#1 Cheerleader Camp Trailer

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010 @ 9:34 pm | Headline, News, Releases

The trailer for our newest comedy #1 CHEERLEADER CAMP is now online.

A pair of horny guys get summer jobs at a college cheerleading camp and end up helping a team of misfit mascots make it to the State championship.

Watch a preview of the hilarious hijinx here and be sure to  buy or rent #1 CHEERLEADER CAMP on July 27, 2010.

Get ready to grab onto your spirit sticks… this one is HOT!

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    10 Responses to “#1 Cheerleader Camp Trailer”

    1. JoeR Says:

      That seriously looks hilarious. Fired Up! on steroids.

    2. James Cameron Says:

      This is going to be the best movie ever !!! Screw Avatar…Cheerleader Boobs for the win !

    3. seagal.cinecutre Says:

      Looks fine, but come on give us real art, we want (need) the titanic 2 trailer!!!!

    4. Scotch Says:

      Hey! When do we get some news about MegaPython vs Gatoroid on the site? Is it my understanding that in addition to Tiffany and Debbie we might see Micky Dolenz in this baby? Enquiring minds like mine wanna know!

    5. Yo Says:

      The Titanic 2 Trailer is on the Cheerleader Camp DVD. Rent or Buy it to see it :p

    6. Micah Says:

      There better be like a wall of boobs or something in this flick.

    7. Scotch Says:

      Great job on #1 Cheerleader Camp, by the way. This was one damn funny flick! And certainly no shortage of nudity! Thumbs up…and then some!

    8. Patrick Says:


    9. Stopplease Says:

      Can you stop please make film and copy dialog from other ? kthxbye

    10. Craig from England Says:

      Great flick, read my review……


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