What Sequel Should The Asylum do next?

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010 @ 2:34 pm | Other

Earlier this week a user on Howitshouldhaveended.com posted the question:                                                                                         “What Sequel Should The Asylum Do Next?”
Let’s hear what you think…


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    36 Responses to “What Sequel Should The Asylum do next?”

    1. Daniel J. Roos Says:

      There is only one choice: PLAN 10 FROM OUTER SPACE.

    2. Alan Smithee Says:

      The Passion 2: Return of the Christ?

    3. Rick Says:

      I’ve been hoping for a ‘War of the Worlds 3′; left hanging after the second film and would like to see a conclusion. Or a sequel to ‘Beast of Bray Road’ or ‘Dracula’s Curse’.

    4. Osvaldo Neto Says:

      12 GUNS!

    5. Erik Says:

      Very easy… Sequels to Merlin and Sherlock Holmes! Those are your best movies with great characters and stories. They are also among your highest rated on imdb which is saying something.

    6. John Koenig Says:


    7. Robert Reid Says:

      plan 10 from outer space

    8. Dennis Lamers Says:

      Make a re-make of RAISE THE TITANIC please!
      Preview the low-budget movie of 1980

      Build this time a 16 meter long Titanic model without computer effects.

    9. Johan Says:

      American History Y (American History X 2)

      Eight Samurai (Seven Samurai 2)

    10. Larry Oso Says:

      Zombie Kane. The long awaited sequel to Citizen Kane wherein Charles Foster Kane returns from the grave and torments those who stand between he and his beloved Rosebud.

    11. Nuthouse Says:

      Make a sequel to Plan 9 from outer space and call it Plan 10 from outer space:)
      You can do it because plan 9 is in public domain now.

    12. Father Dowling Says:

      THE EXORCIST TOO, of course!

    13. Bulin Says:

      Dementia 14

    14. Jay Says:

      I think the Asylum should cease production of all sequels and withdraw from the film business for good. They make horrible knock off films and think people will buy them instead of the good films! A studio cannot survive like this. Asylum, please do us all a favor and stop making movies!

    15. Dennis Lamers Says:

      Hi The Asylum,

      I made the first tribute about your Titanic II-movie. The best name for the movie could have been “Replica Titanic”. See my tribute here

      Hope it gets a place on this website.

    16. indrid-cold Says:

      parnormal enitity 2……mega-piranha 2

    17. Lucky Says:

      OMG !!!!

      I BEG YOU !!

      Please do a sequel to the movie TWISTER !!


      greets from France.

    18. Rick Says:

      Transmorphers 3: Final War – Humanity attacks the Alien Robot homeworld and hopes to eliminate the threat for good.

      For some reason trilogies appeal more to me than leaving with just a pair of films.

    19. rob lee Says:

      go and hide under a tree some film are ok like 100ft and paranormal entity but the rest of them make us all zzzzzzzzzzzzzz sitck to the ok one text time peace

    20. Christian Says:

      Make something no one expects like a Sherlock-Holmes-Sequel.
      “Sherlock Holmes and the Nazis from Outer Space”. Nazis escape to the moon after loosing WW2, there they invent a time machine. They sent back in time a special corps of SS-soldiers who shall help the german emporer to win WW1. But that is not so easy because they need time to settle down and built weapons. When secret agents find out that germans try to buy things for building weapons in Great Britain they ask Sherlock Holmes to investigate (why? hey, this is just an idea, find a reason why). So Holmes finds out about the time machine and that it is not possible to change time. But now the britons know about a little Austrian who will come in 1933 who brings destruction all over the world.

      Hey, that would be a movie no one ever expects that it will really be done (okay, we also thought this about Titanic 2 ;-)).

      I would watch it!
      Greetings from Germany!

    21. Leo Says:

      Titanic II vs Giant Octopus!

      Sherlock Holmes in the mystery of the Mega Pirhana!

      Prince of Mars

    22. Arthur Says:

      I don’t care, just put Jonathan Nation in it!

    23. Boomshanka Says:

      More MEGA movies! Like Mega Cockroach, MegaMan, Uber Mega Piranha or whatever.

    24. brooke Says:

      i’m with boomshanka, more MEGA! what about some Mega bird!

    25. jman30236 Says:

      i would love to shoot avh 2. the story would consist of a small town overrun by aliens. the hunter has to call in representatives(other hunters maybe 6) from other planets to help eradicate the aliens. of course, there is a small ban of humans fighting for survival, also killing some of the hunters out of fear. this gives us a good reason to kill humans- they are in the way of the main plan. in order to succeed, they must find the hive, where many are hiding and feeding on people before they spread!

    26. Kyle Says:

      Doesn’t seem most of these guys get the idea behind Asylum “sequels”. But my opinion is AVH. I know I’ve already sent you guys some ideas about this…

    27. Jeff Says:

      I’d love to see either a Transmorphers 3 or a War of the Worlds 3

    28. ROX Says:

      Sex Pot 2!!!!!!!

    29. C.H. Says:

      I’m interested in more ‘King of the Lost World’ or ‘The Land That Time Forgot’ myself since both have a lot of potential to mine. With ‘Land’ and the whole time paradox aspect of the story you could go in any number of ways, and with ‘King’ you already have a nice bit of back story built into the first that could be carried over in different ways as well.

      Or even a prequel to the prequel of ‘Transmorphers’, set during the time of the Roswell Incident, since it was casually mentioned in the film. (actually working on this idea myself for the heck of it) and a sequel or sequels to finish out the story (again working on 2 for the fun of it)

      To be honest ANY of the films could have sequels.

      A perfect one to do would be a second ’18 Year Old Virgin’(ditto for the upcoming Cheerleader Camp). The sheer amount of ideas for this is crazy. I love the ‘American Pie’ series, and this film is a perfect one to continue in much the same way. Cute nekkid girls, studly guys, stupid situations either/or find themselves in for the prospect of FINALLY gettin’ laid…writes itself. Just, maybe, up the nudity quotient for a sequel(s) perhaps. (yes I have ideas I’m tinkering with as well)

      Looking through the list of films…(admitted I havent seen all of them…YET) None couldn’t be sequelized (not a word but work with me here)

      AvH, admittedly a very bad film, could be taken in any number of ways. The mystery of the HUMAN in the Hunter’s suit. The aftermath of the entire event bringing in Gub’ment inquiries, WHY they come to earth for their little games in the first place.. Just answers to questions like that.

      Princess of Mars – Easy to continue the storyline, considering there’s, what, another 10 or so books in the series? And it wasn’t a bad film at all regardless of Traci Lords being a bit to old for the part, not saying she’s ugly by any means, still a sexy woman, but for that part just wasn’t right. IMHO of course.

      Like a lot of others.. War of The Worlds 3. Gots to know how the final battle will be fought and WON by Earth.

      Just a dearth {just wanted to use that in a sentence, sorry:)} of material you folks could use from your catalogue without creating any NEW franchises.

      Ok ask a simple question get a long drawn out unwanted answer.

    30. Ryan Says:

      id like to see Paranormal Entity 2, Transmorphers 3, Mega Shark vs Mega Piranha, Mega Shark vs Moby Dick, Plan 10, Alien VS Hunter 2 with a different lookin alien haha, Allan Quatermain 2

    31. Duncan Says:

      What about ‘Five weddings and a funeral’? And if you do it, can I have a part?

    32. johnjohn Says:

      LAW BREAKING CITIZEN!!!! or year 2, steve phigrame vs the country, beat ass,

    33. jman30236 Says:

      AVH-2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want to see this happen

    34. William R. Cousert Says:

      TROFF, a twist on TRON.

      TRON is a statement in older versions of Microsoft BASIC that turns on a trace mode (TRACE ON=TRON). TROFF turned it off (TRACE OFF=TROFF).


      It’s also the name of a document processing program in the UNIX operating system


      If you do decide to do this, please consider spending a few bucks more than you usually do. This one could be a winner. Do a preview at the Comic Con expo next year and every geek on the planet will buy a copy.

    35. Craig from England Says:

      Anything that you can come to the UK to do… how about Jolly Roger coming back???

    36. Matthew Mosley Says:

      Friday the 14th :-)
      Fast Four

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