Megapiranha Sighted!

Friday, January 15th, 2010 @ 5:07 pm | Headline, News, Releases

The first images from the set of MEGAPIRANHA are now available here.

MEGAPIRANHA stars ’80′s pop icon Tiffany, Paul “The Terminator” Logan, and Barry Williams (The Brady Bunch).

Don’t let the size of this one worry you… it gets bigger (What did you think I was talking about?).

MEGAPIRANHA will be released on April 27, 2010.

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    20 Responses to “Megapiranha Sighted!”

    1. Rick Says:

      I hope the artwork there will end up on the DVD cover. And hope that the piranha will get big enough to eat an aircraft carrier, be very cool.

    2. jesse Says:

      Now all you need to do is make Megapiranha vs Giant Lopster.

      Then cross that over with Mega Shark Vs Giant Octopus. To have the asylum movie of the century.

    3. Ninja Dixon Says:

      I suggested in the last post that you should do Mega Piranha vs Mega Shark, so now I’m actually demanding that from you :)

    4. Craig from England Says:

      Good lord, I can’t wait until this one!!!!!!

    5. kike Says:


    6. Bobby Says:

      Looks fun! Are you guys dismayed at the delay at the big-budgeted one?

    7. Alexander Foster Says:

      You guys are awesome

    8. Shawn Buchholz Says:

      I will have this film love Tiffany.
      Can’t wait to see it.

    9. Film is Pwn » MegaPiranha! Says:

      [...] out the Asulum website for some sample [...]

    10. Allawas Says:

      So it is safe to say that the title is not changing. A Sci-Fi fans movie. Can’t wait to see Col Antonio Diaz played by David Labiosa and Tiffany, of course. Have fun, Mega Shark & Mega Piranha sounds like a good match.

    11. Matt Says:

      What were you smoking when you made this? Could I have some? I’ve theorized it’s the only way to enjoy the shit you spew out of the asshole you call a movie company.

    12. indrid-cold Says:

      it dont matter if its bad you got to love the idea

    13. smejk Says:

      wow i want this movie. Looks great, i love sea monster. More movie like this for me!:-)

    14. JJ Says:

      Sounds AMAZING!! You guys are the best! Keep em’ coming!!!

    15. Rick Says:

      As always, awesome DVD cover art. Curious if Asylum does the covers in house or is there another company that does them?

    16. Allawas Says:

      I believe David Labiosa is in Mega Piranha also. Can’t wait to see his performance.

    17. Brandon Hackett blogja » Blog Archive » A sci-fi gy?jtemény (dvd) - De vigyázz! Says:

      [...] A gy?jteményból egyébként hiányoltam a Transmorphers 2-?t, aminek trailere ráadásul még jobb filmet is igér, mint a Tranformers 2.  Ráadásul játszik benne az ezek szerint nagyon lecsúszott Sheridan parancsnok/elnök a Babylon 5-b?l. És reszkessetek, mert ugyan kis késéssel, de mindjárt jön a Sherlock Holmes filmjük, és közeleg a Megapiranha is! [...]

    18. Scotch Says:

      Awesome! Just awesome…looking forward to this! Not to mention Zalman King’s Body Language! YOW, that cover alone will move a lot of copies!

    19. Barnesfest's Blog Says:

      [...] group of about 30 to catch a fish – although he didn’t realize at the time, it was a piranha!                     The boat staff fried it up for lunch with some manioc flour [...]

    20. Ben Says:

      I was wondering that same thing. Looks like XHBC Design does covers?

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