia, but, in the meantime, the title will be available on our site and through Amazon.

      I appreciate your letting us slide on the short cuts we had to take (four arms are twice as expensive as two!), but I watched the final film myself last night and I think you’ll be pretty happy with our take on the story.

    4. Pohjanakka Says:

      Thanks for the answer. I will buy it once it comes out.

      The flying ship looks good.

    5. Bobby Says:

      It looked awesome! I honestly cannot wait! I fianlly saw “Haunting In Winchester House” (a little late, I know). All sorts of fun. “2012: Supernova” was a nice rollercoaster ride as well.

    6. echnathon Says:

      Great trailer!!!

    7. Scotch Says:

      Whoah! Looks like another good one…been loving the stuff you guys have been putting out lately. Loved Haunting Of Winchester House, 2012: Supernova and Megafault! Traci Lords still looks pretty hot! This should be a fun movie!

    8. Jesse Says:

      Wow, your CG work has really improved. This might be the first movie that makes me go “Great Job Asylum Keep UP The Good Work.”

    9. indrid-cold Says:

      some are saying that princess of mars is a rip off of the new movie avatar i dont see it but doesnt that mean that avatar is a rip off of burroughs john carter of mars?

    10. Maarten Says:

      Will this be distributed in Western-Europe (the Netherlands, to be more specific)?

    11. Bobby Says:

      I still maintain you guys should really, really do a superhero flick. I bet it’d be awesome! Just bought 2012: Supernova, but been too busy to watch.

    12. Jack Bamboo Says:

      So what does this film have: Stupid but funny SciFi-Story: check, Aliens: check, Scary maskwork: check, cgi-effects that are not that bad: check, A former porn-star, Traci Lords: check, Boobs: No…wait a sec…what the fuck ? Why arent there any boobs in a flic with a former Porn-Star ? What is wrong with the director/screenwriter ? Is he gay ? Cause the only boobs that are to be seen are the ones from Antonio Sabato Jr. ! Must be that, otherwise I have no explanation for this tit-less flick.

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