“You’re Fish Food!”

Thursday, April 15th, 2010 @ 12:56 pm | Headline, News, Other, Releases

Thanks to all of you who tuned in to watch MEGA PIRANHA last Saturday.

You may have heard that the movie was the highest rated Syfy Original in 2010 and their highest rated film since MEGAFAULT.

In other words, almost 2.2 million people had nothing better to do on a Saturday night than watch a bunch of giant, exploding fish.

And we really appreciate it!

We hope you enjoy some of the press we’ve been getting:

Hollywood Reporter: Piranha movie devours Caprica

io9: Everything you need to know about Mega Piranhas

Foy likes us! He really likes us!

Monsters and Critics: All Hail Mega Piranha

Yahoo: This one Has Teeth

Geek Chic Daily: Fish and Cheese

Update: They keep coming!

Open Salon: The most fun I’ve had… all year!

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    10 Responses to ““You’re Fish Food!””

    1. Paul Says:

      And here’s an interview with MEGA PIRANHA star, Paul Logan:


    2. Paul Says:

      And something from our friends at Horror Talk:


    3. Paul Says:

      Even liberal blogs like us:


    4. guestar57 Says:

      Starring: Tiffany,Paul Logan and Barry Williams.
      Written and Directed: Eric Forsberg.
      There is not going to be a description by this critic that equals this opus,LOL !
      The Killer Fish are a sight to beheld with fear !
      They are Huge and getting Bigger,Sharp Teeth that can eat Steel,Helicopters(more later) and Scenery.
      Helicopters,What is wrong with the Asylum ?,They must hate helicopters,Or have past bad Ju-Ju about being trapped by Volcano Ash in airports in Belize or why,Why pick on the poor helicopters…A necessary prop in most B-films since day one of drive-ins.
      Tiffany- OK sister you pulled this performance out of some orifice,Thanks.
      Paul Logan-So,Next time you’ll have even more to do as you take over ‘The Expendable’ job of Action Hero.
      Barry Williams aka Elder Greg Brady,You were stoic and just governmental enough to be beleivable…thanks from a OF,Original Fan !

    5. Patrick Says:

      Check out my review…http://www.videoviews.org/megapiranha.html

    6. Matt Mosley Says:

      Any chance of a Kick Ass rip-off?

    7. Chris Guestar Says:


    8. Paul Says:

      Another review:


    9. Paul Says:

      And more:


    10. Brandon Says:

      Check out this interview with director Eric Forsberg on Viceland Films.

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