New Titanic II Trailer Online

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010 @ 11:51 am | Headline, News, Releases

Watch the new and improved TITANIC II trailer with additional action and special effects here.

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    11 Responses to “New Titanic II Trailer Online”

    1. Osvaldo Neto Says:

      It’s even better! Can’t wait for this bad boy.

    2. Rick Says:

      Looking forward to this movie for quite some time.

    3. matt Says:

      hmm… it’s already aired on TV in the UK.

    4. TitanicFan42 Says:

      WHY!?!?!?! OK SEEING THE PREVIEW!! IM REALLY PISSED!!! How could you do this? Seriously? It’s a F***ing Discrace, I can’t Belive you actually made a Titanic 2 Movie!
      You’ll probably never Understand fully why I care so much for RMS!!!! RMS!!!! R M F***ING S!!! RMS Titanic. Thomas Andrews must be Weeping right now…

      I can’t believe you actually did this.

    5. Craig from the UK Says:

      Saw it the other night on SyFy UK, great fun and in HD looked pretty cool on some effects shots. Anyway how can you ever criticise any film with any member of the Van Dyke family.

    6. Brandon Says:

      Check out this review by Todd Rigney 2 on!!

    7. Brandon Says:

      Titanic 2 in Perez Hilton!!

    8. Brandon Says:

      New Reviews and Interviews about Titanic 2 on Guestar:
      Interview with star Marie Westbrook:

    9. Craig from England Says:

      Read my review….. loved this movie, well done Shane!!!!

    10. Brandon Says:

      Another “not so bad” review from

    11. Duncan Says:

      Watched ‘Titanic 2′ on SYFY UK. Such a great, tongue in cheek film. The story was weak, special effects totally naff and a lot of the acting wooden…..but I loved it!!! These kind of films are what the general public need to put a smile on their faces after Hollywood spends so much money trying to do the same thing. I say the cheaper the production-the more honest the film. Also you don’t have high expectations. Keep up the great work Asylum, we in the UK love what you’re doing

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