Meteor Apocalypse and 6 Guns Trailers

Friday, February 5th, 2010 @ 10:52 am | Other

 The trailers for our February and March releases METEOR APOCALYPSE and 6 GUNS are now online.

METEOR APOCALYPSE is an End Times thriller starring Joe Lando and Claudia Christian.

6 GUNS is our first western starring Barry Van Dyke, Greg Evigan, Brian Wimmer and Sage Mears.

METEOR APOCALYPSE will be released on February 23, 2010.

6 GUNS will be released on March 30, 2010.

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    21 Responses to “Meteor Apocalypse and 6 Guns Trailers”

    1. Josh Says:

      Look really good, especially 6 guns!

    2. Bobby Says:

      I am excited! Damn good trailers!

    3. Rick Says:

      Not a big fan of disaster movies, but looking forward to 6 Guns.

    4. Maarten Says:

      Nice to see a western again… those aren’t made much these days. Great job you guys!

    5. guestar57 Says:

      Zalman King’s BODY LANGUAGE ?

    6. Brett Heitkam Says:

      6 Guns looks AMAZING! I can’t wait!

      “I don’t need to learn how to draw. I need to learn how to kill a man!”

    7. Kristen Says:

      WOW WOW WOW!! I’m blown away by 6 GUNS!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait! Especially another from Geoff Meed! LOVE IT! Omega was great, so I’m excited!

    8. Paul Says:

      A review for METEOR APOCALYPSE:

      Thanks, Rod!

    9. Jack Bamboo Says:

      Guys…just make Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopussy 2 ! This time you could make the shark jump out of the water –> into the space –> to eat the ISS Station…now that would be a hit on youtube.

      And put boobs in it damit ! Hm…and let the Octopus play with boobs a little…Tentacles for the win !

    10. Brunez Says:

      WOW! I’m a great fan of western (especially spaghetti western), I’ll be very happy to see a western made by The Asylum! :D

    11. Paul Says:

      Another review:

      Thanks, Patrick!

    12. Paul Says:

      Another METEOR review:

      Thanks, Robert. Hope you like the next one better…

    13. Ginger Says:

      Its nice to see movies coming from this prodution companies that are not rip offs of other movies. Movies of these movies suck dick anyways

    14. Craig from England Says:

      Here’s my review for my DVD blog, I quite enjoyed MA. Feel free to read my other reviews

    15. Paul Says:

      A 6 Guns Review:

    16. Paul Says:

      And another one:

      Thanks, Christopher.

    17. ayisrahja Says:

      This western movie dvd was really good,Lots of gunplay and characters stayed true to themselves.

    18. Paul Says:

      Another 6 GUNS review:

      Thanks, Dan!

    19. Paul Says:

      Another 6 Guns Review:

      Thanks, Scott!

    20. Paul Says:

      And another:

      Thanks, Henry!

    21. Paul Says:

      Hope 6 Guns ‘shoots’ up the charts for you guys. It’s a good old fashioned revenge / shoot ‘em up western. Great job. Triggered a Review too ;) … check it out …


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