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Tuesday, January 5th, 2010 @ 11:51 am | News, Other

Happy New Year!

With the coming of 2010, I’ve decided to reveal my secret identity. Admin is Asylum partner Paul Bales (that’s me pictured on the left with my dog, Winnie, who, by the way, is not wearing a costume… she actually is the devil).

I’m letting you know who I am for a couple of reasons:

First, ego. I’m tired of everyone thinking Latt is responsible for all these little bon mots. David can be the spokesmodel for all those fancy magazines and radio shows. This little piece of digital real estate is mine.

Second, I think it’s important to stand behind what you say… especially on the internets. And although I’ve never tried to be anonymous, now there won’t be any question about who is talking smack about INVASION OF THE POD PEOPLE.

Which leads to the final reason for this unmasking: “The opinions expressed here are not necessarily those of the management.” What I write is what I think. It’s not official Asylum policy. Latt and Rimawi would never say the mean things I do about our “movies.”

Now stop reading this and go rent PRINCESS OF MARS (It’s actual footage of that time Antonio Sabato, Jr. and Tracy Lords went to another planet).

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    11 Responses to “Admin Unmasked”

    1. Rick Says:

      Well Mr. Bales, you kinda gave it away a few months ago with signing a post ‘PB’ :P

      Awww cute dog, should put it in a few movies. Make sure it lives, nothing more than I hate is when dogs die in movies.

    2. DirectorDave Says:

      Wait. if I’m not you…then who am I?

    3. Bobby Says:

      Good to know! Sorry I didn’t before! Very cute puppy.

    4. Serjio Says:

      Ain’t It Cool News is talking about Princess of Mars!

    5. guestar57 Says:

      Hey,I think Im HAPPY about this…Need interview with Shane Van Dyke and or Erin Marie Hogan,Please Admin ? PB ?? Mr. Bales ???

    6. Osvaldo Neto Says:

      I thought you already did this before:

    7. Scotch Says:

      Huzzah, Mr. Bales! I love your comments…nothing shuts a ‘flamer’ and his negative Asylum-related comments down like a little self-deprecation. I’ve been an Asylum fan for many years now and always be. Your dog is adorable! -Scotch

    8. vxga Says:

      Hello! I’m russian fan of Asylum and work with a few horror sites to make news and rewiews. And about Asulym movies too. Carry on!
      This dog could be a horror movie star, huh?

    9. TheDM Says:

      Paul. You’re the best!

    10. Gina D Says:

      YEY!!! Paul rules! Worlds most awesomest boss!

    11. Daniel Pierce Says:

      I’ve got your back, sir; all the way.

      It really is needless to say, what you guys make is entertaining and has a nitche in the marketplace.

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