Sherlock Holmes Trailer Now Online

Friday, January 22nd, 2010 @ 12:40 pm | Headline, News, Releases

The trailer for our newest production, SHERLOCK HOLMES is now online.

Newcomer Ben Syder and Gareth David-LLoyd (Torchwood), pictured, play the detective Sherlock Holmes and his friend and chronicler Dr. John H. Watson.

Dominic Keating (Heroes) plays the nemesis that unleashes a monstrous attack on the City of London.

SHERLOCK HOLMES will be released on DVD on Tuesday, January 26, 2010.

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    36 Responses to “Sherlock Holmes Trailer Now Online”

    1. Alexander Foster Says:

      That looks sweet. A T-Rex, Iron Man circa 1850, a mechanical dinosaur and the kraken. This might be on the level of Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus

    2. Rick Says:

      Been waiting to see this one for a while. Looks a little dark with the lighting…but still looks interesting.

    3. Ninja Dixon Says:

      Count me in to buy this one, looks like great fun!

    4. Bobby Says:

      That was badass! I am very excited!

    5. Josh Says:

      This looks better than the Downey Jr. version!!!

    6. Imogen Says:

      Great looking trailer. Will this be available in the UK, region 2 dvd?

    7. kuzibah Says:

      Amazon cancelled my pre-order! They have listed this as discontinued, and I am so disappointed. I’m a fan of Gareth David-Lloyd’s work on Torchwood, and I was looking forward to seeing him in this. Will it be relisted? Has the release date changed? Is it being offered for sale somewhere else? Thank you.

    8. Paul Says:

      Imogen, the film will be released in the UK by Revolver Entertainment.

      Kuzibah, I’m not sure why Amazon cancelled your pre-order. Where are you located (send me an email

      The movie can always be purchased on our website:

    9. Paul Says:

      The first review. Thanks, McMurdo’ Camp.

      It’s a pretty good review… BUT BE WARNED THERE ARE SPOILERS:

    10. Paul Says:

      And another review:

      Thanks, Patrick!

    11. Paul Says:

      And more:

      Thanks, Rod.

    12. Rick Says:

      Hmmm, will be renting this one when the Hollywood Video in town gets it.

    13. DVDo's and DVDon'ts for 1/26 | Current Movies Blog Says:

      [...] WHAT DVD: Sherlock Holmes. No, not the Downey version. This comes straight from mockbuster masters, The Asylum. In it, Holmes fights a T-Rex, a Krakken and even a robot. Stranger still? Amazon lists the DVD as [...]

    14. Paul Says:

      Reviews for both SHERLOCK and PRINCESS OF MARS:

      Thanks, Christopher!

    15. Alexandra Says:

      I watched the trailer many times, but I can’t make out Watson’s answer when Holmes tells him, “Come, Watson, onwards?”
      What does Watson answer?

    16. Says:

      I submitted my review at Amazon, I hope it helps out some:)

    17. Paul Says:

      A mini-review:

      Thanks, Tim!

    18. Kathy Says:

      Saw it. Thought it was a lot of fun.
      Would love a sequel!

    19. guestar57 Says:

    20. Paul Says:

      Another review:

      Thanks, Robert!

    21. Paul Says:

      And another:

      Thanks, R.L.

    22. Paul Says:

      Another nice review:

      Thanks, Mike!

    23. Paul Says:

      Big boystrous Fun guys, Thanks for delivering the good stuff with Sherlock Holmes.

      Viewed & Reviewed with a smile on my face. Please do check out the full Review:

      Is there another Adventure planned ?.


    24. Carla Says:

      This popped up on my rec page because I’ve bought a lot of Torchwood material. Gareth David-LLoyd is wonderful. At first I was a bit confused but I googgled and chased some links and found this site(and the trailer). The movie looks like a lot of fun. I’ll be buying it. Very Primeval-ish fun. Thanks.

    25. Paul Says:

      Another review:


    26. Mike Says:

      I watched half of Sherlock Holmes yesterday. It’s not bad. It’s better than half the shit on the sci-fi channel. Wait, I hope you guys don’t make the shit on the sci-fi channel.

      But anyway, it was fun. I like that you don’t take yourselves too seriously but still made a nice little movie. I like that Fox took offense to your earlier head to head competition with their Keanu Reeves movie. LOL

    27. Paul Says:

      Thanks for the review, Dan:

    28. Paul Says:

      A very nice review from our friends at Fangoria:


    29. Craig from England Says:

      Just started a little review blog site and have popped Sherlock Holmes on there and the earlier release, 2012 Supernova. Holmes is terrific fun and I look forward to you maniacs at the Asylum coming back to the UK.

    30. Craig from England Says:

      Oh yes the blog is on

    31. Paul Says:

      Another nice review:

      Thanks, Robert!

    32. Paul Says:

      Hey! We made the Worst of Netflix:

      Uh… even though he seems to have liked it?

    33. Paul Says:

      Another good review:

      Thanks, Fred!

    34. Paul Says:

      The Cinema Snob isn’t one:

      Thanks, Brad!

    35. Paul Says:

      Another review:

    36. Paul Says:

      And another:

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