We’re Number 1!

Saturday, December 19th, 2009 @ 9:25 am | Headline, News

Entertainment Weekly has named MEGA SHARK VS GIANT OCTOPUS the Worst DVD of 2009!

They obviously didn’t see any of our other films…

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    24 Responses to “We’re Number 1!”

    1. Rick Says:

      Thats bullshat, MSvsGO probably the best Asylum film this year. Silly yes, illogical yes, but damn it revels in it and it works.

    2. Craig from the UK Says:

      Who cares what EW think MSvsGO is totally rubbish but brilliant rubbish all the same. Roll on a sequel, how about Giant Lobster vs. Mega Dolphin?

    3. Maarten Says:

      Congrats anyway! :)

    4. Daniel J. Roos Says:

      I don’t get EW but I have watched MS vs GO about 5 times. DVD of the year! As long as we’re talking sequel, on my website (shameless plug, http://film.ispwn.com) I have outlined a hypothetical, over-the-top sequel idea titled FrankenShark vs. Zombie Octopus that you are free to use.

    5. Alec Corday Says:

      Mhm, it is pretty bad, but I think there are more contenders out there.

    6. Kalebzilla Says:

      ILOVE MEGA SHARK VS GIANT OCTOPUS. :( SCREW Entertainment Weekly!

    7. Robert Ellis Says:

      RIP Brittany Murphy (1977-2009).

    8. Rick Says:

      Totally agree with Craig, roll out another large prehistoric critter VS film.

    9. Scotch Says:

      Entertainment Weekly is too busy stroking whatever the latest soulless, big-studio, blockbuster is to enjoy a little b-movie fun! I agree on the sequel thing; Mega-blank VS Giant-blank….fill those blanks with whatever reptile, amphibian, or mammal you see fit and roll ‘em!!

    10. Rick Says:

      Mega Terrorbird vs Giant Sabertooth Tiger

      Ultimate in science DNA meddling gone horribly awry!

    11. JOrdi Says:

      Congratulations from Spain!!

    12. JosH Says:

      THe worst film? I doubt it, I saw it on SyFy and taped it, it was amazing! I haven’t seen all of the Companies films, nut I really enjoy the mock ups, they add different perspectives and new storylines. I love them! i can’t wait for Sherlock Holmes!

    13. Bobby Says:

      Rick, you are now my hero! That movie would be amazing!

    14. Osvaldo Neto Says:

      Congratulations from Brazil! You guys so deserve it. :)

    15. JosH Says:

      Mega Terrorbird vs Giant Sabertooth Tiger? or Giant Lobster vs. Mega Dolphin?
      I don’t kno. I like the FrankenShark vs. Zombie Octopus idea better. Then again, I love re-animation films, Frankenstein, Re-animator, etc. It sounds so cool when you think about how scientists could find the shark and re-animate it, or how a vodoo priest rises the octopus back to do his bidding! MUHAHAHAHAHA!

    16. Rick Says:

      I rather see a 30ft man eating Ostrich fighting a huge arse kitty. Plus, it gets it back on land, doing more sea critters might just seem like a rehash.

    17. Acrisius Says:

      Going by the 2010 slate of movies… Zombie Robin Hood vs. Cyborg Wolfman?

    18. MAD Says:

      wow… you even know your films suck

    19. Matt Says:

      Congratulations on your atrocious directing skills and being the fucking worse movie company in the history of cinema!

    20. No Such Thing as Bad Publicity | theasylum.cc Says:

      [...] We already told you about this one: http://www.theasylum.cc/blog/2009/12/were-number-1/ [...]

    21. Undead Backbrain » Blog Archive » What’s Due to Escape from the Asylum in 2010? Says:

      [...] Octopus also achieved the rather dubious distinction of being named Entertainment Weekly’s Worst DVD of 2009. Ridiculous, of course. It may not be technically up there with the blockbusters, but in the [...]

    22. Dude with hair Says:

      The best sequel may be pirate vs ninja. And in case it isn’t a sequel it would be a very good Asylum movi.

    23. ToothTwister Says:

      How about Mackerel Meyers vs. Leatherfish?

    24. Brad Says:

      I liked MegaShark vs Giant Octopus…. Besides, it was at least 10 times better than Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, the REAL worst DVD of 2009

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