Paranormal Entity

Thursday, December 10th, 2009 @ 8:18 pm | News, Other, Releases

There’s been some comment on the internet about our release called PARANORMAL ENTITY and why is hasn’t been posted on our website until now.

This has been a sensitive issue for all of us:

A few weeks ago we were approached by surviving members of the Finley family who asked us to release never-before-seen home video footage shot by Thomas Finley, who was accused of murdering his sister, Samantha (pictured) in 2008, and who later took his own life in prison.

The family has always maintained that Thom was innocent of the crime and that Samantha’s tragic death was not caused by anything human.

Watch PARANORMAL ENTITY on December 22, 2009 and decide the truth for yourself.

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    350 Responses to “Paranormal Entity”

    1. Avishai Says:

      Come on, we all know what this is.

    2. Sir John Carter O'Marstein Says:


      I know the Finley family…. This is REAL…. I mean, I KNEW the Finley family.

    3. elijah Says:

      Let me just say these several things. Wow. LOL. And could you guys ever come up with some original concepts? I mean really? Transmorphers?!?! Paranormal Entity? Now it seems that you’re just insulting the common movie viewers intelligence.

    4. Joe Says:

      You’re pathetic. Truly & disgustingly pathetic. I hope you all get AIDS.

    5. Wow, that was quick. | Robert N. Says:

      [...] The Asylum’s not staffed by slackers, I’ll give them that. [...]

    6. Andreas Port Says:

      I love you guys from “the Asylum” and your shiti little movies.
      Best greetings from Germany.

    7. Pac man Says:

      Ghouts walls on ceiling and walls Kid follows the Ash tracks to the Ash contsiner of some DEAd guy cracks glass in the picture frame,very next seen Kid is stringing up bells 6 to 8 inches off the floor.Kid should have strung them that close to the Ceiling,Kid is playing all smart get every shot of Kid Sister in her undies,i mean of what will or won.t happen.They got a couple bad electronics or rigged .The BELLS the bells,bells,bells!!!!!!!!!you all saw that 49 to 50 minutes in !!!!ook

    8. Pac man Says:

      At the End WHO cleaned all the Blood off her while he sat the camera down and for the first he does have a shot of the sister in Panties anyways he picks up the camera after the third of forth thump and look only one 1 cut where Ten 10 seconds before she was covered in Blood. the things people will do one 1 mistake in was writen like alot of others not really wellthought though.

    9. Clever BS You Got Here... Says:

      This is a good viral movie, better than that Paranormal Attack one. But come on, this ain’t real.

    10. the faker fingers wagging Says:

      hmm… authorities did not want actual footage shown?? guess its much easier to put the blame on the flesh just like these “faker waggler” wannabes who dont look shit up and spout off FAKE at every non-mundane footage everywhere.

    11. me Says:

      if you see at the very end of the video when sam is screaming while she is being raped she is covered in blood and when her brother picks up the camera the blood is gone from her body wtf?

    12. Undead Backbrain » Blog Archive » Pretty Normal Activity Says:

      [...] The family has always maintained that Thom was innocent of the crime and that Samantha’s tragic death was not caused by anything human. (Asylum blog) [...]

    13. me Says:

      also why wasn’t this footage used to keep thomas finley out of prison!! ?? and why was it found in the attic like it says in the start of the film?? and who put it there? who would rape his own sister? WTF ?THIS MAKES NO SENSE!!??

    14. Ronnie Says:

      I don’t know any of the finely family but what i do know from my personal experience,is that “Ghost” are real weather you want to believe it or not. From watching this video Samantha finely was raped and killed by a Demonic Entity.As for Thomas You are innocent in my eyes and Im sorry what you have seen and endured.MAY GOD REST ALL YOUR SOULS..RIP Finely family

    15. neil Says:

      this is not real. if my sister was being raped and killed i wouldnt be running around with a camera in my hand. I’ll admit this definetly was better then paranormal activity, that movie bored the hell outta me. this to some people may be believe but how did she go from being covered in blood to just have a scratch on her breast? and one more thing it said he killed himself in prison but you guys put the mother did. If this was real which I highly doubt cause there is too much perfect timing shots there, then that is some messed up shit. good movie and all but dont try to make people think its real. you just insult there intelligence

    16. raidbunny Says:

      Though Paranormal Entity was a complete ripoff of Paranormal Activity, I do think the actors did a very convincing job in their performances.

      I also thought Haunting Of Winchester House was done very well for an independent supernatural horror film.

      Keep it up guys…!!!

      Happy Holidays;)

    17. roses_destiny Says:

      Obviously for those who are non believers of this film you have never experienced a haunting of a entity of any kind. Personally I believe this film is real due to the fact that it is pretty close to what I have experienced myself from a negative entity. Negative entities can do everything that was shown in Paranormal Entity and even worse. At one point I was scared to even go into my own room because of events that would take place. For example a textbook does not just fly off a closet shelf across the room and whack you in the head while you sleep on its own. As for the scene at the end did nobody see the blood soaked cloth beside her and the blanket that was covering her stomach in the last shot? The major wound when you see her on the bed is on her stomach. Anyone in shock would have put the camera down and tried to wipe away what blood they could to see if there was any way to help then cover her stomach up with the blanket when they finally realize she is dead before grabbing the camera again to document what happened.

    18. xylon Says:

      ah…come on guys. whether this is real or fake, all of us have our own opinion about it. some parts may seem stupid or weird,….but whether real or fake, no one knows.
      As for the last part where sam get raped and killed,…and the blood thingy,…y not u guys say that the evil spirit have lick or did whatever to the blood?? and perhaps thomas prefer video tapping than her sis….thats y he remembered to take the video recorder with him to film her sis death.

      As for thomas being imprison,…i suppose that the murder scenes and weapon actually have his finger prints on it, which the police used it as evidence against him as well as he was the only one survive in the crime scene. what police talk about is evidence and witnesses when charging people.

      Whether is it real….this issue have to hand over to the Finley family…….

    19. xylon Says:

      anyw,…this is much better than paranormal activity.

    20. tjeigh Says:

      Fraud… come on now,Thou shall not steel…I’m glad I skipped through this film… GOOD LUCK in your future but makin movies is not for you… T.B

    21. Paranormal Entity Trailer Says:

      [...] wird an den Erfolg anzuknüpfen war eigentlich nur eine Frage der Zeit. So möchte dies jetzt The Asylum mit dem neuen Low Budget Horrorfilm Paranormal Entity versuchen. Zu diesem Film, der ebenso [...]

    22. Chowder Says:

      You should change the name to “Paranormal Entry” that would make a great porn flick.

    23. Sólo ficción en Paranormal Entity « El Otro Cine Says:

      [...] Paranormal Activity, sino a las supuestas imágenes que contiene y que, según informan en una nota oficial publicada en su web, desvelarían la realidad sobre la muerte en extrañas circunstancias de [...]

    24. HateYouRipOffCunts Says:

      to the person who said they knew the Finleys dont make me laugh this film is just a rip off of paranormal activity an not a good one.
      asylum r just a shitty film company who cant come up with there own ideas so the rip off other films, they have produced about 70 films an every single one is a rip off.
      just to name a few
      alien vs hunter………alien vs predator
      davinci treaser………davinci code
      death racers…………death race
      hillside cannables……hills have eyes
      snakes on a train…….snakes on a plane
      i mean come on asylum your a fukin joke

    25. Robert Ellis Says:

      I believe that your post is a ripoff. I’ve seen one just like it over and over again. How cheap of you to cash in on the success of prior Asylum hate posts, that’s just unoriginal with your “tie-ins” of more successful hate posts.

    26. Robert Ellis Says:

      And by the way, I went to school with Samantha Finley before her death. We were good friends and I’m glad to see the truth revealed and Thomas’ innocence confirmed.

    27. Steve Says:

      HateYouRipOffCunts get a fucking life if their that shit why the fuck wud you keep watching films they made if ya didnt lyk the 1st few wat a a fucking wanker, oh and by the way i went drinking with samantha findley (NOT) robert stop talkin shit haha, both paranormals are class films entity better than activity

    28. deebiggles Says:

      although i think that this movie was a lot more scarier than the first of the paranormal movies, it does at time see a little staged at some points. examples are like when she was in the attic, the mother writing on the table, and the urn falling to the floor, just a bit tho. Also, the woman in the film sam looks a lot like the actress from the exorcist of emily rose doesnt it .. just throwing my opinion out there, i still think it was a good movie ..

    29. cheyenne Says:

      i just watched this in school today! i peed my pants! it was embarassing but this is scary

    30. Ace Says:

      There is no argument that this was shot and not real. We will hear from the people who acted in the movies shortly. I think the girl is quite hot :)

      Anyways, ppl should stop postin comments that this is not real. It would only encourage these guys to convince u otherwise.

      Good Try Guys. Rape Ghost? nice one.. only the Ghost new that it should not be “taped”.. lol

    31. angela Says:

      you all are idiots jus cuz you dumbass’s cant see it doesnt mean it aint there this is a very true movie and its horrible how you pricks can sit there and say all this shit you dont even know wat they went thru and how their lives were this girls and her family lived in fear all the time you know we’ll c whod believe you bitchs if it happened 2 you pretty sure you wouldnt b talkin shit then cuz youd b curled up in a corner pissin and shitin on yourselves cryin 4 your momma so jus b aware that it could happen 2 you!!!!

    32. Powerhell Says:

      Erin Marie Hogan is the actress

    33. jewelz Says:

      i was so scared after watchin this movie i went and cut all the lights on and put my son in the bed wit me. the one thing tht didn’t seem right to me was how thom was screamin runnin in the room to help his sister and then jus stopped. i thought he died too till i remembered tht it said he hung himself in prison. and how did he not catch the death of the exorcism dude, wasn’t he sleep right there on the couch and duke was on the floor by his feet? if he heard tht tiny little bell (which didn’t make sense cuz it was walkin on the ceiling) how did he not hear the rest of it till he heard his sister scream. a lot of this movie doesn’t make sense but only they kno if it’s really real. like someone else said in here, jus cuz you can’t see it don’t mean it’s not really there.

    34. jewelz Says:

      oh yea, and whatever came of the mother?

    35. Human Says:

      Im not gonna say the asylum sucks. but your not very good. and all you people that are saying you knew the finleys are either people that worked on the movie tryin to act like kids and make it seem real. or your dumbasses that love drama and wanna act like they know murdered people. which isn’t real. google the names. theres one girl whos got a facebook with the name samantha finley but she looks nothing like her. and theres nothing about a samantha finley murder or death. so piss off drama queens.

    36. Maggie Says:

      This comment will probably get deleted but I have to report that this movie is a FAKE and I have proof! The actress who plays Samantha Finley is actually named Erin Marie Hogan. The man who plays Thomas- actually wrote transmorphers. Im not hating on the movie- it was ok but for you dumbass’ who actually believe this is true or those living in a fantasy saying they knew samantha finley your full of shit. heres her website Check it out for yourself

    37. michelle Says:

      The disclaimer at the end of the Movie says that it is purely fictious… Something along the lines of the characters ect ect ect in this movie are purely fictious, and resemblence to real people or whatever is purely coincidental… SO yay… no real

    38. Misty Says:

      I can’t say I’m completely convinced that it is real. But I can’t help thinking it’s possible! lol Maybe I’m a sucker…but I don’t think so. I really liked this movie. I was soo excited to see Paranormal Activity and I can’t begin to say how disappointed I was- it was so boring! But Paranormal Entity kept my interest the whole time and it was pretty scary! And I must say…pretty convincing! =)

    39. leut. Patterson Says:

      To all of you who have no clue of to what is going on here..let me clear the air for you…

      The point of them telling you it’s true, and not confirming your questions is an advertising trick. I have worked with the federal bureau for 24 years and there have been no such records of a murder of a girl Samantha Finley nor an inmate who committed suicide named Thomas Finley.

      I assure you this film is fiction, and they are not trying to insult your intelligence they merely trying to leave question in your mind. It’s really just for sales.

      If you search the internet or murders there is no such murder that took place of these so called victims.

      I do however at some level believe in paranormal things,spirits,whatever they might be.
      As far as this film goes,i did research in the federal bureau and no such case happened.

    40. Keri Says:

      LOL! These comments are funny. No, I don’t believe this is a true story. I agree with the other poster who said to (and also did) Google the names of everyone. I did and found nothing except the girl they said they found on FB. However, this was much better than Paranormal Activity. The only thing I find more frightening than both movies is the grammar used by everyone posting their opinion. Wow, we really need better teachers in school if this is really how most American’s spell and talk!

    41. ... Says:

      is this story true coz i watched parnanormal activty and that was scary but this beats it. omg i am so scared. it seems kinda true but is thee fotage true???? i need to no

    42. John Smythe Says:

      Hey.. don’t write crap about Sam! I used to date her when she was 17 and she sure was one hot firecracker. In fact I am the one that gave her the two grates hanging over her bed! Good thing Thommy never checked drawer number 2!!

    43. Rob Says:

      the girl is called erin marie hogan proof its not real here :
      this might shut up the fools who say its real :P

    44. Christy Says:

      It says at the very ending that “all persons and actions depicted in this photo play are fictitious. And, anything or person relating to real life is coincidental.” However, it was still WAY better than Paranormal Activity.

    45. ....duh.... Says:

      To the folks who think this film is “real”…… there’s a disclaimer at the end that tells you that “all characters and events portrayed are FICTISIOUS”. I firmly believe in the paranormal but, this movie is NOT real…… HOWEVER, it is a great movie and much better than Paranormal Activity!!! GREAT JOB ASYLUM!! LOL

    46. The Demon from the movie Says:

      I agree 100% with Patterson’s comment above. I also know it’s fake because if video evidence of a crime involving murder and rape ever did surface “a year later” like this you can bet your sweet arse that the proper authorities would get their hands on it first and it would NOT be viewed by the general public. If this was real footage, the responsible parties at Asylum would be arrested for not sharing this “evidence” with the FBI and/or police and probably have their entire operation shut down. The fact that they’re still around proves it’s fake.

      Like Patterson said, it’s a marketing strategy and nothing more. The film has much more impact if people watch it under the impression that it’s real footage. The emotional response people feel is much more raw and the overall experience is scarier. It’s all about entertainment, and people love to be scared.

      How many of you believers still believe the Blair Witch Project is real?

    47. ed armstrong Says:

      gay fish is gay
      sexy chick nice tits

    48. GAG0! Says:

      mga ULOL! we were scared! pero peke pala!
      but what the fuck happened??! everything really don’t make sense!
      first is on the corner of the ceiling’s the foot step like that?
      second is the mother ..she looks into the camera in the living room! its obvious!
      third is thom he going somewhere? he suddenly disappears!
      fourth is sam ..her body was bloody then clean!
      you’re joking us??
      this movie’s scary, but when i’ve red it’s fictitious ..i realized it’s a waste of time..
      watch this and wait for the “FICTITIOUS” thing at the end!!
      mga ULOL at GAGO ang gumawa nito..

    49. GAG0! Says:

      to Keri!

      kala mo kung sino kang magaling mag-english dyan.. ULOL!!

    50. Karla Says:

      This is a really good movie….much much much better than Paranormal Activity becoz there was not as many boring talking bits as there is in P.A. This COULD be based on a real murder but with actors playing the parts I DON’T KNOW… Patterson…how can you be sure that Samantha and Family was not killed???? How many millions of people are killed and you are looking for 1 in particular??? C’MON!!!! and as for the people who dont believe that a ghost can rape ppl… there are apparently many types of ghosts:
      Polterguists – Trouble Makers
      Grounded souls – People who did wrong and cannot ‘Move On’
      INCUBUS – Prays On YOUNG WOMEN and is known as the RAPE GHOST

      As i said… im not sure if the FILM is real … The murder COULD be real (and if it is may the Finleys Rest In Peace) but i am a firm believer in ghosts … I woke up once to a pain on my cheek like a burning….now i have four horrible scars down my face that look like fingernails … anyway thats just my opinion and personal belief … however it was a good film all in all

    51. Anon... Says:


    52. jewelz Says:

      for those sayin they looked this up and their was no such murder, is your google not working? i googled it and there was indeed a case. it had the court papers about thomas finley and how he tried to arrange for a hired hitman to kill of the neighbors or whoever they were tht could have been a witness. it has to be opened wit the adobe reader and it was Submitted: March 9, 1999 so yes, there is such a case. you’re obviously wording it wrong when you’re tryin to search it

    53. jewelz Says:

      United States Court of Appeals
      No. 98-2721
      United States of America, *
      Appellee, *
      v. * Appeal from the United States
      * District Court for the Eastern
      Thomas Finley, * District of Missouri.
      Appellant. *
      Submitted: March 9, 1999
      Filed: April 29, 1999
      Before McMILLIAN and MORRIS SHEPPARD ARNOLD, Circuit Judges, and
      SACHS,1 District Judge.
      MORRIS SHEPPARD ARNOLD, Circuit Judge.
      Thomas Finley was indicted on three counts of using the mails with the intent
      that a murder-for-hire be committed in violation of the laws of Missouri. See 18
      U.S.C. § 1958(a). He was convicted after a bench trial. On appeal, he maintains that
      there was insufficient evidence to convict him, that he was entrapped, and that the
      2The Honorable Stephen Nathaniel Limbaugh, United States District Judge for
      the Eastern District of Missouri.
      government engaged in such outrageous conduct in securing his conviction that the
      charges against him should have been dismissed.
      We affirm the judgment of the trial court.2
      While in jail awaiting trial on a charge of rape, Mr. Finley asked his
      cellmate, James Stewart, whether Mr. Stewart’s brother (who Mr. Finley believed was
      a murderer) could help him eliminate Rene Rowe, the supposed victim of the alleged
      rape. Mr. Stewart agreed with Mr. Finley that he would have his brother visit the jail
      disguised as a minister. Mr. Stewart then contacted the FBI, which arranged to have
      one of its agents enter the jail in clerical garb and speak privately with Mr. Finley.
      When the agent asked what he wanted done to Ms. Rowe and her boyfriend,
      Mr. Finley said, “Well, he [Mr. Stewart] mentioned whacking ‘em … yeah. Eliminate
      ‘em.” If Ms. Rowe persisted in going to trial, then, Mr. Finley said, “We’ll make ‘em
      disappear and I’ll pay you for doing that.” When the agent asked Mr. Finley directly
      whether he wanted him to kill Ms. Rowe and her boyfriend, Mr. Finley replied, “If
      that’s what has to be done. If they don’t, you know, come to reason.”
      After this conversation, Mr. Finley twice wrote to the address that the agent
      had given him and told him to “go ahead with the overdose or whatever as soon as
      possible,” and said that he would pay the agent when he was released. (An overdose
      of drugs was one method that Mr. Finley had proposed for carrying out the murder
      of Ms. Rowe.) A third letter directed the agent to collect a ring worth $700 or $800
      from Mr. Finley’s sister as the equivalent of earnest money: “I want you to know I
      am sincere,” the letter said. “I wanted to give you something to prove my good faith.”
      This evidence, and other evidence that was adduced at trial, is more than ample
      to sustain Mr. Finley’s conviction. First of all, since the letters arrived in the mail,
      and there was evidence that Mr. Finley put the stamps on them, a rational factfinder
      could conclude that he used the mails in the furtherance of his plan. Mr. Finley has
      an elaborate story that, if believed, would indicate that he had no intention to use the
      mails, and did not cause them to be used; but the trial court did not credit his story,
      and it was not required to. Second, Mr. Finley’s reference to “whacking ‘em,” and his
      direction to “eliminate ‘em,” supports the conclusion that he wanted the witnesses
      killed, a manifest violation of Missouri law. Third, Mr. Finley promised to pay the
      FBI agent for his services, and arranged to have a ring given to him as the equivalent
      of earnest money. These are the three elements of the crime with which he was
      charged. See 18 U.S.C. § 1958(a).
      Mr. Finley protests that his direction to kill the witnesses was conditioned on
      being unable to dissuade them from testifying. But even if a conditional scheme to
      murder is not punishable under the relevant statute, a question that we do not decide,
      the letters that Mr. Finley wrote after the meeting with the FBI agent contain
      unconditional directions to carry out an agreement to commit murder for hire.
      Mr. Finley argues that, even if there is sufficient evidence in the record to
      support his conviction for the offense, he was entrapped into committing it. He
      asserts that it was Mr. Stewart’s idea to contact Mr. Stewart’s brother to murder the
      witnesses, and that Mr. Stewart was acting on behalf of the government at the time
      that he revealed his idea to Mr. Finley.
      But, in the first place, the trial court believed Mr. Stewart’s testimony that
      Mr. Finley, without any prompting, had requested him to arrange contact between his
      brother and Mr. Finley so that Mr. Finley could persuade the brother to kill the
      witnesses. That finding is not clearly erroneous, and it makes it clear that Mr. Finley
      was predisposed to commit the crime, a fact immediately fatal to an entrapment
      defense. See Jacobson v. United States, 503 U.S. 540, 548-50, 553-54 (1992), and
      Mathews v. United States, 485 U.S. 58, 63 (1988). Mr. Finley’s predisposition was
      manifest, and he was thus an ” ‘unwary criminal’ ” rather than an ” ‘unwary
      innocent,’ ” United States v. Russell, 411 U.S. 423, 436 (1973), quoting Sherman v.
      United States, 356 U.S. 369, 372 (1958).
      The trial court also found, moreover, that Mr. Stewart was not acting as a
      government agent at the time of his initial conversation with Mr. Finley concerning
      the possibility of employing his brother to kill Ms. Rowe, a finding that the record
      abundantly supports. Therefore, even if Mr. Stewart had predisposed Mr. Finley to
      the commission of a criminal act, the entrapment defense would have been
      unavailable because Mr. Stewart’s actions could not be imputed to the government.
      The final argument that Mr. Finley offers is that the charges against him should
      have been dismissed because the government engaged in outrageous conduct to
      secure his conviction. Outrageous conduct is a term of art: It means conduct “so
      outrageous and shocking that it exceed[s] the bounds of fundamental fairness.”
      United States v. Johnson, 767 F.2d 1259, 1275 (8th Cir. 1985). The course of
      governmental conduct described earlier is hardly outrageous; in fact, it does not entail
      anything that is in any way atypical of what government does to detect and prevent
      crime on a daily basis. ” ‘Artifice and stratagem may be employed to catch those
      engaged in criminal enterprises.’ ” Jacobson, 503 U.S. at 548, quoting Sorrells v.
      United States, 287 U.S. 435, 441 (1932).
      It is true that there was a second meeting between Mr. Finley and the FBI
      agent posing as a minister, in the course of which the agent told him falsely that he
      had contacted the witnesses and they had refused to agree not to testify. A lie
      might, under some circumstances, amount to governmental activity sufficiently
      outrageous to void a conviction. But in this case the offense was complete before
      the second meeting, because the three letters and the conversation that furnished
      the basis for the conviction were mailed and took place before the second
      conversation occurred. That exchange is thus irrelevant to Mr. Finley’s defense of
      outrageous conduct, and we therefore reject the defense.
      For the reasons indicated, we affirm the judgment of the trial court.
      A true copy.

    54. jewelz Says:

      now tell me it aint real. a lot of the movie was fabricated for sales but SOMETHING really happened

    55. Arken Says:

      Jewelz…Who the heck is Mr. Stewart and Ms. Rowe…is that the case? or you make a mistake with that?

    56. dud317 Says:

      First of all, that court of appeals document may be real, but it has no relation to the story we know, other than the name. But I suppose based on your argument of doing a google search, Thomas Finley was also a seargent, oh and he’s also on facebook.

      Secondly, I get the idea that if perceived as true, the story is much more compelling and frightening. The plothole arguments about the footage just being found in the attic and not being used in court is a dead (no pun intended) give away. I wanted to believe it…it’s why people love horror movies. But it’s called MARKETING. Ref. The Blair Witch Project 1999. There are a myriad of not-so-true stories. Even the ones that say they are based on true events are embellished.

      Thirdly, if you watch the credits, (or where they would be) it clearly says that traditional line, “All persons,…portrayed in this motion picture are entirely fictitious. Any resemblance to any actual person, living or dead, is purely coincidental.”

      What have we learned? 1) Not how to use Google. 2) This story is fiction. Plain and simple. For those of you who “knew” the family, I can appreciate you lending credence to the lore, but give it a rest. The vague marketing ploy is doing good enough. Hell, it got me to do some research at 5am following it with a post. Good enough for me.

    57. dindgleberry Says:

      strange how people who know them from school, work, dated and anything else, all find their way to this site after people start saying it’s a fake?

    58. J Uhl Says:

      If any one payed real close attention at the end of the movie about 30 seconds after it went black you see the words “All events, characters, and firms depicted in this photoplay are purely fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.” That tells me right off this as real as Blair Witch project. but all that aside, I have to say this is the first movie to creep me out in a loooooong time. Just remember folks it’s just a movie…. or is it? check for that line yourself don’t take my word for it.

    59. J Uhl Says:

      as for the court documents i to found some but this one was of a Thomas Finley convicted of murdering a woman in his attic and of the production of methamphetamine, the house burned down. there is also a Judge Thomas Finley, don’t forget about Thomas Finley the Florist, Or Funeral Director Thomas Finley. Need dental work Thomas Finley DDS can help out. Need I go on. With out a middle name your Thomas Finley cannot be tied to the movie Thomas.

    60. Wink Says:

      I think some of you need to look up the movie “Entity”

      The ghost rapes that lady in the movie, an is also based off a true story. Try and explain that to me.

      we have our believers and our non believers, I do find some things strange in this movie, example the blood on her chest at the end, though you movie would of been edited for time length, or could yes even be re-inacted.. either way I believe.

    61. J Uhl Says:

      Texas chainsaw massacre was based on a true story too wanna know whats true about it . its based off the same story of Psycho and Silence of the lambs. Ed Gien Americas first documented Serial killer now compare the ed gien story to Texas chainsaw massacre no much similarity with there is something, They both wore cloths made of human skin. When something is “Based on a true story” dose not mean its true. it means anywhere from one thing to one person is factual, same thing with “Inspired by true events” I’m not trying to say that there is no such thing as ghosts. but these movies are not real.

    62. AliceLover Says:

      I think this film is just a remake on what people believe is true events.

    63. AliceLover Says:

      Oh and to the people that say the knew the family, why are the living with there mom? I am not being meen or anything im just wondering.

    64. AliceLover Says:

      They just kinda seem to old, they might be younger then they look in the film

    65. Frankie Says:

      If you watch the movie till the end, there’s no credits but it does say it is a fictitious film. Case closed.

    66. jaq Says:

      i googled and found the same website jewelz posted here, i’m just wondering, the case was back in 1999, the film said that the video was found a year later, so that was 2000? then 9 years for the film to be made or shown public? just trying to get the facts straight.

    67. RaZaN Says:

      ITs not Real Read this post by dead central .com….

    68. RaZaN Says:

      Paranormal Entity (2009)

      Paranormal Entity ReviewReviewed by The Foywonder

      Starring n/a

      Directed by n/a

      The Asylum’s Paranormal Entity opens with the following text:

      “Last fall, Thomas Finley was arrested for the rape and murder of his 19 year old sister, Samantha Finley. He was also charged with the murder of Edgar Lauren, a paranormal investigator. Thomas claimed the victims were attacked by a demonic entity of unknown origin. Shortly after, he committed suicide while in prison.”

      Give The Asylum credit for going all out to sell their Paranormal Activity mockbuster as legit found footage. So determined is The Asylum to convince viewers the film footage is the real deal, they go so far as to proclaim it all to be 100% legit in the plot synopsis, do not roll any filmmaking credits or even a title card for that matter, and the various production credits on their own website are billed as “n/a”. After all that effort what is the only text that appears on the screen when the film concludes?

      “All events, characters, and firms depicted in this photoplay are purely fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.”

      Genius, idiocy, or sarcasm: you decide.

      A little birdie tells me that the production of Paranormal Entity was made for a budget roughly 4-5 times greater than that of Paranormal Activity, and from the moment The Asylum got the idea to make it to the time they completed it, it was a whopping two weeks. The actual shooting process lasted all of two days. I think Jim Wynorski took longer making his upcoming Para-Knockers Activity sex comedy.

      Now me, I’m nowhere near as enamored with Paranormal Activity as many of my Dread Central colleagues are. Saw it, didn’t scare me, but I still found it to be fairly enjoyable. Saw it a second time with some friends that were all underwhelmed to varying degrees, and even I have to admit to being far less impressed with the film upon further viewing. I know there are many of you that hate the film and consider it an over-hyped rip-off. To you I say…

      If you thought Paranormal Activity was boring, wait until you see Paranormal Entity.

      If you thought Paranormal Activity wasn’t scary, wait until you see Paranormal Entity.

      A six-minute sequence meant to be creepy consisting of the guy working the camera waltzing through the house recording his search for his sister – calling out her name the only dialogue during this period – only to find her in the attic standing there doing absolutely nothing and then absolutely nothing comes of it and the scene ends.

      Looking faker and ringing phonier even as it follows the exact same night-by-night plot structure and camcorder visual style of Paranormal Activity, cameras are set up in the sister’s bedroom and the living room, perfect for recording such edge-of-your-seat-because-you’re-reaching-for-the-remote-to-fast-forward non-chills as the mother sleepwalking out of her bedroom and into the living room to begin psychic scribbling gibberish onto a piece of paper. More blackouts. More loud noises. More screaming. No clue how to make any of it work. A few flashes of gratuitous nudity do not make up for staging the entire climax off-camera. The only area where The Asylum improves upon the film it’s ripping off is the brother working the camera being far less annoying than the Paranormal Activity boyfriend, at least until he starts screaming and yelling.

      If you loved Paranormal Activity, you’ll roll your eyes at this. If you hated Paranormal Activity, you’ll hate this even more. If you watch Paranormal Entity and think it is the superior film, you’re either letting your contempt for Paranormal Activity cloud your judgment or you clearly have horrible taste.

      But there are some very brief moments of unintentional humor that might make you think for a few seconds here and there that they actually set about to make a parody instead of a rip-off. These instances of almost sublime stupidity are all there is to break up the unremitting boredom, making Paranormal Entity a smidgen more palatable than The Asylum’s previous failed attempt at cinéma-vérité, their nigh-unwatchable Cloverfield mockbuster Monster (review here) – faint praise indeed.

      Remember the Paranormal Activity scene involving the inhuman footprints? Here we get the “terrifying” discovery of what looks like muddy human footprints – on the ceiling! So the horny ghost of Fred Astaire is after the sister or what?

      Even though this phantasm walks on ceilings, later on the brother will set up a series of bells on strings tripwires along the ground as a warning system – AND IT WORKS!

      One of the first caught-on-tape signs of the entity’s existence saw the crucifix hanging above the sister’s bed falling off the wall, which in turn leads to a heated discussion the next day over whether or not this seemingly mundane happening was a surefire sign of a demonic presence in the house.

      True story: One Christmas Eve when I was a teenager, I attended a midnight mass with my mom. It was standing room only so we were forced to stand in the back for the entire service. Hanging along the back wall of the church were these foot-high wood carvings depicting the Stations of the Cross. I looked over at just the right moment to watch the carving of Jesus carrying the cross spontaneously fall off the wall and hit this woman on the head so hard it nearly knocked her unconscious. I recall asking my mom afterwards, “If you’re killed by a falling etching of Jesus, do you automatically get into heaven?”

    69. RaZaN Says:

      But the movie was scarier than Paranormal activity for me…..Paranormal ACTIVITY WAS really boring…..

    70. Ari Says:

      Okay so i jsut got done watching this movie and decided to do a search. There is no record of the Finley Fam on the internet and i dont know what you think but if a murder and rape happend it would atleast have some type of news. This is just a wanna be or Paranormal Activity… That does not mean it cant happen. I myself have came across Paranormal Activities since i was a little girl. I still till this day have some following me and there is one in my apt. But as for this movie it is FAKE yes it can happen but it didnt happen in October of 2008.

    71. JAYHORROR Says:

      i swear this was scary!! i could not SLEEP…but there was a bit of glitch with the blood at the end?? first she was covered in blood and wen they show sam again, she’s just got a little cut on her chest…but still i got scared badd!! good job

    72. Hal Says:

      ok, now despite this being real or not, the shots are way too perfect in places to be ‘in real time’ and this is backed up by the point that having time to mess with a camera while your sister is getting rape. I mean i think id leave the cam on the table! Now for the real problem, for asylum, this is claimed to be the real footage? Then ladies and gentlemen, turn the clock on your vcr and your looking for the sequence shot from 1:01:27, of samantha in her bed, and the covers getting pulled off, at 1:01:43 you see the production crews hand in the bottom left of the frame. Now i will not deny or accept the truth of the actual story surrounding this tragic story, however if asylum wish to preserve this tragic story, in honour to the family, be it truthfully true, i suggest the next time they butcher a film, please hire some good production!! And personally paranormal activity is better, mainly because my god, good films have good endings, sorry, at least an ending!

    73. SkepticRob Says:

      I think the movie is entertaining if you believe it is true. However, I hate to burst the bubble of those that believe this movie is the real thing. Even though there are several scenes that give rise to the fact that it is all a hoax, the proof lies right at the start of the movie and the 911 call. Listen to it again! Thomas is heard screaming that his “family” is dead. His sister dead is fine, but his mother? Mommy supposedly croaked in the hospital (she killed herself). There was also no mention of the crazy looking professor getting zapped as well. Was the professor also part of his family? One last little detail. Wasn’t it funny how the cam that Thomas had attached to his hand, probably since birth, all of a sudden was on the floor or table right smack in front of the dead professor’s face? Well, there you have it in a hoax-shell.

    74. I. Must. Be. Stupid Says:

      Based on actual events??? Really?!?! Are you guys just stupid or do you really think that the public is also? At least pick a story that can be researched or “googled” for pete’s sake! I hate that I wasted my dime for this BS but will never waste another on any Asylum productions in the future. Thnaks for wasting 90 minutes of my time!

    75. Alisha Says:

      holy shit.
      that’s all i have to say :|
      i just finished watching it , and i honestly can’t believe what the brother went threw, i mean watching his sister die like that ! , ohmygod! .. an then being acused of the murder and rape! that’s fucked ; He’s definitly innocent (Thomas Finley). fuckkk man! that’s rough.

    76. stu Says:

      Taken from good, old, trusted WIKI:

      The film’s entry on The Asylum’s Paranormal Entity is a fiction surveillance footage regarding the death of a woman named Samantha Finley in 2008. The website gives no direction, writing or cinematography credits, all of which are marked as N/A[1], although the film’s Amazon page lists Erin Marie Hogan as an actress [2].

      This film is so bad and tedious its actually a good watch – im sure you know what i mean ;-)

    77. shell11 Says:

      This film is totslly fake, so for all of you who say that it is real you are wrong and for the people who say that you “Knew” the girl in school, your a compulsive liar!
      At the end of the film it states this:

      “All events, characters, and firms depicted in this photoplay are purely fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental”

      fictitious means fake or not true….so why would the film makers put this if it was true!! therefore the film is NOT TRUE!! get over it guys its just a film!

    78. mhscastr Says:

      Jewelz, did you read that transcript? It’s for a Thomas Finley that tried hiring someone to kill a woman he was convicted of raping, not a neighbor. Besides, who knows how many Thomas Finley’s there are.

      This film is NOT crime scene footage. Like Blair Witch and Paranormal Activity they just want you to believe that.

    79. Louise Says:

      The bible tells us that there are demonic spirits here on earth. Inviting them into our home via ouija boards, letters, summoning, etc., can only invoke what we do not want, and that is evil. Whether the story is true or not true, there have been many documented cases of demonic possession and opression where bodily harm has been a result. I think it is good that films like this raise the questions above. People need to be informed that hauntings, whether residual or physical do happen.

    80. lyssieloo Says:

      ok so seriously i totally believe this is real!! so my mom totally thought i was full of it when i told her i thought it was real so we googled it and of course, nothing came up but then like i pointed out, if the movie really was made with actors then they would have to give the actors credit for their work and there is no where on the movie that it mentions any actors. so my mom, being the skeptic she is, was like well go to if the movie is made with actors itll be on there. yeah i went through like 15 pages of movies and there is NO MENTION of any movie titled “paranormal entity” so yeah i believe its real. but to those of you that keep saying, “oh i knew them” and “oh i dated samantha” im not sure i really believe that. also, i dont remember who said that if this were real footage, then asylum would be shut down, i call B.S. it states that the film came from the family. it never says that the footage was not shown to the police. if this was shown to the police, really who would have believed them? they more than likely would have laughed and said that this was a stunt or a project made long before their deaths and that Thomas was just trying to get off free of charge. sorry but i think that is the most fake thing on here.

    81. It's Me Says:


      OK, so this could be based on a past story but this would not be actual footage. First, this company would be shut down and there would be city, state and federal indictments to be accounted for. Also, news stations would be swirling about a new DVD coming out that captures actual murders happening on film for the general public to see… even 13 year olds!

      Also, when one works for a federal agency, you can look up any murder committed (or crime for that matter). All of your background is recorded into a federal database. That is why when you speed in Georgia they can retrieve records from your home state of Massachusettes, its a general database that law enforcement can access and all you have to do is type in a name.

      Even though I do believe in the paranormal, this most likely isn’t because then all kinds of murderers will begin to sell there video feeds and tapes through Warner Bros distribution so that people can go home and watch their neighbors get murdered once and again on the convenience of their home DVD player.

    82. Jeulz Says:

      Please…this movie is like the blair witch project – A BIG HOAX _…grant it, I’m not saying things like that never happen and there are no such things as ghosts, but there are evil spirits…if this was happening to me? I sure as hell wouldn’t be sitting there calm and collective, I would be scared shitless and going out of my mind…I wouldn’t go back to my room and sleep in the same bed or stay in the house by myself or let alone keep my mouth shut…plus the house was way too empty to be a real home, no pictures of family, nothing that made if look like a real home…my opinion is this movie was a fake…too many things didn’t make sense…sorry guys – fade to black??? lol

    83. Jeulz Says:

      oh…one last thing, why the hell would you sleep half naked when you know that a demon is attacking you or trying to rape you …. helloooo!!!!

    84. Cynical Tendencies Says:

      I do believe that this movie was indeed staged.
      Why do I believe this?
      There’s a scene where the phone rings and it’s Thomas’ mother calling from the hotel.
      Notice the phone used.
      It is a cell phone and while it is ringing, the phone is not lit up at all.
      It is turned off and cell phones do not have answering machines in the house.
      At least, not to my knowledge.

      I do believe, however, that these things do and can happen.
      I have experienced things a bit similar, but not to that extreme.

      As for this movie, I can not say I don’t believe an event like this could have happened.
      In most cases, names are changed and actors are used to play the role of the story.

      Those of you whom say you knew these people really need to chill on all of that because that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.
      Who honestly would talk about perverted things on a dead girl?

      Here where I live, we have many unexplained deaths.
      Most of you would shit a brick if you lived here.

    85. watever!!! Says:

      OMG!! But really is this something that is important to argue about?? There are always going to people that beleive in some stuff and people that don’t beleive!!! Like with vampires, werewolves, ghosts, demons, Jesus, the Devil, and other things. We can’t not convince everyone whats real and whats not. So get over it!!!

      I personally beleive in ghosts and demons because of what i have seen. But some people might think im imaging what i’ve seen!! But i don’t care! But i do like what Keri says about our spelling!! Hahaha…my english teacher would have a heartattack if he saw the way these people spell.

      Oh and for the people who are dissin on those who say they new this fam. yall need to leave them alone bc they may have known this fam. and r probly going throu a hard time!! So back off!!

      And i agree with jewelz!! Hey girl you seem really cool!!

    86. David Says:

      Fia Perera === Google it, maybe they forgot to mention in the home videos that mom is an actress
      Shane Van Dyke ==== oh yeah,,,the son too. how odd. is that, you would think with two actors in the family,,they could have gotten more than four cameras to do this video collection.
      erin marie hogan ==== wait,,the daughter is an actress too. this is really odd,,,and why do none of them have the last name finley?

    87. alexander Says:

      holy shit dude! ur fucking correct. girl looks hot tho! but i still wonder! what happened with the thumping shits?

    88. Janie Says:

      Erin Marie Hogan is a beutiful actress, she is Samantha Finley in tghe film. YOU people actually think this was real???

    89. indrid-cold Says:

      its just as good as paranormal activity in some ways better

    90. Kint Says:

      For real, I watched this due my insomnia – so it’s like I didn’t intend to watch this at first. And guess what, my brother was totally got into it and believed this movie as hell. This is – for god sake, truly hoax right? I kept flipping the DVD cover again and again, and there’s no such information about something related to the facts that this was a documentary film or something which written this movie was telling about the Finley’s family. Poor my brother..And poor my money, cause he was the one begging me to buy this as a real movie. Duh…

      But, still, despite everything I wrote above, this is such another good movie, hahaha… You completely tricked my bro, dude.

    91. Nikki Says:

      I watched this movie on New Year’s Eve. It was mediocre. I’m not familiar with Asylum films, but after seeing this one, I’m not inclined to pay a whole lot to see more. The no credits thing threw me a little at first, but I read on Amazon that an actress by the name of Erin Marie Hogan played Samantha…Google her, and you will see the same girl you saw in Paranormal Entity. And while you’re on Google, see if you can find ANY trace of this Samantha Finley, Thomas Finley, or even Dr. Edgar Lauren. None of them exist. If they did and they were caught up in something this bizarre and tragic, it would be posted SOMEWHERE. Sorry Asylum. Good try, but poor execution. It will take more than leaving off your credits like the Blair Witch Project to get a movie off the ground. If nothing else, these actors will eventually want credit so they can add this movie to their resumes and then what?

    92. Dom Says:

      Awesome movie! Better then Paranormal Craptivity

    93. BRISA Says:


    94. Brisa Says:

      oh ya this is for jewlez… the thomas finely you found must have been a different one simply because the murders supposedly happened in 2008 not in 1999 and not alot of the movie was fabricated but more like all of the movie was soooo maybe u should do a little more thorough research… u kno just saying.

    95. Rhenagade Says:

      Ok this movie is complete garbage. Good try with the iPhone ringing… But wait, whats this? why isnt the iphone lit up when its ringing? I have an iPhone and it always lights up when it rings. Not only that this movie must be only about 6 months old. Cause they havent had the black iPhone out for longer than a year. And again. How come the iphone has the exact same ringtone as the home phone. Good try. Not impressed.

    96. Ameyuki Says:

      absolutely,paranormal entity was not real…I pity the actor and actresses of the movie who are not recognized for their hard work. It’s pretty much a hair-raising movie…

    97. Cmh Says:

      When I first saw the movie I was under the impression it would be real. After I watched the movie, I was really interested in looking up the crime files. I could not find anything. Then I found this website. Lame. I was all tripped out on it, and now I just feel like a dipshit. LAME LAME LAME.

    98. Dawn Says:

      I watched it twice, and my impression is that this is real. I feel bad that they didn’t get the help they needed.

    99. anonymous[b] Says:

      i know what’s real..
      them boobs

    100. anonymous[b] Says:

      fake. i’ve considered it and on ohters comments..
      the iPhone = wasn’t lit up when it rang and so on
      the blood = Samantha was covered in blood when she was being “raped” and 5 seconds later she was all cleaned
      the 911 call = he said his mother is dead and “it” killed her but at the end they said that she commited suicide after knowing what happened to her children

    101. KNOWTHETRUTH Says:

      at the end of the movie, the movie company claimed everything was fictional and if it was like anything that has happened in real life it was coincidental, the movie company tried to do everything possible to make it seem real. just check the end of the movie about a minute after the movie ends. I was convinced this movie was real, but now i just think it’s fictional like paranormal activity

    102. nathan Says:

      this movie was very well played out and thought out. yes it was a rip off of paranormal activity. but being a rip off they still did a great job at creating the movie and all events. im sorry to all the sad freaks who try to furhter it by saying they went to school or knew the family, either you work for asylum or your just a media hungry cunt who watns to try and make your pathetic life a little better. stop trying to play it off it doesnt make you any more important. show me the arrest records for thomas finley, show me the court tapes, show me the autopsy report, above all show me pictures of you and the family until you can proof positive that you had any connection WITH A FAKE FAMILY shut up.

    103. johnnyDutch Says:

      asylum…How about you get some better performing actrices next movie to make it believable,btw i watch this shyte on my ps3 via the internet,i wonder who pays for this crapp anyway.i guess u make a good buck thanks 2 gullable idiots(which are abundend in the states)

    104. johnnyDutch Says:

      dawn watch it another time then.besides the bad acting u see other obvious mistakes that where made.thank god for the internet so i dont have to pay for this shyte.

    105. jim Says:

      my impression of the doco , was good how ever I tend too agree with a few on line critics here. Samantha the hot too trot babe had shit loads of blood over her yet , when the cam cord panned back she had a sheet over her waist and guess what no blood, the mum whahoooo, that was fake I have seen personally slashed wrists no way was they cut !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      here is extra if the so called family found the footage up in the attic who i meam who put it there? where is the evidence of the burial plots of the 3 so called victims….. go blair witch , indeed this is a fake and from australia and from experience of having episodes of paranormal you the film makers have no idea what you are talking about.

    106. guestar57 Says:

    107. Redmizt Says:

      Well, for those that said this movie was a fake, your correct! I can stongly say this, not because I knew the Finleys, but because I can read.
      For all of you morons, who thought it was real, I can only imagine the sad lives you must truly live. NOW, the masterful secret….

      The end of the film, after it gives some text on this and that concerning the family. There is a a trademark / copyright clause, in this clause Asylum Films acknowledges that the photoplay (movie) is fictious (not real). They even want PITA to know, no animals were hurt in the making of the movie.

      Once more the Golden Rule proves true, humans will believe anything, one: because they want it to be true, or two: because they fear it to be true. Mindless Ignorant Humans….

    108. Dale Says:

      well I think erin is hotttttttttttttttttttttt, smokin, wish she was in my bed, but anyway I liked the movie, but wouldnt buy it unless erin would come to my house, ps, the mother fia, is hotttttttttttttttttttttt also

    109. critcal marines Says:

      Why at the begining of the movie during the 911 call did he say “my mom, my sister are dead. My family is dead” and at the end it says the mom commited suicide in the hospital after the death of her children. Plus there is no bloody rag on his sister. We tripple checked in slow motion. Sorry

    110. critcal marines Says:

      plus the fbi database shows no murder of any samantha finley from 2006 to 2008 and if thomas(her brother) had raped and murdered her I’m sure I would have located it somewhere within the database

    111. Janes_Addiction Says:

      Did no one notice at the beginning it says that Thomas Finley killed himself in prison but yet at the end it says the mother killed herself in the hospital when she learned of her children’s deaths?

    112. Kin Says:

      “Ghouts walls on ceiling and walls Kid follows the Ash tracks to the Ash contsiner of some DEAd guy cracks glass in the picture frame,very next seen Kid is stringing up bells 6 to 8 inches off the floor.Kid should have strung them that close to the Ceiling,Kid is playing all smart get every shot of Kid Sister in her undies,i mean of what will or won.t happen.They got a couple bad electronics or rigged .The BELLS the bells,bells,bells!!!!!!!!!you all saw that 49 to 50 minutes in !!!!ook”

      omfg go back to kindergarten and learn how to fucking write. not only is your writing bad, you cant spell, and you dont know how to explain a movie. fucking aye, is this what american people are coming to now-a-days. first they give blind people the right to drive, then they put a retarded ass moron in charge of the entire country…america is starting to blow monkey balls // as for the movie, watch it now!

    113. undiscribed Says:

      what the hell happened at the end shes covered in blood he sets the camera down then ten seconds l8r theres three thumps it slide forward and then he picks it up and looks at her all shes got is a 4″ cut on her and she is not at all bloody! that is do fake its not real footage. storie (i dont belive it is) might be real ( like i said i dont belive it is).but thats not the real footage! atleast try to make it look real!

    114. Joserrr Says:

      Okay If paranormal entity is better than paranormal activity like a lot of people on here are saying then why is this movie on the internet for free and not making millions on the big screen??
      Yea give me an answer for that!
      Because last i checked activity was way better
      And money does talk. So which movie gots the money to back it up again?
      Oh yea paranormal activity not entity

    115. wierdo Says:

      the boobs are the best part of the movie

    116. Dear Stupid People Says:

      I hope anyone posting about this movie being real is joking or works for the company. If not, you’re a stupid fucker.

    117. rachel Says:

      ok i read some of these comments and one from joserr caught my eye i have seen both of these movies entity and activity online activity was the most stupidest movie i have ever seen half the movie nothing even happens and i started 2 dose off until the 1 good thing happened and that was katie or whatever her name is was dragged out of the bed and then the very end where nika was killed was ok but come on who wants 2 watch somebody rock back and fourth maybe the alternate ending where she was tossed into the camera but look point is activity suck entity creepy gave me chill why don’t u re-watch them both

    118. rachel Says:

      ok seriously people stop hating because they made a knock off movie way better than thr original i mean com on paranormal activity “zzzzz” i was sooo bored through that entire movie the only time it got any type of interesting was when the chick got dragged out of bed get a life and learn 2 like what’s good oh and whoever was the person who said something about us getting aids u commented too so u would b included asshole

    119. sithy Says:

      Thomas: Shane van Dyke
      Samantha: Erin Marie Hogan
      Sam’s Mother: Fia Perera

      Just saying…

      Better than “Paranormal Activity” though

    120. Janaleep Says:

      Very good “movie” Erin Marie Hogan is the “actress” and shes played in lots of movies. Google it people. And for Robert Ellis who went to school with Samantha Findley, im sure you did. Just not the one portrayed in this film.

    121. DPRaptor Says:

      The movie itself was a fairly good scary haunting movie, but what angered me was when I found the DVD at the video store and was convinced by what the DVD cover told me that I was actually going to see a real life story that was going to test my judgment about an actual event. A few minutes in I started searching the web to find out about the Finley Murders. Didnt take long to realize this was made up (about 20 min into the movie). I was extremely disapointed that this was a stupid falsehood just to try and drum up some sucess with a cheaply made movie. Do everyone a favor Asylum, take off the “Actual Crimne Scene footage” lie and story of the family giving you the tape. Giving false information in order to convince someone to see this is in my opinion criminal. It really made me like the film a lot less than if i knew from the start that it was just a horror flick. I would have liked it much more I think….

    122. mike Says:

      I did know Thomas Finley and everything that happened in the film actually happened. He was one of my closest friends. It really is a shame that his family was torn apart the way it was. R.I.P Buddy I love you with all of my heart. for you non-believers you probably have never had a paranormal experience ever in your life.

    123. latino man Says:

      The good things SAM has a goooooooooooodddddd tits, big and firm
      bad things bad actors all of them.

      story same same same same crap

    124. kickz Says:

      not real.,.,

    125. sara Says:

      This movie was the scare of my life time and I dont get scare easily. I never got scare with paranormal activity but when I saw this movie I frecked. I feel sorry for the family in the movie.I prey that no one esle suffers like that. If u ask me if I believe the answer will be (anything can happened and fast).

    126. Shannyn Says:

      While I have no doubt there is a realm of supernatural existing among us, I believe this movie to be a fake. It would be absolutely IMPOSSIBLE for any person to be covered in blood from obvious external trauma only to be completely cleaned of blood with only ONE wound in the few seconds that lapsed from one camera shot to the other. It would be impossible for merely one wound, that looks only slightly worse than a superficial laceration to cause that much blood loss. If Thomas Finely had indeed tried to wipe the blood from his dead sister, she would be still smeared with blood.
      Yes, Jewlz, there was a court case involving a man named Thomas Finley, but had you actually READ the document, you would have seen that 1)it was a rape case, not a rape, double homicide. 2)it was in 1999, while this alleged “true story” happened in 2008. So, before you go blasting people for not knowing how to use the Google search engine, I suggest you refine your research skills, which are so obviously lacking.
      Take note also that a crime of such magnitude would have been a hot item for news circuits all over the country..if this is a true story, why is there not even ONE news article? Also, as stated
      I missed the part where it said it was all fictional, I hit the stop button the second the film was over. It was definitely better than Paranormal Activity and it gave me chills here and there, I wouldn’t exactly call it a great movie.
      This movie reminded me of when Stephen King tried to pass off “Rose Red” and “The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer” off as a true story, only Stephen King did a better job at it. Kudos to The Asylum though for the hype they created. Now if they can only produce a more convincing and more original storyline….

    127. alli Says:

      yeah dis isnt real in the begining thomas calls police and says it killed his sister and mother,but at the end it says the mother killed herself at the hospital so how could thomas have witnessd his mothers death if she was at the hospital get it ????these movie people need to tell the truth dont lie and say its true just so people could be interested.idiots

    128. Trey Costner Says:

      I can tell you from seeing real tapes of actual occurrences like this, this movie was messed with to show better quality but that is it. This movie is 100% real there’s no faking to this movie what so ever, cause I’ve witnessed first hand people who either are haunted by demons or have undergone demonic possessions. Now i know if anyone reads this their going to think i’m crazy, well then so be it but i’m just saying from experience The Finley Case is real. Cause I’ve watched this over & over trying to come up with theories on how it could be made up like most of you have but I’ve seen indications of Orbs. Orbs are nothing but little dots or specks of light that float by or have been caught in movies or in pictures. I noticed these just about all threw out the movie it’s self. People weather you wanna believe it or not demonic possession is real, there’s no faking it @ all. Send me emails if anyone has actually had one or going threw one or know of anyone that is going threw it now.

    129. yoselin Says:

      iThink this movie is kindahh beter than P A R A N O R M A L – A C T I V I T I E :)

    130. josh Says:

      I really dont know what to say . it was a great movie makes me wonder… i beleive in shit like this but ive researched and researched and have found nothing.. is this true or false i wonder.. hands down it has me going def better than paranormal activity…… so if ne one does actually know ne thing reply back to my post tx ………….

    131. KIm Says:

      as a paranormal investigator myself i cannot deny that things like this dont happen or have happened…but about a few mins into the movie realized the shots were to perfect to be real..only rented movie cuz of my love for the paranormal and my bad habit of picking paranormal activities apart..the film was rather good as far as the paranormal activities that happen go on..but it was not a true story or live footage…futhermore ghost and entities and demons do exist and do have the ability to rape, torture, haunt, break things, posses, and even kill people! Not have i seen some of these things happen but have also had them happen to me.

    132. lisa Says:

      did anyone pick up that in the beginning on the 911 tape thomas said “my family is dead my mom and my sister are dead”???? then at the end it reads that ellen upon hearing about the “death” of her children took her own life in hospital. i mean come on people.. if your going to try and pass something off as real get your plot straight. which is it?? thomas killed himself in prison or his mother killed herself after hearing bout the death of her children??? and did anyone look closely there is a black stool holding up samantha and she is using her left arm to hang onto it while flailing the rest of her arms and legs. then when he pans back to her he head is on a pillow??? there was no pillow on the floor when she was being attacked. details people details… and who needs actors and actresses ( erin hogan) if the footage is REAL. ALTHOUGH IT WAS MORE ENTERTAINING THAN PARANORMAL ACTIVITY ANYONE WHO BELIEVES THIS IS REAL FOOTAGE IS STUPID. even the house wasn’t real. no family pics and how many teenage girls do you know have absolutley nothing on their walls and no cloths in their closets. i mean come on!!!! not saying paranormal events do not take place but this is NOT actual footage of anything but actors making a movie. they shoulda kept their story straight and not admitted they were actors. besides anyone able to find anything on the internet that relates to the real finley family deaths?? i havent because it isn’t there. and to the person that said they knew the finley family? then why is erin hogan starring as samanatha when that is supposed to be REAL footage of samantha?? entertainment thats all it is.

    133. Jessica Johnson Says:

      Hello….people….this is not real…at the end of the movie, it tells you that the movie is purley ficticious and not meant ot represent ANy real person. DUH! You people need to really pay attention to shit. GEEZ!

    134. Jessica Johnson Says:

      plus…I had a friend that had been cremated and ashes, real creamated remains of a human are not black. They are very grey, almost white, mostly powder with a very small amount of actual bone, that is not even big enough to identify. Not much larger than sand and at the most half the size of a piece of uncooked dry rice. It was not even close to looking like real human remains.

    135. setharoth Says: is the web site to the actor Samantha check it out the anser with out a don’t fake all the way

    136. ladeda Says:

      I think its real. Although there are many fake movies out there, demons are alive. Why do u think this world is getting more fucked up every day? Politically speaking. Lets not get into that. For people who think “you have to see it to beleive it, well, did you not just see some footage? So i just dont understand how people need soooo much information to back up anything. I have not seen a ghost or i have been very blessed to not see demonic activity, but i dont need to see it to beleive it. I’m pretty sure there are many more of these stories, just not allowed to show. Kind of like how the CIA and GOVERNMENT hide crap from people so they dont panic. :) Beleive, Trust me, in a positive way- things happen.

    137. carl Says:

      it begins saying that he killed himself in jail. And ends where they say the mother offs herself after hearing about her childrens death. Weird. Hands in certain scenes and irregularities show its a fake. No where on the internet if there mention of this families death. And surely it would have been on the news. or in the newspapers. Jewels watch the movie again and reread the article you added. So not the same case. Not even close.But ill give you a blow up dart board for your effort. There are no police records or anything pertaining to this supposed tradegy. Its just a clever plot. Well done asylum. Ive seen million dollar movies that sucked more than this.Shane van Dyke by the ways plays the son.
      Erin Marie Hogan is cast as Sam and Fia Perera is the mother. Besides all this. I have the scars and tape and 11 witnesses that saw me being pushed through a plate glass window by someone that no one could see. And the video at least shows the indentations on my jacket as i am being pushed. Where two seconds earlier there was just a smooth surface. Enjoy guys.

    138. doest matter Says:

      I havent seen this movie yet, but i am about to watch it right now and i am a fair movie critic and i will be able to tell if this document is true or false with or with out watching the doc. with something called research! And im not worried about being insulted!

      -and i will post rather or not the movie is real or not to settle the dispute.


    139. Raymond Swartz Says:

      I’m impressed with the movie and IF it WAS real, SCARY!!! But its not.
      This movie had me casting out demons in Jesus Christ’s name all through my house. I was crying and praying to the Lord that this was fake or that God would heal them because we as humans are lied and deceived way too much.
      Whoever came up with the plot to rape your own sister, gross.
      Jesus would forgive that as well if you repented of it.
      With no further addo, DELETE!

    140. *BabySue Says:

      This was a pretty freaky movie,, ill prob be scared to sleep by myself for days but deff a disapointment when i found out it was not real and Erin Marie Hogan played Sam!! Nothing wrong with making a fiction movie but why lie about it and try to lead people to believe it is real footage???

    141. phil Says:

      another blair witch !!!!!LAME!!! As they say in the seventh sense I see stupid people!!!!!!! Dont worry the bastards got me for $5 bucks too. There went another hour and a half of my life i’ll never get back. And to think I could have been making love to my hand….

    142. mary Says:

      i just wanna say my boyfriend and i enjoyed both movies.i think that PA has a not so good story behind it, so u didnt rally expect anything out of the blue…but.. the scenes were scary as all hell. on the flip side PE, didnt start w a story line, u really didnt kow why the “spirit” was there until the doc told them, at that point i felt chills… just the thought of “something” raping you, that u cant see or predict, is beyond me. the ending was confusing, but whatever. they both had there glits. definitly had me on the edge of my seat…both movies

    143. S Says:

      seriously,u guys are all wasting energy in arguing whether it’s true or not.

      the comments are so funny.especially the way people talk.

      movie is gave me goosebumps but that’s it.

    144. S Says:

      for those who can’t really get into their heads that the film is not real, watch this:

      just so u can get over yourselves. -_-

    145. EVE Says:


    146. Tala Says:

      I just want to say that I think this is really fucked up. These people made a movie that lead people to believe it was real. You know there are people out there who believed this shit and are now scared out of their minds. At the end of the movie if you wait long enough it only shows it for a second, but it states that the movie and characters in the movie are fictional. . . . this movie scared the shit out of me, and for ya’ll to make this movie leading people to believe it’s real is just plain fucked up.

    147. me Says:

      You know this was a good movie… kind of freaky. There was a movie made about a woman that was raped by a spirit repeatedly through her life. The movie was called ” The Entity” that was based on fact. So stuff like that can happen.

    148. Blair Says:

      Dear All Posters,
      I watched this movie and then researched it, before it hit me. They wouldn’t publish the complete FBI files on Google. Those close to the Finley family wouldn’t allow that.

    149. Cyber-Psych Says:

      ALRIGHT PEOPLE; I liked it somewhat for entertainment purpuses BUT THE END WAS DEFINATLY STUPID. The brother sees his sister getting raped, laying there screaming in her own blood and he keeps taping? Uhm? And yes – WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL THE BLOOD ON HER BODY IN THE LAST SHOT?
      Could this really happen? Well, that’s for your imagination and belief.

    150. Chris Says:

      whether this movie was real or not, all i can say is that it will haunt me for a long time. the image of that gurl at the end…she looked authentically dead to me and it would be hard to rig a scene with her floating like that with a home cam. i do agree that asylum has made some rips off other films but to be honest, Paranormal Entity was much more horrifying than Paranormal Activity.
      i’ve read thru some other reviews and noticed that other ppl have claimed to experience similair happenings. since a child, i’ve had many demonic attacks and have came close to harming loved ones in a state of posession
      if it was real, i have many theories as to why it ended up the way it did. some scenes did feel scripted though so i have my doubts.
      about a week ago, i had another attack which is now more horrifying after seeing this film. i woke up with my dog next to me on the bed. i wanted to turn my head to see what time it was (it was still dark) but i couldnt move. it always begins like that…paralyzed. that’s when the fear kicks in cuz i know somethin’s gonna happen. after a moment, i began to hear a weird static noize coming from down stairs but not like tv or radio white noise. it’s really hard to describe but as it grew louder, my body began to rise up off the bed…i actually dont want to write about this anymore

    151. tacho Says:

      can anyone please tell me… when samantha was dieing she was all in blood.. then her brother goes to save her and leaves the camera on the floor, some noises come? & then samantha is found dead on the floor with a clean body.. where did the blood go?

    152. REally Says:

      ppl its just that paranormal activity came out like long enough for them to make a rip-off of it also when is sister is screaming in the bath tub why the fuck would he pick up the camera first i also have seen the actress that played samantha

    153. Elizabeth Says:

      what atate did this happen in????

    154. Jessica Says:

      Where did this supposedly take place

    155. Dawn Says:

      Um this moving sucked big time! Paronormal Activity was really good. As for the Finley’s I tried to look it up on the internet, and through police data banks and the only reference to a Thomas Finley that murdered someone is a guy that was in prision for raping a woman named Rebeca. He tried to hire his bunk mates brother to commit the murder for him so that it would look like the perp came back for the victim while Thom was in prision. Get your facts right ppl. As for the ending it’s all messed up the thing with the blood and the fact that it states that the mother killed herself in the hospital when she learned of her childrens death. NO ONE could clean up all that blood in that little bit of time! I’m in CSI I know these things…lol its laughable that some of you would think so. If by some chance he was trying to clean up some blood so to look for a wound he didn’t have the time to clean the entire body. Her face was even covered in blood. Do I believe in ghosts yes I do. We had one in a house we lived in while I was in middle school and had many things happen there…but this stuff was all rigged. As much as I liked Paranormal Activity I still don’t blieve all that was real either, but it was much more believeable seeing how the camera NEVER stopped running while in the guys hands and he actually looked at more things then the ceiling or floor. Well thats all I have to say about this movie. Good scare for teens who aren’t trained.

    156. Allen Finley Jr. Says:

      This is a true story. I saw the same anomoly annallu rape the producer when he came to pick up the film in the attic. That part was no in the movie.

    157. Alyssa Says:

      As someone who has had a continuous interest in the research of the paranormal, my attention was instantly drawn to this film, especially considering the labels on the case stating that is consisted of “actual crime scene footage.” The film was definitely good for a scare, but I was disappointed when I read the disclaimer at the end stating that all names, people, places, etc. were fictitious. In my research, I have read about many different sorts of experiences with many different kinds of people, so I understand that events like those depicted in this film and Paranormal Activity can occur. I will even give credit and say that they were portrayed rather accurately. However, it’s disappointing to someone like myself who’s trying to expand their knowledge and research on a particular subject to find that their source is nothing but a work of fiction (and poor fiction since the idea has clearly been ripped off). It also disgusts me that production companies think they have the right to capitalize off of what very well may have been someone’s horrible experience. It truly makes me downright sick. It also worries me, as a Wiccan, what other people begin to think when they see these kinds of movies. How many people out there have watched this movie, or others like it, and then thought about doing something like picking up a Ouija board? This movie is encouraging people to experiment, by portraying realistic events, and to open doors that can be dangerous, especially when they are inexperienced and haven’t researched the proper way to handle it. In short, it should be made abundantly clear from the get go that this film is a work of fiction, and people should be encouraged to do their research before buying into an idea.

    158. Danny Says:

      guys i think the same thing is happening to me…at my house..

    159. Danny Says:

      im fucking seriouse guys help!

    160. Altheia Says:

      Ok guys. Let me get this straight for you all non-belivers and belivers of this movie. The names that were used in this movie could have been altered or changed for privacy purposes. I bet that hasn’t even crossed your minds. Secondly, the police depatment does put cases up after a few months if not a year. I took CJ and know this for a fact. So if you are trying to find the actuall murder case online good luck. Things like this do happen to people. It may not be you but, they do happen. I would know that for a fact. I haven’ seen anyone get raped by a demonic entity, but I do believe that it happens. Watch ‘Ghost Hunters’ and find out for yourself about Paranomral stuff. Yes they edit out alot of footage but, you can find that online. I have done the research. I believe this movie to be true.

    161. Terry Says:

      First off the girl in the picture which is the ACTOR in the movie(because it is just a movie thats all) is Erin Marie Hogan. Look it up! She has been in 4 other movies. So i guess there goes the theory of ACTUAL FOOTAGE, which is what the movie is based on. Therefore its not real!!! Don’t listen to the fabricated garbage people put on here or anywhere else. You can easily look up the facts.

    162. dan Says:

      oh really?….the movie seems sooo…realistic but till this terry dude said the girl is an actor…sooo that means the footage is fake then….RIGHT?
      sooo confusing

    163. Hjalti Says:

    164. ROXANNE Says:

      hi im roxy from new zealand i watched paranormal entity and i would just like to say i feel for the finley family i have experienced something like that but not as bad send my wishes to your family

    165. Hope Says:

      Guys at the end of the movie there is like a paragraph or two explaining the the movie was fictional, and that they used actors and even the whole plot was made up and if it resembled the story of some real people it was only a coincidence. Just watch the whole movie like 2 min. after the screan goes black at the end .

    166. james peck Says:

      I personally want to believe that the movie is a fake, but the feeling I had while watching the movie told me a much differen’t story. I hope it was just good film making, I relly do.

    167. chery johnson Says:


    168. Chelsea Says:

      ok first of all this is a fake. if it was real there’s no way it would have been released and why would someone keep filming when a demonic entity is doing that to his sister? Who cares about the footage or being careful about the camera. A human is more valuable than a camera which can be replaced. Realistically he should have just thrown the camera and ran to his sister instead of just standing there and then carefully placing the camera down and then shooting her again later. Secondly the phone call at the beginning says the mom is dead but she was in the hospital and died a few days after hearing her daughter was dead. Thirdly the phone ringing was a land line ring but he picked up a cell phone from the other side of the house. It wouldn’t have been that loud and the phone would have shown who was calling instead of being black. I’m not saying none of this stuff could happen because I believe it can and I believe there are some demonic spirits out there fully capable of doing everything shown in this movie. I’m just saying this footage is not real footage.

    169. Ashley Says:

      This movie was ok. I wouldn’t go pay to buy it though. For those of you who think it’s real? Please don’t insult the intelligent human race like that. If you type in Paranormal Entity IMDB, you’ll see the cast’s name and other movies they played in. If that’s ‘real’ footage, I doubt they’d change their name act in other movies. So, this could only mean this movie is about as fake as it gets.

    170. Ruth Says:

      I don’t believe in ghosts. I’ll go right out and say it. But I do believe in demons. I believe they are very real. As for this movie– is was a good movie. As for the story… it could be true. If not of the Finley family, then someone else could have had the misfortune of dancing the tango with an evil “entity”. I guess what I’m saying is this: this movie is obviously not real. Maybe the family in this movie never existed, or perhaps it was based on another family entirely and the name Finley just came out of nowhere. I’m not going to discredit the story entirely, but I won’t take it for face value. And I agree with Keri ^^ terrible grammar in some of these posts. Quite sad.

    171. Rachel Randleas Says:

      Look, i know that people will say its real or not real, but i do believe its real. It may have been edited digitally to better see the entity haunting the resedince, or they might have added a few clips to help the story make a little more sence. Well some of you say it’s not real because of the whole ‘blood on Sam then not on Sam’ thing, well theres a bloody cloth next to her when he pulls the camera back, and a small blanket on her stomach (where the wound was), so he probably wiped the blood off her real quick. I had to replay that scene on my computer before I saw it, so it’s easy to understand how you’d be a critic about the scene. I’m a believer of the movie because, being haunted before, i know what horrible and unexplainable things paranormal entities can do (…)

    172. Rachel Randleas Says:

      (I mean you don’t wake up with cuts on your arms out of nowhere.)

    173. Mr.Yates Says:

      First off Asylum is doing their job, they are not rib off artists. what they create is a type of movie “Mockbusters”. They make money off Blockbuster titles. It’s what they do, it’s not their job to come up with original content. Secondly as someone stated above, if any of the footage was real it would not have been released to the public. Think how many other murder tapes you’ve seen….zero unless you search online for sick videos which is well…..sick. I don’t believe this to be real. If I was that guy I would have been swearing left and right. We would not have stayed in the house with an evil harmful spirit in it. Also the actors were corny as hell. Although the parts where he is scared shitless seem fairly real, he had pretty accurate emotions going on for the situation, minus the carrying the camera around. The only people who would carry a camera around and film being terrorized by an evil spirit are ghost hunters, and someone with nothing to lose who wants to document the experience for others, knowing he or she may not make it out. If little things were happening sure, film away but as soon as something bigger happened that camera would drop to the floor and I would be gone. I dunno I’m a psych major, and a lot of the film had inaccurate emotional states, leading me to believe, it’s just a movie.

    174. Anon Y Mous Says:

      Two things…. In the shot when Sam is getting raped, she is still wearing her panties. I think that if the “Entity” really did rape her, she wouldn’t have panties on!

      DNA evidence has been out for a long time…. Rape kit…. semen…. If she was raped and it was not Thom, how did they pin rape on him?

      One more, for the person that showed court papers from 1999. In this movie, Thom received a cell phone call from his mom. I’m not a cell phone expert, but the cell phone Thom answered is a newer cell phone, not a old school cell from 1999.

      This film is probably fake…. who really cares. it was good! It could have really happened, but this film was fabricated, not authentic.

      Great Movie! Whether Fact of Fiction, It was still a good movie.

    175. Brianne Says:

      There is a video of “Samantha” renting her own movie….
      I am so pissed because it looked real and I liked it. It was a good movie but now I’m too pissed to like it anymore.

    176. Jimmy Says:

      I´m a real horror fan and the only one who made actual good horror movies is Steven King. Actually he wrote the books but still… As a horror fan i´ve watched quite a few horror movies and I must say that recently I can´t say that there are any real good horror movies left. After The Blair Witch Project there hasn´t been any movie that would make me hide behind my pillow while watching it. Untill now. The asylum has proven that with a simple handycam you can make a horror movie even better than with a 10.000 dollar camera. I think it gives it that extra little bit of suspense.
      Thank you, Asylum and please… give us another one.
      (ps.: please forgive any spelling errors as I am from Belgium)

    177. michael Says:

      hmmm… i think this one is true than the paranormal activity
      PA is just a fake one! if that is true then let me see the real video!!!!

    178. indrid-cold Says:

      i thought this was in most ways better than paranormal activy and hope to see paranormal entity 2 soon!!!!!!!!!!

    179. sinjin Says:

      i believe in paranormal things but what puzzles me is is this real or fake?i have watched the movie if what your saying is that the boy didnt rape and murder his sister then what evidence do the police have convicting him?why did he commit suicide? or did he?would the real videos have proven the boy did nothing wrong or he did in fact kill his sister?if this is an accual paranormal crime then prove to the world that the impossible is probable

    180. Kev Fox Says:

      At 01:27:52 on this movie (approximately 32 seconds after the screen goes black) the following is displayed:

      “The Global Assylum is the authour of this motion picture for the purpose of copyright and other law.

      The events, characters and firms depicted in this photoplay are fictitious. Any similarity to actual person, living or dead, is purely coincidental.”

      This statement has to be displayed by law but the makers know that once the movie ends and the screen goes blank few people will leave it running for the extra 32 seconds and therefore will not see the legal disclaimer.

    181. Indifferent Says:

      The movie is boring in my opinion and it is not real. You can see the actors on IMDB.COM I believe there are paranormal things out there but when people try to recreate it, it just looks corny. I guess people have to make a living someway or another, right? And without crappy movies, we would just find something else to complain about. lol

    182. becca Says:

      wow i thought this was real then i looked up Erin Marie Hogan and she played as the sister its a fucking fake

    183. JAYBUNNI Says:

      For those of you that think this is fake. google it. or text cha cha. the story is said to be real but the movie is fake. now if u read the lines in the start of the movie it said that the tape were found a year after the deaths. and thomas killed himself weeks after, i think. so how could it have saved him from jail. and if u witness ur sister being rapped i agree i would not have a video cam in my hand but it is a movie. so of course he had the cam. Im sorry for the horrifing story that was told. my prays go out to the remaining family and friends.

    184. tha_real_deal Says:

      if this soo “real” then y cant i find what state the murder happened in???????

    185. philly Says:

      at the end of the day, some people believe in this and some dont personally im a believer but im not gonna push my beliefs on any1, if the movie is true footage then it is if its not then it aint but all i can say is that it was a fucking scary film xx

    186. kimmie Says:

      This filmed achieved what it set out to do, and thats cause enough interest, for people like myself to write this….. I believe the story was true, and holds a lot of weight……as for the acctual footage shown my feelings are that one thing really diturbs me, why of all the members of the family do you not see the brothers face, at anytime???.maybe the male actor, could have been in another film??,and how word perfect they all were… i hope somone can prove me wrong….

    187. Damo666 Says:

      Hi there guys. Firstly I would like to say this is a cool scary movie, but nothing more. I’ve just watched the movie and thought that i knew the lad Thomas Finley, which i thought might be promising. but then remembered why i know him. Thomas Finley is Shane Van Dyke, much loved grandson of Dick Van Dyke, and son of Barry Van Dyke. I’ve seen Shane in an episode of DM.

      If you have a look into this movie you also find that the writer and director is also Shane Van Dyke. So I ask this question if this is ment to be about true events then what needs writting?

      Infomation on Shane Van Dyke and the other actors in this film can be found on imdb

    188. Jun Says:

      show me the real Finley Family recorded footage

    189. kris mae bacayo Says:

      i just doe watching the movie,,, and really it sucks,,, though a little bit of entertaining though,,, makes me at the edge of my seat and even shouted at some point,, anyway,, this movie is nothing but FAKE… heheheee… keep making same videos though,,, they entertained masochist people like me,, nothing to do but scare myself,,, LOL =0)

    190. Truth Says:

      98% of movies made are fiction so does it really suprise you that it’s not real? It was made to draw attention to the possibility that something like this could happen and to entertain us which judging by the # of comments made they def did their job! And to those people with chastising comments about how stupid people are for believing this movie I’m curious to know why you are on this site? You are obviously doing reaserch like everyone else so stop acting like you are so smart because your making yourselves look like idiots! As for the end everyone can speculate on what they would to “if” something like that would happen ” I would have dropped the camera and ran over there” no you prob would have stood there frozen and shit your pants. As for a rip off I think not! Other than about 10 min Paranormal Activity was so slow and boring with a larger budget and much more exposure. This movie wasn’t great but it is MUCH better than Parnormal Activity.

    191. james Says:

      right i’v had to see a dead bodie so i know that pepole’s pupels dont dilate when there dead just in case you dont know that is what happens when light hits your eyes your pupels dilate. witch is what the docters eyes did.

    192. Sophie Says:

      I watched this movie, And felt deeply sorry for the people in it, yeah maybe it didnt seem the most amazing quality, but why would someone lie about a family death? Think about it, the movie had no Menu, no credits and not even a ‘pick a scene’ thing. So even with everyone putting comments and remarks about ‘how shit it is’ why dont you sit and think, these things actually go on about the world, and we dont know about them? Some off the movie does seem false. And yes it doesnt show them doing that thing thats ment to kill the whole thing off, but the dead dad, was TRYING to warn them! Not kill them, the demon thing or what ever it was, had got to the family and the dad was fighting it off, warning the mother who then worried about her family to harm herself! You can rant on at me for my comment all you like, but Paranormal Activity was made up, and actually made you laugh.. But this made me really think, and trust me I’ve spent the past 4 hours looking up on it as i cant sleep. And you’ll be suprized what you find if you google ‘the finaly family murders’ as theres very realist stories, which i fully agree!

    193. ann Says:

      heheheh this is completely fictious. hving been interview the stars of paranormal activity after they died on the film for the promotion of the film . and seing the stars of the paranormal entity alive, years after they released this film and doing other projects. that is really horrible. why not take a look at the possesion of emily rose it was happened really before but they do not acclaim that it caught in the cam in fact there was a star who played as her but it was really a big hit. happen before.

    194. : / what the shit! Says:

      Has anyone ever seen the movie ” the entity ” its almost like a mix between that and “parinormal activity” . do i believe. who cares what i believe. this shit could happen..yeah it could.

    195. : / Beth Says:

      Found this comment on ChaCha. check it out


      HEEELLLLLOOOOOO!!!!! OMG the movie sucked and was totally fake. Oh btw Sam’s real name is: check out her filmography section. SmFnLy2008, you gotta be kiddin’…you’re a fake too

    196. john Says:

      am i the only person that noticed in the movie u can never see the guys face.on top of that wtf! the paranormal dude just dropped dead or what?u can see all kinds of freaky shit but u cant see how he died

    197. Aaron Says:

      I have a theory that the brother killed them and both mother and sister had a sleep disorder/sleepwalking/catatonic state. The brother, after years of living with them, could have known when the were in a sleep/wake state. The brother controlled everything. He could have pulled down the sheets to his sisters bed with the same fishing line he used to set up those jingle bells for convincing video. He could have staged everything and their sleep disorders made the video evidence more convincing.
      The scene when there was banging – the brother could have been the one banging on the walls – it was dark. And the footprints on the ceiling, just before that he told them to “Listen”, which was followed by a scary noise – he could have been holding an electronic device which made noises.
      I tried to look at the movie and ask whether it was possible for the brother to be behind the “maron”.
      There are more theories about the theory but I need to go to sleep now.

    198. Aaron Says:

      And it’s just a movie. Scary and good.

    199. Tammy Carter Says:

      The movie was good. But being a true victim of the paranormal my goal is the truth. The movie may leave NO credits, but in fact it did. The ending stated clearly–” FICTICIOUS. ” DEFINTION: ” FABRACATED, IMAGINED.” Movie sales must be nice in the world we live in, but when you are ” REALLY ” affected by the paranormal it is ” NONFICTION. ” I should know. My whole life has been involved with true paranormal personal experiences that are not sooo funny to scare people with. I was 7 years old when my life was turned upside down. So, I turned it into positive research. Although, the true “GOOD AND EVIL ” thing has followed me no matter where I have lived. I am a College Graduate from Mississippi College in Clinton, Mississippi. Born in Kentucky, raised in Tennessee. I am not famous, rich, or have the urge to ” GLAMOURIZE ” the true experiences of the paranormal field. They are “TRULY ” a part of my life and NO I am not scared. Its a part of me. Some say, “There is Tammy the WITCH.” Whatever… My gift is used for the greater good. I am a devote CHRISTIAN. I believe in JESUS CHRIST. I think that is why the supernatural entities are attracted to me. The Devil or Satan or ” THINGS ” have wanted me for a long time. All in all, I love HORROR. I hate liars. My MYSPACE is: spiritfinder321 and email is GOOD luck with the money, but you really should not try to make money at the expense of people like me who are subjected to paranormal life everyday. Sincerely, Tammy Carter

    200. Nickie Says:

      Of course its not real…. just like Paranormal Activity, the main actress was the little girl from Stephen King’s Rose Red. Check it out… good stuff. Stephen King is undeniably the best, but it was still good. Scared the shit outta me a couple times! Isn’t that the point? I love horror movies! Some peope take this stuff too literal. I like the hand held camera affect… it put a little more reality to it.

    201. kei666 Says:

      I agree with some while obviously alot of the asylums work is taken from other movie concepts how did all movies start?? aha! from an idea ideas possess ppl even if some detail r similiar i actually enjoyed this film i do believe in spirits and as for this being real honestly i dont know what to believe but now a days with illuminati drama and senators who are binging on society whats to believe be happy watch a fucking movie and STOP FUCKING BITCHIN ABOUT QUALITY if ur such a fuckin genius and ur gonna talk shit about the movies then go make ur own shitface its alot harder than just going oh! i wanna write about a ghost gang bangin a 10yr old i appreciate the work i love the movie and have actually just seen 100ft gave me super chills good job asylum u have my vote –=]

    202. kei666 Says:

      oo dont forget there were no cameras in the brothers room hmm why was that??? fishy fishy

    203. Marchon Says:

      Ok in all honesty I beleve its true I really beleve this movie to be fact and that there is really nothing out of place. And the only reason why is because ive had an experience of my own when I was 11till the time I was 13. I really do see everyones point of view on this movie, really everyone has a great point and if I didn’t have that experience as a kid I would most likely be on everyones side about this being on the extreame side of being fake and does it really matter if a guy tapeing the paranormal catches his sister in panty shots? Really, get your heads out of the gutter if that’s what the whole movie was about then I highly doubt that anyone would be here discussing this movie on rather it’s fake or real. No we would be on some other site talking about how big her breast were! But back to what I was saying, I didn’t have one were my sister was being raped or one where blood was all over the place and the house looking like a mad man just went through it with a chainsaw. I just had a few things move around while I sat in the room things were moving in, but I also want you guys to know that I’m not here to completely disreguard everyones belef on what’s real or fake just to simply say Ive been through something of the same and I want people to know that this stuff exist.

    204. HAHA IDIOTS Says:

      If you believe it was real then check this out

    205. Marchon Says:

      Are you trying to be funny? Please I take my belef on a serious note if all you are going to do is make a joke about it I segest you don’t make any comments to me about what I beleve and don’t beleve. It’s a sad tactic and I hate it when it’s uses on me, if your going to tell someone that they are wrong at least have the balls to just say it, don’t beat around the bush about it. My belef stays the same about this movie there is no doubt in my mins that says something is wrong with it, no I’m not saying I’m an expert in the freaking paranormal research department, simply saying that I beleve in a variety of things that have to do with the paranormal I can care less if you had a problem with it man, what I beleve is what I beleve that’s it.

    206. Amy Says:

      I just watched this movie today, and I was amused. I was not really into the bad acting, but the story line was gripping. If you watch all the way to the end (and that means after the screen goes black and there are no credits) you will see this message. “The events, characters, and firms depicted in this photoplay are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.” I would think this sums up the idea that this moving was not the footage they play it out to be. The movie its self was okay though. The other tell was in the beginning: it says that Tom was arrested and killed himself in prison. At the end, it said that him and his sister were found dead; and that their mom killed herself in the hospital after finding out her children had been killed.

    207. Marchon Says:

      Thanks for suming up some things for me at the end thats one thing i didnt look at, after I saw that the movie was over I didn’t even bother the wach the rest. Yes I saw some of the things in the movie that looked unreal and strange and I’m not taking away the fact that there was obvious bad acting in the clip i’m just saying please don’t dismiss the fact that stuff like this happens and to just be known to it as real. Now I beleve a similer story happened almost exactly like this one but without the rape part happening and it all played out like the film but instead of rape the spirit was focused on pure murder.

    208. je we Says:

      The spirits are having a good laugh as well.

    209. Chelsea Says:

      ok, this is stupid. there r so many flaws in the movie that make it so un-realistic!

    210. No Name Says:

      LOL — Loved that Erin Marie Hogan, aka Samantha Finley, posted on her YouTube channel ( ) a video of her renting her own movie! LOL

      Now who were the other actors?

    211. TheOnlyOneWithABrain Says:

      Pretty much all of you are idiots. Dawn, you’re in CSI and you’ve been haunted before? Take your meds. You meant to say you’ve seen CSI, you dolt. the bible doesn’t seem to mention any kind of paranormal beings other than Jesus after he rose from the dead. Ghosts are simply the human paranoia and nothing more. As far as the company and paranormal actvity, I’d say it’s an even better remake. It’s scarier, the acting is better, and the effects are way more thought out. As far as it being real footage…hell no. It’s actors and you can find the names on wikipedia or imb.

    212. redgoth Says:

      well.. I think it’s real.. I’m kinda studying almost everything about paranormal things, even mythologies.. all can be linked to the other guys.. maybe Sam is some negative chick who’d been so depressed and that energy could summon a major entity who feeds on it.. just think about it.. especially when they started believing that there really is something in their house.. For me I think that is where it really started everything..

    213. Lie Detector Says:

      I really liked the movie!

      As for the poster Lt. Patterson, my dad has been with the F.B.I. for over 32 years. I asked him to evaluate leut patterson’s statement posted earlier. A few days later he told me he scoured the records looking for an employee with the last name “Patterson” and that has been employed by the agency for 23-25 years. He came up with no such match. I think that poster is a big fat LIAR!

      Still enjoyed the movie…

    214. Sammy. Says:

      This is honestly real, in every way possible.
      Ok, how do we know this isnt real? It looks pretty real to me.
      The foot steps, the knocking, the bathtub, the being posses and going to the addict, the blanket being taken off.

      If you didnt notice everything looked pretty real. He had a bad quality camera. Theres no way they he could have faked any of it.

      She looks upset and looks like she wants it to end. I have had alot of experience with ghost. Ever since i was a little girl i have been haunted by ghost, and everything else. Basically what that girl has been through, i been through as well. But not as bad.

      The end.

      I loved the movie, and i felt so bad for the poor family.
      But didnt you notice, when the blood was all over her chest, then the blood was taken off of her chest? its a little funny to me, but i liked it. A MILLION OF STARS. ;D HA.


    215. Sammy. Says:

      & mostly your saying its fake, because your scared of it, and you dont want the truth to be said; ghost and spirits are around us. :|

    216. Mary Says:

      Ok you claim This :”WARNING: This DVD contains disturbing and graphic crime scene footage.” WHERE IS IT??? I watched the movie and it was OK. Had to fast forward through majority of the talking and mumbo jumbo.. Do I beleive this stuff could actually happen yes. BUT DO I beleive this is real footage of that family NO! None of the people in the film have the last name finley. they were actors portraying the family. yes and what about the blood, One minute she is covered in blood, next it is gone and one small cut to her chest. If you are going to claim actual footage then put it in, Otherwise don’t try to portray something it is not.

    217. AsylumHater Says:

      Good thing I didn’t pay money to see this “mockbuster”… I absolutely hated Paranormal Activity (no, I did not pay to see that crappy movie either) and I have absolutely no expectations of Paranormal Entity whatsoever (watching it right now as a matter of fact). If the family really wanted to prove his innocence they wouldn’t have contacted you or trying to capitalize on their family’s death. That’s not proof. That’s greed. The last thing anyone would do in that position when trying to prove someones innocence is contacting a small independent movie company so they can make a movie that they know no one would take seriously, ESPECIALLY after Blair Witch Project and DEFINITELY NOT after Paranormal Activity. False marketing, hell yeah! Someone should really sue your asses just to see if you really had ANY proof of this being based on the real deal. I don’t mind you making these movies. It’s the fact that you market a movie as true when it’s obviously not (and not being able to back it up with facts) and use that as some sort of an excuse to try to capitalize on the success of other similar movies out there that really pisses me off! Please, just die.

    218. LMFAO Says:

      xD xD if you guys would watch til the very end it shows that all of this movie was based on ficticious screen play xD xD you all jump to conclusions waaaaay too fast
      Next time watch the whole movie -___-

    219. vibrance_tactics Says:

      THIS MOVIE IS SO LOW BUDGET!!! the dry wall’s not even patched together, there’s lines running right through the middle.. GAYYYYYY. But i did like paranormal activity. that movie was pretty damn scary and good S.E. too!

    220. Erin Says:

      Well I for one think most of Asylum’s movies are better than the originals. This movie kicked Paranormal Activity’s cheesy ass.

    221. jason Says:

      hello ppl i just watch the movie and yes it got me but i said let me c if it real b/c i knew paranormal activity’s was fake so i went look in to it and i went to everyone link and look up his name seen what ppl thought and look at from the outside and there no brother and siser samatha finly and every time i look for the brother and siser it bring me to asylum’s so i said there something there about it and it came to me it was free and it show u it was at death.publicrecords and i look up samatha fily u know how many samatha there omg to many but i loook and trust me she not real like her bro so nice try ppl saying its real and asylum’s just be trueful and say it fake b/c ppl r fig it out that all am sying thanks

    222. Stitch Says:

      So I just watched it, and while I thought it was really good, I hate how they claim it’s “actual footage” and put that fake ass warning on the DVD case. It’s like, come on. Go on and search “Paranormal Entity” and you can find the actor’s names from the movie. The footage is by no means real. Don’t claim it’s real. Just let people watch it for what it is.

    223. momiiee Says:

      I lovee thiss movie. and i strongly believe itt is real. ive been researchin this for hours now. on many diff sites. and im suree that itss 100% RREEAALL ! i almost cried for samantha. and i hate they had to go through that shitt.

    224. Zach Says:

      I liked it. Is it a true story though?? And everyone of those lil pricks that are bitching about this movie needs to get laid. They have too much time on thier hands. I hope the person who said that they hope you get AIDs get ass raped and gets aids and herpes and shit. Thats fucked up. Don’t worry. They just need some dick cuz they are all prolly gay. Peace…

    225. jason Says:

      hello every one again i was reading some of the stuff on here and it all very nice yes it does happen i been there my self and i think the movie is a fake now if u think about it everyone that thought the movie was real u was wrong now everyone thought the movie was fake u r right b/c if u go to erin home page it show her a live and u cann talk to her and say hi and so i said let put this to bed u know so i wet to send her a mes tell her about the fight and shit and it come up that she only take mess from friends now so what that tell u hmmmmmm the movie fake 1st to many ppl asking her the same shit here and trying to fig out 2sec i fucking FAKE PPL now get the fuck over and move on

      ps the ppl that said they new the girl omg get the fuck over ur self and go to a doc u need it later

    226. Dan Michigan Says:

      A few things to look at as far as good film making. for starters the scene where the foot prints are on the ceiling and he gos down stairs to see whats what. if you look at the side of the table you will see a roller paint can with too handles in it and if you pause it you can see the little rubber feet on the bottoms of two wooden handles. note when making movie dont leave the prop tools out. Second when mom is walking in her sleep the first ime and writes on the table she dosent write an n on the table she just comes off the table a bit maybee for the o but not the n. on the mom note what mom would let her son stay in the house by himself. I am 28 and my mom would have druged me and draged me out of there I meen come on realy

    227. jason Says:


    228. Chris Says:

      i had noooo clue about all this. if i would of knew about this knock of shit i would of never bought this movie. i actually thought i was buying a legit thing here ya know? but damn. im with HateYou. hill side cannibles? FOR REAL????

    229. Alaina Says:

      ok so i saw this movie on netflix and decided to rent it since my boyfriend & i enjoy watching paranormal investigations. i gotta say right off the bat….this movie was terrible! it was very similar to “paranormal activity” that came out last year in theaters… i knew this movie was fake as soon as they flashed the paragraph in the beginning stating how the brother killed his sister & was arrested…all that shit. the people acting in this piece of shit were horrible. the girl who played the sister…really? you’re probably the WORST aspiring actress i’ve ever seen. i think maybe you should spend more time in acting classes before trying to be an amateur. her little monologue about how this thing touches her chest at night was extremely and painfully pathetic and very embarrassing. she didnt even try it seemed like. plus, i cant stand bitches with an attitude for no reason, and she was one of them in this piece of shit movie. oh and her cheap shots of her distorted, mangled, mis-shapened breasts was very lame. flashing your tits twice in a movie wont land you that promising role in the next slasher movie, sweetheart.
      and the woman who played the mother…that was pathetic too. the misplaced anger taken out on the son stalking her & the sister with the camera, all because the father was killed in an automobile accident…wtf?
      the sisters room…it looked like a guest bedroom, no character at all inferring a 19 year old girl lived in there. and how come you never got to see the brothers room? and it seemed like he never sleeped, he just had the camera rolling looking at the vent above his door, waiting to hear his dumbass sister scream for him.
      and something else that confused me…the people footprints on the ceiling. i thought they mentioned something about devil possession earlier in the movie…and i always thought the devil had goat hooves or something…
      this whole movie was a waste of time money and equipment.

      i think the people that were involved with this film need to never touch another video camera again and attempt to make a sleazy horrible piece of shit ever again. please do us all a favor and off yourselves. this movie was horrible and just all around fake. for the people who actually believe this was real, get a life.

    230. Lukee Says:

      of course its fake, it only says about he hung himself and its real footage to scare you more, thats all, the chick that plays samantha is called erin, go to imdb and look it up. its good tho

    231. jay Says:

      really ya think this is fake this happen to alot of people

    232. frigolitits Says:

      Please….Just google the actors.

      This is not acctual footage, its just a pretty good horror movie. About the story itself, I dont know if its real or not, but thes video itself is fake.

    233. Annie Says:

      Ok so really, this movie was totally better than Paranormal activity. The seens were more gory and the opening to the ending where they show Dr. Lauren dead was brilliant. It really gave my friends and I a scare. I don’t really care if this is real or not, but it was a good film. And people who post rude comments saying it was a bad movie are non-believers who watch the movie for shits and giggles. So when they comment on here that its not real, they are only trying to prove to themselves that it could never happen to them. But in truth it could happen to any one of us who decides we want to contact the dead. No matter who it might be, we have no sure way of knowing exactly who we are contacting out there. These movies….real or fake are to warn us. Be careful what we do, because there are things..entities…parished beings who are watching us. Waiting for us to give them the chance to slip back into our world.

    234. JABSKI Says:

      Well first off, Id like to say this was a really good horror film(not as good as paranormal activity)….but unfortunetly not real. This could be proved by erin hogans website, nothing on google was found on samantha finleys murder….and BEST OF ALL…..56:00 into the film…when he is alone at home the phone rings….when he picks up his IPHONE ( not house phone LOL ) the screens not even on….and how does an IPHONE make a bleep sound when you turn it on when its not on in the first place?? THIS MOVIE IS GOOD BUT NOT REAL.

    235. Chris Says:

      This was an alright movie, i enjoyed it, but to think so many people think the movie ITSELF is real, well never underestimate the power of stupid people on large groups. If you believe in the paranormal well thats fine, but to all of you kids who keep saying this is real, check the actress’s website and please…please READ and pay attention to what the movie tells you. Its easy, if you know how to read, it says this movie is not real at the start….not real…anyone? Well i have really enjoyed putting my little comment in with all the rest, and to know that so many people are so blindly convinced that this movie is real, well it brings a smile to my face, sure im a bit perverted but hay at least i admit it, nothing really makes me more happy then to see stupid people trying to convince others to be stupid like them, and then fail…

      I wonder why the only time you hear of something like this happening to someone is when they type it on the internet… lol thanks for the laughs guys.

    236. cindi Says:

      spoiler alert- sam is played by actress erin marie hogan, son is shane van dyke and mom is fia pevera. Have to admit they had me wonderin-good job guys!

    237. Ken Dog Says:

      Come on people! This movie is NOT real! It was however done better than paranormal activity!

      I will prove it ain’t real! The very last “rape” scene, she has blood all over her body….. then in the very next shot…. one little cut!


      Not to mention the fact that the three main characters are all actors!


    238. sidney Says:

      i think that this is real because i know from first hand that ghosts are real and Duh all the characters are actors this is a reinactment of what happened

    239. Briana Oseguera Says:

      You know for me to think this was all just a fake, i was completley WRONG! If you go on Google and you look up the Finley Family, all you would find is a bunch a 1883 old raggiddy people. Thats just extra crap i dont even need to know! But i’ve done enough research to prove my theories correct…. I realized that since im only 12 years old i did research that wasn’t even needed. Honestly, a 12 year old can only have so much on her mind at one time. But i also realized that, the only reason why people are having a debate whether or not this movie was real or fake, its only because the fake creators and the real Samantha, Thomas, and the real Finley Family was because the real video taped was so explicit. The cretors are so STUPID to not even show the real tape. They honestly thought the real tape was so bad it was to horrible to show in a movie! I mean c’mon i ve seen movies that are so bad theres a sexual content scene every 30 seconds, and theres a bloody and people getting blown up and torn apart to where you can see their insides fly out. Let me tell you something, Im going to give the creators of SAW a thumbs up. And the creators of Paranormal Entity, are scared of that. So all this was COMPLETLEY REAL but it was a reinactmant of the real one. I swear they should’ve shown the real one, they didnt need to waste my time.

    240. Mikilos Says:

      In the movie when the mother was leaving a message for the Dr she started to say Dr Finley and then corrected herself and said Dr Lauren. Who the hell calls people by there own last name obviously actor fuck up

    241. Mikilos Says:

      I also did some research and the story is not real. The movie is based on a book that was written in 1978 by Frank Defelitta that was also made into another movie called the entity in 1983

    242. Sweden Says:

      Chris. You are suffering from sleep paralysis. Almost all poeple in the world gets it once or twice in a lifetime. I´ve had i it sometimes to. Google it, and you will found out that it is nothing dangerous, just really scary.

    243. SarahJae Says:

      so . . the movie was alright; better than Paranormal Activity.
      . . It had a lot of relevance to Activity though.
      On my personal opinion on Paranormal beings, I believe they exist, I just don’t think you can really get it into a good and fully believeable movie, let alone, an at home film.
      I’m sure we’ve all encountered something strange like that. Not to the extent of like how the movie shows it, but something as simple as the radio turning on when no one in by it or touching it… that counts.
      As for the movie being a fake or truth, in the end, it even TELLS us that it is Fictional. For those who doesn’t understand what that meant, IT IS NOT A TRUE STORY. maybe based on a true story, but the movie itself is not.
      haa… and the people that claim they knew the Finley family, you could be mistaking them for someone they’re not and just connecting COMMON names.
      But, anyways. It was a fairly decent movie.

    244. Jenn Says:

      ok sooo i do beleive in the paranormal shit that goes on however i do not beleive this movie..i also beleive that there probably was a chick named sam and a dude named thomas that went through this maybe and maybe it is somewhat based on a true story however to the person who said they went in and said there was no casting you are wrong i went on that site and though they dont posy it under the plot like they do on all the other pages…..they still post it on the right hand side of the page and the casting is drum roll please…………

      Paranormal Entity
      Directed by Shane van Dyke
      Produced by Shane van Dyke
      Written by Shane van Dyke
      Starring Shane van Dyke
      Erin Marie Hogan
      Fia Perera
      Cinematography Akis Konstantakopoulos
      Editing by Bill Parker
      Distributed by The Asylum
      Release date(s) December 22, 2009
      Running time 90 mins
      Country United States
      Language English

      but like i said i do beleive in entitys and i do beleive in the paranormal and i also beleive that bad spirits can hurt u and rape you however this movie was fake sorry guys…..

    245. Sceptre Says:

      u guys must be fuckin retared…ITS ALLLL FAKE!!!.. paranormal activity, paranormal state, the exorcist , emily rose, all the movies are fake, n besides demons n possesses someone is fake n its not real, n u guys realy believe someone who makes a dependent film will have real stuff in it like killing or seeing someone die?? obv. their gonna call the ops or something instead of staying there jerkin each other off now come one kids u have a brain n now its time to use it

    246. Lunicidal Says:

      does any one pay any attention? at the end of the movie there’s a disclaimer plain as day saying all depictions people, names, events blah blah blah are FICTITIOUS! come on people!

    247. Maggie Says:

      the ACTRESS in this movie is ERIN MARIE HOGAN (google image search her name), as in all of these movies such as paranormal activity and the fourth kind, the casting is usually low key, inexperienced young actors that nobody knows about. While the case may have some reality to it, the footage you see in this movie is indeed FAKE.

    248. levi Says:

      wow i watched it and you can definitely tell that it is true. Also you would be able to prove that it was true. My question would be, is that same dark ghost still in that house and does anyone else live there and gone through the same that that family went through?

    249. Kaailyn. Says:

      Sooo. You people say you found a case about this movie back in 1999, but the movie says it was filmed in october of 2008? How in the hell does that even measure up? This may be BASED on true events, but it is definitely a fake movie. I googled the Maron in germanic folklore, and all the came up was a ton of information about a WOMAN ghost, or an ugly old hag. Come on now.

    250. D&D Studios Researcher based on books & movies Says:

      Is the paranormal entity a true story did Thomas Finley murder his sister and the physic in real life or is it just fiction?

      This movie “Paranormal Entity” was in fact based on a fictitious story. In the year 1978 a book was published by a man named Frank Defelitta…..It was then made into a movie in 1983 named “The Entity” . “Paranormal Entity” is in fact based on this book, that is found in your library section under fiction. I found this after doing some research of my own because of suspicion…….I have watched scenes and trailers of the 1983 movie and it is identical to that of the 2009 movie “Paranormal Entity”. Even the bathroom scenes and the “rape” by and unknown force. Also the name Maron that appeared in Paranormal Entity was the woman in the movie “The Entity’s”, Erin Marie Hogan was hired for both of these movies. So the question to all of this is The Finley murder real events….The answer is NO the movie is fiction,this is a movie made for people to watch and for the movie companies to make money off of you (That’s Hollywood for ya).

    251. Vanessa Says:

      I did like the movie, however the movies its self was fake. That is not to say that things like this do not happen. To those saying you wasted and hour of your life, that is your own stupidity, get over your selves. If you thought it was that bad, why continue to watch it? I know that if I find a movie THAT horrible, I shut it off. Why would I want to watch something that I thought was a crappy movie? This is another “Blair Witch Project”. The movie did not portray any real life event. Yeah, they did not have any credits at the end, but neither did the Blair Witch Project, and we all know that was FAKE!!!. To those stating that you would not be able to find the names online because they would have been changed for family digression; that is a little dumb. They clearly state that the family are the ones that “brought forth the footage”. So then why would they need to change names for family digression? And why change the names if they are trying to “clear someone’s name for murder”? And you still would have heard something about a incident like this happening on the news, which to my knowledge, I never have!!!

    252. John Doss Says:

      Ok so like I just spent a little over 9 hours researching the film and trying to figure out if this was really true or fake myself without the critics of this blog. I’m in the Army National Guard, Military Police, just got out of Iraq and I’ve had loads of training on researching and no I’m not talking about Google for the publics. Not to criticize, I do apologize if it was offensive, however after 9 hours of researching I found this movie to be real…ly fake. Hell of a good movie, no doubt, but I found through all 50 states nothing of a Thomas Finley murder and/or rape case that was relevant to this film. Needless to say I just posted alot of unnecessary information about myself, I just wanted everyone to know that I know how to do mad research and can be counted on. :P

    253. Maybe believer Says:

      It seems real. but i don’t really know. I’ve seen this like five times now but the more i watch it the more i see flaws. Like, why did Thomas always have the camera at all the right times? And at the end, why was the camera automatically at the ghost investigator’s face when he died?

    254. Josh Pearson Says:

      Samantha Finley is played by an actor called Erin Marie Hogan =] i think that proves that this film is fake =] x

    255. Nines Says:

      So many of you are skeptics. Obviously anything like this has never happened to you. I pray it doesn’t.

    256. Get real Says:

      I didn’t have time to read every post above… However, I get this from what I did read. The court doc posted??? lol as said before, not even the same Thomas Finley. One fact I did see posted is this move was every POORLY made. However, to spite the poorness in production Erin Marie Hogan (Samantha Finley) that Played Tracy in Hit and Run in 2007, and Fia Perera (Ellen Finley), the detention officer from Crossing Over in 2009 did a pretty good job of playing the parts.
      Oh and by the way, Shane Van Dyke (Thomas Finley) played Alex Smith in 16 episodes of Diagnosis Murder between 1997 and 2001 and Dr. Lauren is Norman Saleet was on episode #1 of Pacific Blue (as a stock broker) in the 1996 season and episode #1 of The Yong and the Restless (as a Dive Bar Patron) in the 2010 season.

      It took me all of 20 minutes to get this information… Some people are just so gullible.

      One more fact… While I believe in the paranormal as of todays date NOBODY has been able to catch entities in the act on film. Even friends of mine the do this for a living (Ghost Hunters) have only been able to get a EMF reading, heat signature, or maybe a sound recording, but no disreputable evidence or evidence of a violent act.

    257. Get real Says:

      Oh and Vanessa… The Blair Witch Project… The original Blair Witch Project was a REAL documentary by three film students (Heather Donahue, Michael C. Williams and Joshua Leonard) in 1994. However, the movie (The Blair Witch Project, 1999) and the book written based on their documentary (Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 in Oct 2000) were NOT real.

      I know this documentary from 1994 was real because I was camping at Gathland State park in Burkittsville, Maryland in 1994 and I was asked for an interview which I declined because I knew nothing about the area. I also do not know if it is fact that these three student really disappeared.

    258. Bret Damron Says:

      You people know nothing of the finley Family.
      Those events really happened.
      Me and my friends went in their house at night and we heard noises So dont say that it’s fake Because you have no Idea.
      The events that happened to them still remain in that house if you want the address so you can find out for yourself Email me at:

      If you go in there i Warn you dont turn off the lights… Because it will Happen i dont want to say more. So if you dont believe email me go to the house and find out.

    259. Anjel Says:

      Are you kidding Dick Van Dykes grandson played Thom Finley I mean come on seriously? actual footage eh? LMFAO Did anyone else notice that it DIDNT SHOW THOM??? and why is it at the end of the movie when sis was being brutally murdered (crappilly done) by the producers, she was all bloody until the so called incubus picked the camera back up why wasnt she still covered in blood??? FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKE and might i add quite lame, yo dont quit your day jobs.

    260. Anjel Says:

      As far as the blair witch thing goes come on ppl, Heather was in a steak n shake commercial!!!! actual footage indeed. lmao

    261. makyia hill Says:

      i thought that the story was true ! i like the part where the ghost was walking on the wall was really creepy ! and did they say that the ghost was her dead father ??

    262. Jacob Says:

      The chick from Blaire Witch Project is in the “dirt mall” scene from Mallrats (Jason Lee’s character tells her the comics should be in plastic).

      There are some issues I have with this film (Paranormal Entity). First, when the mom sleep walks the first time you can see someone’s shadow in the lower left corner of the screen. Then there is the iPhone screw up. And of course we can’t forget all that vanishing blood at the end. My question is this: who moved the footage into the attic and why? Also, why wouldn’t the brother have used it in his defense? I get that it was found after he supposedly killed himself but he knew it existed and so would have the mom.

      I found their lack of social lives interesting. The film covers almost a whole month and not one mention of a friend or cousin or anything? Either a scripting hole OR ghosts prefer to hassle small, sad families with one smoking hot daughter and are all shut-ins.

      Anyone with access to police records should probably be looking into double homicides from 2008 involving a brother killing his sister, and not by the name of Finley. IF it is based on a real case the family that turned over the tapes could have a different last name and they (the studio) could have changed the family name for the sake of privacy or what have you. I’m willing to believe that this could be a re-enactment of some real footage (although maybe spiced up perhaps).

      To the commenter that said “there is no way any of that could be faked” I seriously hope you are kidding. If not, I weep for you and your limited grasp on reality.

      Real or not, I enjoyed this film. I wasn’t constantly on the edge of my seat, but I think it was well executed. Like when Thomas wakes up and his mom is next to his bed. That freaked me out, I won’t lie. Mostly just because I was expecting him to open the door and find his mom in the hall. I especially like at the end when the Dr. is like “I really need your full attention” and he is basically talking to the audience indirectly. I didn’t like how they skipped over what happend between that last conversation and the doctor dying. Like what the heck killed the doctor, when did it grab the sister and where the hell was Thomas during all of it? It’s like Thomas went out for a smoke break and came back in to find all hell broke loose. Then he gets a morbid shot of his naked dead sister? Like I said, over all I liked it, but I think they could have nailed that ending a LOT better than what they did.

    263. sweetthing Says:

      I have personal be in a situation like this I have been choked by a entity it can happen and those that don’t believe well you haven’t had a house full of people watch as dishes fly out in front of them and land on the floor and not break like I have. This shit is real and scary so those that mock it you are luck to not know the fear you live with when something attacks you and you can even see it or explain what it is. God bless the Finley family may you rest in peace.

    264. gary devers Says:

      ok just so you all know look at the scene with the girl getting the covers taken of her if you look in the bottom right hand corner you will see a hand grabbing the string. so if its a ghost it doesnt know how to pull string properly! :) and the actress is erin marie hogan! :)

    265. Klinken Says:

      Holy shit people, just look up the movie on IMBD. The sister has acted in other movies…

    266. tray Says:

      this movie might be half and half there are evil entitys in the spirit world and they feed off our energy some people get followed around and have there enegy
      drained all the time negative forces can manafest when we look deep into it and dont leave it alone you can create a negative or evil entity for example – when a couple is arguing all the time we throw out negative energy until it manifests
      into a evil entert and just couse trouble and your house would be filled with
      negativity.. we are all energy we live on when we die in a form of conssiuose
      energy this is fact only a weak person can be manipulated by negative forces this is why we should throw out posative energy love strait from our hearts, mind and soul. an evil person can love hate bcos there so used to evil energy
      its just as atractive as love if yuo have ever lost your temper and beet on some one then you would know how good it feels untill the love kicks in and you either fill gilt or dont whatever love is the way and if you feel negative energys about dont be afraid bcos your just feeding it more negative enegy. there is alot this world or the poeple of this world keep alot of secrets to live in peace like the poeple with real power these are my last words i say 50 50 bcos something like this movie is posible get educated and learn from your own heart and live in PEACE………

    267. carkorot Says:

      did the demonologist die?

    268. Regine Says:

      lol you guys.. This is NOT REAL.. Samantha Finley is Erin Marie Hogan. Check out her name on google… She’s amazing actress. Her username on twitter is @erinmarieomg … haha.. i love her so much… Check it out! and again THIS IS NOT REAL. ITS JUST A MOVIE!

    269. Lisa Says:

      Both me and my partner watched this movie, we have been paranormal investigators and safe to say we are no longer. Yes they used actors it would be disrepectful to show true real life footage and has any one ever thought that the family would not allow true footage to be shown?? It was made purley to show the extent of unknown forces and their damage and try to warn gulible people of the dangers. We know we have done it!! .This happens believe it or not! the film yes fabricated but its entertainment but i do truely believe the story the names would have been changed and use the footage to clear his name come one, two people murdered police want a conviction.
      The things you witnessed in that movie have happened in our home and ended with a visit from two priests who needed to clear it. Read Daron’s website this explains our view of the paranormal and please even if you are not religious like me read the catholic christian explaination of what happens when we die and decide for yourself the only thing that is out there is demonic and seek and it will find you!!!

    270. Brittany Says:

      The footage was released after the fact that Thomas Finley took his life. Of course its going to be a movie with actors and actresess because the police cannot show any evidence that is collected unless it is used in court. Police search the house and only found him alive. So that makes him look like that he did it but, after he was put into prison those videos were found in the attic of the Finley home.

    271. Amy Says:

      I Think This Movie Is Way Better Then Paranormal Activity.
      Its Just There Both Basicly The Same With Paranormal Act. They Said That Was Based On A True Story When L8r Found Out On The Net That It Was All Crock Of Shit… And Why Was The Tapes Found Yr L8r When Some1 Dies Dont The Police Look Threw The Hole House Top To Bottom???? Its Just A Bit Hard To Believe.
      But I Got To Admit It Was A Pretty Sick Movie :p

    272. Devin Says:

      The Movie was cool.. Not the best but Interesting.. LOL, For real tho If my sister was that sexy I would want to Get her in all the Pantie shots as I can too..
      Good Choice!! She was HOT!!

    273. A_believer-2010 Says:

      I would like to say to certain people that if you do not believe in this movie then let it be. y do you slander and put down on what could be a real doc.. To the person that said “the brothers face was never shown in the filming” watch it again and it will show you a part where he is putting the bell on to the living room, there it shows his face. Hmm proved you wrong. Kei666, this is for you, if you lived in a house like that and it was not harming you would you put a camera in your room or try to document on your sister and mother and what has happened with you?? please answer me if you please. Because i know i would not have a cam in my room but i would have the camera that i was walking around with on me when i am sleeping. All in all people if it is a movie then i must say it has scared me, but i say it is real, good or bad spirits roams the earth and it is all around us no matter where we go or live, it is just that people practice it and i don’t. I do believe that it can happen for i have spoken with my grandmother after she had passed on Dec.22 2000. I was 28 yrs old by then. So yes spirits or Entities are real.

    274. Thomas Says:

      Ok guys, I am here to clear it up… ghosts may be real but this movie is not I know the name of the actor that played samantha… don’t know her personally but id like to :) This movie is well done and keeps you wanting more but… It is a movie. Do you really think that the police would let crime scene footage become a movie? hmmmm… And if so, why isn’t all areas of the movie viewed? hmmm… Its seems a whole lot more exiting when they pretend everything is real… Heck even I believed it but with some small amount of research I found the actor renting her own movie who has supposidly been raped and murdured. If you want to have a go at me then thats fine. I believe their are ghosts. But I believe it logically. I could go on and on about ghosts but they cannot do what this movie shows. Ghosts are made of energy and it takes a hell of a lot to move a single page of a book. Understand this as entertainment and don’t believe everything and real. Do you believe magic roundabout is real because you saw it? This movie is awesome and the acting was believeable, this is way better than paranormal activity which is also a movie. Don’t wast your lives on a piece of entertainment

    275. joe wz Says:

      So due to the fact that on netflix it says the directors are shane van dyke and actors are him along with erin marie hogan and fia perera and since everything was perfectly well timed this film is a reanaction maybe of what happened. Not saying the finley murder didn’t happen but if you’ve ever gone ghost hunting before you know you hear things and they aren’t in the vicinity of where your camera is pointinmost of the time. Also if there was a spirt in the house especially a negative, wouldn’t it drain the batteries of the cameras set up? GH plugs theirs into outlets when they have them sitting around watching a room.

    276. TO A_believer-2010 Says:



      come all folks… better than that paranorml activity flick but of course it just a film… keep up the descent work asylum

    277. trish Says:

      you people apparently didn’t bother to read these posts or you would have found the one in which there is a link to a youube video in which this chic erin herself goes into blockbuster and rents the movie. also as also priorly stated many times in these posts…it clearly states that it is fiction. you know what is REALY scary? that many of you fkn morons are old enough and are allowed to vote. no wonder we got a damned idiot running this country now! thanks a lot assholes!

    278. Jason Lee Says:

      heres a hint to finish off all hints its not real.
      1. the tv comes on then off
      2.the lights flicker
      so if the thing could do that dont you think it would mess the cams up that was recording?
      and also why didnt thom hear the loud bangs before his mother cut her self this film was good but had alot of holes in it.

    279. Eleonora Says:

      I mean how come the actors of the footage are still alive then…Samantha that you guys have dates, been to school with, and bla bla bla…is alive and being a actress…but OBVIOUSLY she never died! And the mom, the paranormal investigator, Thomas Finley…they are all doing well and acting because they are ACTORS!…I thought the movie was very well done, nothing usually scares me and this one did a bit because it seemed real…but it’s obviously not real…this is the cast They are all doing good and most importantly…ALIVE!

    280. Dustin Says:

      Damn Samantha had some huge tits when she was getting raped. hey tits were small the rest of the movie but during the last couple scenes when she was gettin rapped her tits were huge. what a waste. thats why, if we do have demons out there, we need to destroy those demons and preserve genes with good tits. but those tits definately belong to another person than Samantha. i noticed someone said they actually knew the finley family. did samantha actually have tits that big or was that a lie in the movie?

    281. Jahm Says:

      I think the best part about this movie has been reading this blog. I doubt many of you started at the top and read all the way down, but we have people posting court records for Thomas Finley, who incidently raped a woman not related to him and then tried to hire someone to kill her; we have 100′s of people talking about the end credits; several links to Erin Marie Hogan (that would be big-titted Samantha Dustin), and yet the debate still goes on a year later. Me thinks strange forces are at play– marketing forces that is. I for one am Grateful because this blog has been was more entertaining than the movie.

    282. Jahm Says:

      Oh but I will say that I thought Erin’s acting was fantastic, and yes, Dustin, she does in deed have a nice rack.

    283. Lizzy Says:

      OMG come on people this is REAL and to think bout a entity doin anything like that to humans scaries the hell out of me.I feel sorry for the Finleys and it’s Horrible what happened to them. and as for Thomas i feel so sorry for him becaue they arrested him for nothing if u watch the video’s i can see that he care’s for his mom and for his sister and tries to protect them. so why would he rap and kill his sister it’s not right.

    284. curtis Says:

      If it’s so real, why does it say that the characters and events are fictious at the end of the movie?

    285. moviegirl1031 Says:

      haha, ok, by now everyone knows this is not “real”. I watched it on CHiller last night and I have to say , well done! It is scarier than paranormal activity, but obvious that it’s just a movie. Thom Finley was payed by the writer and director of the moive. I always lauh when I read posts by people who really believe. I do believe things such as this can happen, but this was just a movie. Also, like the posters who claim to have “known” the fmaily. haha. all in all worth a watch and I di tell others about it.

    286. Gypsay Says:


      HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHA OMG!?!??!?!? Really people????????

      That would be the entire cast…. lookin’ mighty alive to me lolololololol

      Did she get killed before? or after the release party?

      Or at the Playhouse west film festival?

      Oh and big brother (who we never see your face) “aka” Shane THOMAS Van Dyke “aka” THE DIRECTER/WRITER/PRODUCER of this movie lolloloolol maybe its because you were born in 1979!!! lol big brother who’s pushin’ 32….how old does that make mom? hahahah

      ….. come on kiddos, read a book? I didn’t need my doctorate to figure out this wasn’t real and I watched a bootleg version with no opening or credits….


      hit me up


      this rocked the hell out of paranormal activity….. =)

    287. Gypsay Says:

      And if youre still retarded….

    288. Karissa Says:

      Hahah its fully a hoax..I actually had to turn this movie off like halfway through last night because it scared me shitless…plus there was a bang in the kitchen and i didnt know wtf it was lol. But I just had a look online and apparently it is a hoax. That sucks so bad now i feel like a pussy :( shot oi get some real proper footage crap bags!

    289. Mel Says:

      Me and my husband spent most of the movie making demonic sounds and giggling like teenie boppers at the “scary noises”. It had a few kinda so so moments but the footprints on the wall and the little bells just were..*rolls eyes* It’s a time killer. If you are bored…pop it in. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

      btw: the movie would have lacked so much intensity if the predictable boob shot wasn’t fit in somewhere. way to go. *yawn*

    290. sixth sense Says:

      there is some very (not so bright) people that leave comments here. the movie is 100% fake, but such events can occur. i liked this movie it had me wanting to see what happens next, some scenes were predictable like the one where the cross falls off the wall, i was like i bet the cross is gonna fall off, and it did. but good movie.

    291. pete c Says:

      just watched the film….i though it was better than paranormal activity 1 but i am looking forward to seeing the 2nd paranormal activity (i mean can it get any worse?) though the girl was damn hot….but it is only a film not real and yes i went drinking with sam too haha

    292. k-dogg Says:

      When the blanket peels off the bed where the daughter is sleeping, on the left hand side at the rear of the bed a hand is seen assisting the removal of the blanket.. only for a second but it is definately a hand and fingers.

    293. DM Says:

      To everyone saying this is real. Then I say prove it… Invite me over to witness the “entity” I can guarantee this is a load of shit.

    294. marissa Says:

      duhhh!!! this movie isn’t real and duhhhh we all know they were actors !!! thats why it tells you by her damn picture at the top of the page if yall could read RETARDS!!! omg really wow based on true events got the actual tape by family member but this movie was a re-make of it, and right after “sam” hits the floor he dies and hits the floor , the ghost picked up the cam and shows the girl dead. hes a ghost he can make the blood go away… haha

    295. KS Says:

      This is not real. if you look up Samantha Finleys obituary it brings you to a site where someone interviewed the girl who played samantha.
      she said in the interview that it’s not real, but most of it was improved.
      the only person who knew what was going to happen was thomas (shane)
      the mother and samantha just went along with everything that was happening.

    296. bp420 Says:

      yeah no doubt this was made for an easy dollar. that i believe. i will however never forget living in an old home (built 1892 solid brick) when i was 6 to 11 years of age. the first 4 years i remember only being an only child in a quite lonely town yeah it was boring but for the most part i was happy, simple. i don’t remember the exact date but one day i was reading a book quietly in my room when it started pacing back and forth endlessly in the middle of my room. well not completely endless anytime my 11 year old ass got my mom or anyone who had the sense of hear around my room to hear the pacing it was gone & every time i ended up frustrated yet relived it was gone at least until it started up again. i remember having to sleep with a loud fan on at night just so i could sleep and not hear it pacing constantly in fact i cant sleep without a fan to this day and i’m almost 31 now but its not for the same reasons now i’m just too used to it. its soothing for me. but i still remember as well not long after it started the nightmares came & i kept waking my mother up every other night not being able to sleep in my room kinda norm for a kid right? it was the pacing that was hard to get her to believe she never hear it only i did so it took around 4 months of this before she put me in what i felt was a kiddie looney tunes place for a month. worst month of my life btw but did i tell any of the shrinks i heard pacing at the foot of my bed? no i did not want to spend the rest of my life in there i was smarter then that thank god. but i don’t mind sharing that experience here & anyone who would ridicule me for this thread can bite me cuz there my memories i lived them and do not care what other people think of my past experience today. after i got out of the kiddie looney tunes place my mother had the old house packed up, sold, and moved into a newer home so i never had to go back inside that old house again and nothing more ever came of it to this day. from that experience this movie freaked me out just a little bit but its ok i’m a big boy & i take care of myself, i have lost many close to me my father, both of his brothers, all but one of my grandparents and my mothers brother as well at age 17 who was like the father i never had but i never went asking for any of them to come talk to me i accepted life and death for for as real as it all is and moved on with life so i’m not about to ask for something i do not need. it is a fact in our history that many people in past and present times have a strong belief of god and even demon’s i know iv’e lived a few moments i cant explain but this film was even too much for me & if god is really out there why why why would he let something so evil do so much damage to one of his so called beloved creations? i mean why have faith in gods love if shit like that could happen to anyone for no apparent reason whatsoever.

    297. james Says:

      hi just want to say i been down were this all took place and yes its real im a layer from canada that found true photos off the crime
      and ill tell u what i seen from police files is that it was a very bloody body they found but yes why was she cleaned in the video.
      but the movie was left out of some off its real parts likr the part were in real life they were doing a ritual to move the enity from the house wen they were down stairs and they sent her up to get something off hers for the ritual and thats wen they were attacked stuff like that was left out if u need real photos off crime i can give it as i do have real photos

    298. Bite.Me Says:

      Okay a few things.
      -cell phones may not have home answering machines but they can be synced up with your home phone so that when your cell rings your home phone rings and reversed. I know my father did it when I started skipping school so he would always know and call me out on it.
      -as for the black iphone… really?? THEY HAVE COVERS FOR PRETTY MUCH ANY AND EVERY PHONE!!!
      -yes they were actors in this film so the footage itself in not real but it is based on true events, guess what names usually are changed for movies, this could be a remake of the real home movies if any such were found, if not then they were going purely on what the court cases stated
      -shit like this does happen. i know because i myself live with things like this happening to me every damn day of my life. bruises and cuts appearing on me when i sleep. wake up to the feel of someone pressing on me hard to keep me down or choking me, stuff flying off shelves across the room or hitting me, being drowned in my bathtub only to be let up right before blacking out or blacking out and coming to surrounded by EMTs or being held in my mothers arm her begging me to wake up. you trying living with this and see how you feel. those of you out there who are also living with this and refusing to give up, i honor you and hope you yourselves will get through this as i myself am praying and fighting to do.
      -people saying they knew the Finleys. maybe you did, do you know how many familys have that last name? how many samantha finleys are in the world. dont say they dont know them because they might, just not the one in the movie.
      -the people talking about the bells and the people saying ‘paranormal activity’ was better i would like to point out something to you. mika(or whatever his name is) in activity poured power on the floor to track the footsteps of the demon. thomas in entity hung bells to know where the demon was. these are pretty much the same but you have to realize because you are the ones saying there was no point for the bells cause the demon walked on the walls and ceiling, and guess what your right. but thats because its a demon it can do whatever the fuck it wants to. demons like to weaken their victims before finishing them, so doing something like making footprints in powder or ringing a bell and ripping one off is all done to mess with the living, to scared and weaken them. a demon doesnt have to make any noise if it does not wish to but they do to scare us and weaken us. why do you think the reported accounts of demon attacks are against children and women. children dont know any better and dont quite know how to fight these things and women are put to be weaker than men(total bullshit but its how we are projected)

      and finally…

      -we all have our own opinions, we always will. we will believe what we want and wont what we dont. there is no point trying to change the minds of others because you cant. yes there is the disclaimer saying this is fiction but that means the footage itself is not real and is done by actors. it does not mean that the events did not occur to someone, or some family somewhere. people have gone to jail for the murders of family members and/or other people they have known when in fact they did nothing to harm these people and in all honesty loved and/or cared about the people they had to watch get killed by someone or something they could not see and could not fight off to protect the others. shit happens and people get blamed for the things they did not do. leave it at that.

      p.s. james- you say you have photos of the crime scene. i would much like to see them. i think most people who saw this movie would very much like to see them, the believers because they know what they know and well simply believe. non believers, well probably so they can look at every tiny little detail and say that the photos are fake. but i myself would like to see them because i would like to see the true findings of this case.

      oh and the people saying ‘paranormal activity’ was better and scarier…. did you actually watch the movies?? i am sorry but this i will not agree with people on, if you truly thought ‘paranormal activity’ is better then you must get scared way too easy and after seeing activity you had your heart set on that one and did not actually allow yourself to watch this movie and let it in. you may have watched it but you did not see it. ‘paranormal activity’ was more staged than this one, it had hardly anything happening in it except talking. omg footprints appeared in the power you dumped on the floor, oh no the door opened by itself, oh god no dont shake the chandelier or move my keys from the counter onto the floor, heaven save me from this trickster demon!! give me a break… at least this one wasn’t filled with so much nothingness. it really only had scenes that actually had something going on. and the people who say things like this are not real, who are you trying to convince, the people reading the comments or yourself?? those who dont believe and truly just scared of what they do not know. you think if you dont believe in it then it cant hurt you. just wait until it does and your mind will be changed for life.
      okay im done… for those who would like to talk about opinions or james with the photos feel free to email me at i would love to share opinions and talk about this stuff. or anyone suffering from demon attacks and would like advice or to just know that they are not alone please email me, i can help in one way or another, i promise.

    299. pope3984 Says:

      Ok so this makes me laugh that anyone could even begin to belive that actual footage of a man murdering his sister would be released for public viewing in the form of a FILM! If anything like this ever did happen and actual footage of a murder was released it would be on a website. Even if the “family” wanted the footage to be seen, they couldnt put it in a film, the footage would have to be re-constructed, this applies to both U.S and European laws. Oh and as for “Samantha Finley” she was played by an actress her name is Erin Marie Hogan search her on google there are plenty of pictures and even her own official website! And finally I would like to say well done to The Asylum you guys clearly wanted the motion picture to appear real and there are many people that seem to belive it is, I must say I did enjoy the film.

    300. pope3984 Says:

      Oh and just to add, Im not saying this hasnt derived from a true crime. just that the footage in the film is clearly fictional/re-constructed and the proof of that lies in the fact I have supplied the leading actresses identity. That said I highly doubt the murders actually took place. Every murder makes the news, and a murder with possible paranormal phenomonon, well that would make world news! There are no real records of the crime that I can find!

    301. the truth seeker Says:

      At the end of the film it states that

      “All events, characters, and firms depicted in this photo play are purely fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.”

      Read more:

    302. TehQuiQui Says:

      This isn’t real. First off, it is illegal to publish, and show any type of video to the publics mainstream media of someone actually being brutally killed. “It has to be reenacted, by some sort of actors, to be published”.
      Second, No one in their right mind, would let someone publish a video of a cherished loved one being brutally assaulted, raped, killed and losing all dignity they had. Especially when none of the family members are asking, nor receiving any type of benefits.

      It is stated on many different sites on the web. It’s another Blair Witch, Paranormal Activity film.

      I like this film a lot. To me, it was way better then Paranormal Activity. It spooked me out much more then any other paranormal film I have seen. Yeah, it had some “blah, could have been better scenes”. But thats in most movies. Great actors. “Who should get much more credit”. Great cat scares.
      Overall: Amazing paranormal film, and in my opinion one of the best to date.
      I give it two thumbs up!

    303. ScreamQueen Says:

      One thing for sure…those actors should get an oscar for their fear/terror screams. I knew it was not actual footage and just a movie but when Sam or Thom screamed it sounded so fkn real and gave me chills! Actually fooled me into to thinking, for a second or two, that maybe they dubbed in the “real” screams of some footage of a murder/rape.

    304. LaylaV17 Says:

      I do believe in paranormal stuff happening. I’ve been choked in own bed just laying there but I also was a huge skeptic about this all. So I did research also. I agree that this is fake. I mean like what was stated without a middle name you could find many Thomas’s. This movie is filmed hence the actors but it does not mean things like that didnt happen. Thomas could have actually killed his sister and was crazy or the “entity” could have done it. But no one knows for sure since the people in the movie were actors.

      I also agree with one of the people up there that reading another site that this is a remake of an old movie which was based off of real life. But if you read into that case there was no knowledge of those people being killed by the entity just that it followed them from house to house and then no one heard from them. They had pictures of light and orbs but nothing resulted in human. Doesnt mean anything.

      Amazing film though! I was terrified.

    305. letsgetreal Says:

      REAL? C’mon people did you not read the disclaimer at the end of the dang movie!? I’m not saying ghosts or other paranormal things don’t exist, but this movie is a pure fake.

    306. Krishna Molleker Says:

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    307. DevenderYadav Says:

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    308. ghosthunter45 Says:

      for all of you out there that dont believe the things in this film you all are fucking stupid nothing was staged its the way demons are they like to fuck with peoples heads i should know because i have a scar from one and about samantha god bless her soul but its not her fault that the demon was after her i mean she was hot but she didnt deserve what happen to her and thomas was inncent there never was no murder weapon nothing but footage that he was filming the whole time so there is no way is done any of it but this is just a thought if you ask me its all the moms fault that the demon got in the house anyways because she wouldnt let go of her husband i know its hard to let go of somebody you love but once they are gone you cant bring them back so she shouldnt have been messing with things she didnt fully understand RIP Thomas and Samantha Finley

    309. locote0420 Says:

      ok… i dont know for sure and havent looked anything up…but betting on how many people like me wanted to know the truth, i have a few questions i dont think anyone is really willing to ask…first off who knows if this “finley” family is even real, i havent looked it up like i said but honestly i know my relatives would reject this outright being a movie as being national news, press, the papers, everywhere, like even if my mother and sister and i were all killed in such a way i know someone anyone who found a tape like that would be like ok people get me the local papers , i want all the national news coverage i can get any local news, and video tape this ourselves for legal purposes just in case i gotta go to court, cmon……..a movie?? i dont remember any kinda finley family brother raping the sister mother killing herself brother suicide… you?? i dont know i could be wrong but i think this whole story is absolute bullshit given what i know of ghosts myself, and some of you sound like you were crying at the end of this movie (a good scare if nothing else) and writing here like “leave that poor family alone” ……was that family even real?? i dont think they were but i dont know, second, the acting was horrible, third, like they said actors, but based on what? someone actually had a camera and video taped shit like that? give me a break who runs around a house holding a damn camera, …lesson one people of the world,…..lesson one….if there is a movie where the majority of the time a person has the first person point of view and has a hand held camera the majority of the movie…..would seriously have a tired fucking arm one…and two would be mentally retarded for ina crisis walking around with a camera and getting as good a shot as they usually do….idiots!!……if there is a camera….being held….while someone is running….and it is still at his face as if he was looking through it….recording…..fake…..FAKE!!!…..give me a break his sister is getting raped and he moves in for a close up to see whats going on hahahaha…i dont care what is raping my sister or any girl i dive in like fucking pitbull and bill goldberg spear the fucking thing or at least jump on my sister and drag her the fuck outta there, she wasnt getting raped cause her legs where open wide enough trust me i have a girlfriend so really ….look carefully who is getting in between legs pretty well together maybe half a foot apart…her thighs were touching still i think haha….so cmon fake for that too….and the blood thing is obvious but the thing that got me about that was her hair was dry after being soaked in blood….but they were all actors i think they just added the part about simularities just to make you think there is another story they took it from or something haha, honestly look up the finley murder case…and see what you get… is right there…

    310. doomkitty99 Says:

      I have read so much trash talk about how this is fake or ripped off from paranormal activity …when your all wrong. In the late 70′s early 80′s there was a movie called The Entity…based on a true story this is more similar too then paranormal activity, because in that an entity raped a woman, unlike in paranormal activity. When I was a teen I messed with ouija boards and etc and boy do I have some stories that would make your hair turn white. If you look up hauntings and etc you will see that a story like this happens more times you wanna know. The other thing that got me about this movie..wheni was a teen I was haunted in my dreams by a guy named Maron …that framed me out cause I only told a few people

    311. Jake Says:

      Well I don’t understand why theasylum would say that this story is fictious and put a notice about the family consent regarding this tragic event. That girl went throuth a lot of pain may she rest in peace and get some justice.

    312. Clowns Says:

      Listen I will prove the tale is false. Director Shane Van Dyke
      Marie Hogan… actor planned Sister
      Fia Perera actor planned MOM. Like my balls bums.

    313. Clowns Says:

      Though I thought it was good. Erin Marie Hogan is the actor name sorry… Didn’t type full name. because I had a raging boner for the dead chick actor!

    314. jenny Says:

      i want to know why there is not file to be found of Thomas Finley’s court cases or even the charges ??? thin if this is real where is the rest of the video??? there were 3 video recorders in all. why was it that all 3 of them where off at the end just to get his hand held turned back on at the very end??? if you as a human where that scared thin odds are you WOULD NOT just turn your cam back on when there is a dead man right in front of you…. if this all is Real thin where is the scenes of the real murder??? if anything this proves that he killed them both! i mean the girl will scream out thin he puts the cam down and she stop breathing… on top of that they said at the end of the type that they found him holding his dead sisters body a day or two after they were killed… but b/4 the movie starts u hear the 911 call to the cops…. like it take cops 1 or 2 days to get to a murder seen…. i do believe in demon, ghost and other things not of this world but this movie just leave to much open to make others feel that it is nothing more thin the blear witch all over again.

    315. Christian Mendoza Says:

      Erin Marie Hogan is cute! That’s all I have to say.

    316. mAYBE Says:

      watched it, loved it. It scared me. not sure if its real or not..if it is then thats really sad. it could happen. i think it could happen, if it did of course theree not going to show the real footage.

    317. horror-film-lover Says:

      my lord. im so glad i only paid $5 dollars for this at Wal-Mart.
      First off = LMAO i read some of these comments ubove and i laughed SO HARD. And second. At the begining theres a 911 call from thomas, during the call he said that “it” killed his mom and sister which is stupid since his mother supposedley die in the hospital -.-

    318. doriss Says:

      Me and my lil brother (who isn even a teen yet) were watching this, and at the end he says “i thought this was suposed to b scary!!!” Yeah it was fun to watch always wondering whats gonna hapen next, when is it gonna get scary, things like tht…but.personally i was expecting better! P.s. i highly doubt any of u noobs claiming to know any of the finleys “shortly b4 they died” actully knew them, come back when u hav a bette lie, and thanku for shopping with us :P

    319. Ray Says:

      Ok, really? Even if you people think this could be based on a true story, how can you think the footage is real? Look up the actors, and you’ll see Samantha Finely is a girl named Erin Marie Hogan, and is still quite alive. I won’t even go into the fact that ghosts aren’t real, cause that’s a different set of arguments. As for people who claim to have known the family? Shut up and stop trolling.

    320. psourd Says:

      Yea need a fuckin life. Stupid ass movie. U should get sued for lying about stupid shit like that. How could u guys even think u made a good movie. all ur movies are shit. ya need to get ur shit together and stop lying on covers of movies. I’m gona see if we can sue u for false advertisement cause it’s bullshit what u guys make. Suck it easy faggots lol

    321. Lols @ you. Says:

      Lol, i watched your movie and at the end of the movie. You even say that it isn’t real. Whoops.

    322. Paula Says:

      Looks like we have another “Heather Donahue” at large! What a crock. I didn’t think the actors were good at all! And (Erin?) Proud of those boobies as she was through the whole thing… I’d have a problem with “brother” running around filming me in my UNDERWEAR through his documentary! You folks need to get a REGULAR job! This movie sucked! Paranormal Activity SUCKED! Scary? Not a minute of it. I wonder how long it took them to learn their lines? They botched those up many times through the thing…and poor ol Thomas…was out of breath through the entire show. BORING!!!!!!!!!!

    323. Walter Says:

      Just watched the film…and yes entertaining movie. But at the beginning of the movie they say that this footage was found a year later! The footage was right next them, that’s where the brother left the camera! Ok let’s say the demon had taken the camera to the attic …..surely during investigation of the murder they would have found it. Plus instead of having to find the camera the brother could have advised the FBI of his footage (3 cameras) .

    324. Cecilia Says:

      Here’s my theory- you’re all right! For those who say it’s true. I do believe in ghosts, demons if you will, that will enter your home if you welcome it, and an do absolutely terrible things to us mere mortals. However, I do not believe it happened in the way that Paranormal Entity has described. That movie was fictitious, probably stretched by the directors and the cast and crew. I believe that if a demon truly wants to accomplish something… We would have no idea it was done by them. I believe the demon/ghost/entity/Casper’s-evil-twin-thingy would posses a human body and simply get the job done. I don’t believe demons feed off fear… In fact I don’t think they really give a f***. This is my theory on why such bad s*** happens in the world.

      Can anyone remember a story where a man raped and killed a girl- and claimed to not remember any of it? This may have been a crappy lie in an attempt to not admit to it. Then again, It’s a personal philosophy that anyone s***ty enough to do that would have no problem proclaiming it- maybe even being a little bit proud of it. What if every unexplained evil in the world was performed by a demon. Maybe not even the supernatural kind. Maybe the metaphorical. I’m kind of rambling but you get my point. Maybe Thomas was possesed and in turned raped and killed his beautiful baby sister, thus turning him to suicide upon the realization that he did it.

    325. Christina Says:

      I just wanted to say that I thought it was a great movie. I think it’s kinda funny how everyone is so worked up about whether the movie was real or not, because it seems that was the point to the movie, to make u think that it was real….Hello…their was a 911 call!!!…lol.. Just thinking that it might be is what made it interesting. Who cares whether it was just like any other movie, it still was good. Plenty of movies do fine on their own whether they are spin offs or spoofs, people still like them and still watch them. But I truly believe the real entertainment is in reading the comments posted on this page… I don’t want to put anyone down for their opinions but really…Do people feel ashamed after posting such crap??? Either you liked the movie or you didn’t. I do believe that there are things that go on that cant be explained but really there is way more stuff that goes on in this world to really worry about besides if this is real…lol..But great movie!! :)

    326. drake Says:

      hmmm erin is really hot hot hot i’d bone her but i never saw at the end of the movie where it said it was fake…

    327. Sheila Says:

      weather you believe it or the beginning of the movie(pay attention people) it said that those tapes were found A YEAR after all that happened..and unless they found some killer fishing line to hold sam up without circle marks on her somewhere that was one great magic trick of her levitating next to her bed when he ran in the room. and unless you have your head buried in the sand there ARE things that go bump in the night that is NOT of this world..there’s alot that cannot be explained..heck even scientists will tell you that. and if you didn’t finish paranormal activity..the girl killed micah and disappeared…she’s still not found. if ya pray…start ..she just may show up as the girl next door :)

    328. Horrorfilm Kritik Says:

      Start 08.12.2011 in Germany to DVD und Blu-Ray with Titel Paranormal Investigations 3.

    329. Lazarus Says:

      i watched the movie lastnite for the 1st time..hmm?not sure wat 2 think about it..too many things didnt add up 4 a movie that claims to b true with actual footage..why the hell would u stil stay in the house? not go to a motel but to friends or family?? it did kinda put a lil jump in me..right at the end was the only ‘supposedly’ real entity scene whereas the others were jus..bangs and screams of unseen crap. Guys, im a beleiver of spirits good or bad but this movie is not real but something just to get the public talkn about all 4 entertainment.

    330. Lazarus Says:

      p.s the chick that played samantha was pretty hott!! i can c y the entity would wana tap dat ass LOL

    331. Dan Says:

      I have watched this movie but I was/am not sure if it’s just for entertainment or to reveal a truth about the tragic death of a young girl…I have yet to find any documentation on a Samantha Finley as anything like this happening but again it doesn’t mean that it could be possible….and (for me) I caution on the side of possible and one thing for sure to make all human beings a believer is the fact that how can people say there is no god when so many things in life show us all the devil….Thoughts any one?!

    332. JWU Says:

      Devil is real…movie is obviously “fictitious”, very intriguing though…

    333. johny Says:

      The I phone was not invented yet, the ringer was the same as the house phone, refer to the scene when a ghostly message was left on an ANSWERING MACHINE, and not his Iphone when he checked it. I’ll give the cameras not rolling to in the bedroom and living room to you as it did show him turning them on. And if were true do you really think he could of filmed his dead sister after JUST hearing her scream and watching her die?

    334. christopher roper Says:

      you guys are pathetic, i’m pretty sure directors aren’t aloud to give false facts about things like this.(saying they aren’t aloud to say something is a true story when it isn’t.)… and i personally think Florida was wrong for arresting thomas finely for a crime like this, he had no reason to kill his sister and if you actually look at the video you will see the facts… what else do yah want. if it was a video of a girl getting raped i bet yah would believe but if the video is something unhuman no one wants to believe it… yeah its hard to prove something is supernatural from a video but thomas should be the last person to blame he was behind the camera the entire time. And i think that the police arrested him because he wasn’t dead…. THATS WRONG AND VERY JUDGEMENTAL!!!

    335. wasapa Says:

      you know guys, i kinda think its real but then again, some scenes look acted. in the end with the blood on samantha’s chest was from what? but then again it says she died in her brothers hands and i think he cleaned off the blood at the end. think about it, she is his sister and i dont think anyone well most people would leave a loved one covered in blood so i strongly believ he cleaned it off but a GOOD MOVIE.

    336. wasapa Says:

      but still if this is a thing that follows you around, why not invite 20 people, friends, homeless people, just some form of company.. i don’t think a demon could stand 30 extra people around. i would so invite a ton of people…

    337. wasapa Says:

      type up MARON demon and you’ll see what it really is. images show a ”thing” raping a lady but some pictures are nonsense.

    338. Adam T Says:

      YOOOHOOO!! Wake up movie fans!!

      Samantha Finley ?? Try ERIN MARIE HOGAN.


    339. Adam T Says:

      YOOOHOOO!! Wake up movie fans!!

      Samantha Finley ?? Try ERIN MARIE HOGAN.


      Proof for you all.

    340. Shawn Says:

      i remember at the end of the movie that it said quote “the mother took her own life at the hospital when she heard about the “death” of her children”.so were they both killed or what? but he was also arrested for both of their murders?? wtf

    341. kenny Says:

      who ever thinks this is real is either very dumb or very ignorant. the phone call in the beginning is inconsistant with the end. and the actress name is Erin Marie Hogan, who is still alive… haha. she is hot, thats why they had her show her tits so maney times. this movie was horrible, especialy compaired to paranormal activity, n that movie aitnt even that good. i don’t understand how people can get paid for makeing crap movies, not fair at all.

    342. Amanda Says:

      I watched this movie and I can’t say if it’s real or fake. But I also like others on has said that I do belive that there are good sprits and bad ones. Thank God the only sprits that I have ever come in contact with is my Dad who passed away cause of cancer in 2007. If this did happen to a family I hope that NO OTHER family has to go through the same stuff. I guess people will call me either crazy or stupid, but I cried when I’d hear her scream cause of the abuse that she was having to put up with. I augree with those who say just cause you can’t see it doesn’t really mean it’s not there!!!!! It’d be kinda hard to fight something that you can not see but you know it’s there and at times you can feel it touching you or hurting you.

    343. Larry Says:

      Just watched it. Me myself cannot identify whether it is not real or not, just like you Amanda. This was horrid for the Finely family.

    344. Vincent Says:

      there are a lot of people that need to study criminology, psychology and film making. one you could tell a lot of cuts were made into the film. Second if there were other film fragments that were not to be shown to the public it was for good reason. the psychological actions doesn’t fit someone to be afraid of his or other families life. I lived in such a haunted house where you could hear literally footsteps running up in the attic that had no floor boards. I had called the police 3 times to investigate to make sure no one was breaking in from the roof. it was a two sided, three floor condo. Our neighbor of joining condo complained about the same thing. We eventually moved a year later during a fire. There was only one 911 call in the movie. This is similar to the Amityville murder, when the husband after killing his family claimed the house to be demonic. The house was never haunted which a law suit is in process. Another psychological fact in the film is the state of mind of Thomas. Through the entire movie he claims there is no ghost or demonic entity which is why he is making this ameture video. Yet, all these wierd things happen and he still remains calm and continues to tell them that nothing is happening. When his mom and Sam are at the hotel experiencing the entity,which is odd, he tells them to return to the house. Odd… but that’s weirdest part of it all. Cameras get shut off and turned on by Thomas… Also if you look hard enough at the blanket being tuged off Sam you see fish string or something thinner and a video outline of a person pulling the string. Someone on here asked who would rape their own sister? ah look at the statistics lots of brothers have. there are descrepencies in the video matching the report. Sam was cleaned off entirely in the video, but the police indicates when the police arrived sam was in thomas’s arms all full of blood… Also one of the biggest part of the puzzle was that Sam was raped… unless they did a rape kit how did they know she was rape? the answer is you can’t unless you were raped.
      How did thomas pull it off. easy. Blair Witch Project film was made entirely with video camera and pulled off one of the biggest horror film ever on a budget less than a million dollars. He used the same method which isn’t difficult to do.
      If this film was real he wasn’t innocent I can assure you this. He committed suicide, because he got caught which many of these types of criminals do, because he was going to do hard time. Many people have committed the same kind of crime that Thomas did and tried to pull it off for instance one in Colorado and one in Minnesota. What his motives were, we’ll probably never know, but psychologicaly and the recorded film don’t concur with eachother and are more than fragmented.
      the film seemed fake to me, but if it was real the crime committed wasn’t by a demonic entity, which I do believe exist, but here shows a demonic kid and that’s all.

    345. Tabatha Says:

      Wow. Some of you people are real idiots. Samantha Finley was played by a girl named Erin Marie Hogan. Who is very much alive. And to all you LIARS out there that CLAIM to know the Finley family and the biggest idiots for not looking the shit up before you start lying. The movie was obviously a fake. Good one though. The movie had me going till I looked up the names on the cover and found out who Samantha Finley really was. Grow up and stop lying!!! What are you like 12. Nevermind, you probably are.

    346. MetalHead Trev Says:

      If The Asylum want people to believe Paranormal Entity is real, they really shouldn’t have hired a guy from a famous family to write, direct & even star as the brother! I am speaking of Shane Van Dyke, from Dick (& Barry) Van Dyke’s family. Shane even appeared in their annoying TV series Diagnosis Murder now & again. Several other Van Dykes used to appear in it too. Mind you, I’ve never been a fan of Barry. He was a cute ‘n’ cuddly version of Starbuck in Galactica 1980 & he completely ruined Airwolf.:-D

    347. Trey Says:

      Best part of the movie were her amazing tities. Man JD love to have those shoved in my face

    348. click here Says:

      Wow. Definitely going to check this out and implement it in upcoming themes!

    349. brandon Says:

      They put on the case of the video that its 100 percent real…how could they do that without legal issues constantly biting em in the ass

    350. Zara Says:

      People that believe its real are crazy, they say its real to get more people watching it and i looked it up and wikipedia states its not and the movie review states its not, the director/screenwriter/actor(brother) is a rip off of the low budget movie paranormal activity and tells you to watch gacys house (paranormal enitity 2). So good luck to the funny people. Peace.

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