Numbers Game

Thursday, October 28th, 2010 @ 12:39 pm | Headline, News, Other

A number of you have noticed that a large number of our recent titles start with numbers (okay, I’ll stop now).

You might have also noticed that for the last few years the DVD business has been dying a slow and painful death, and we’ve been working hard to replace the ever-shrinking income from what has traditionally been our primary market.

One of the bright spots in our new diversification plan is Video On Demand (VOD). In some cases, the revenue from our films on VOD has exceeded that from DVD. And If you’ve ever ordered a movie on VOD you’ve probably noticed that all of the movies are listed alphabetically. And the vast majority of VOD selections are made from titles in the first half of the alphabet (and numbers are listed before letters). Is it making sense now?

That’s why, at least until everybody else figures this out, you can expect to see a lot more numerical Asylum movies.

So, why did we decide to call it 2010: Moby Dick when there will only be only one more month in the year when the film is released?

Because we’re stupid.

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    12 Responses to “Numbers Game”

    1. Jordan Lapp Says:

      You guys are evil geniuses. Seriously. This blog rules.

    2. Rick Says:

      While I do enjoy watching films on Netflix instant queue, that is only as far as ‘renting’. When it comes to purchasing, I still prefer the feel of a DVD case in my hands and having the hard copy on my shelf. There’s no way a virtual selection can replace the look of beautiful artwork lining the shelf. And of course; special features, I love ‘em. Until there are full special features are made available; I’m not gonna be sold on any kind of online format for movie viewing beyond a ‘rental’.

    3. JJ Says:

      Thanks for clearing that up. Makes sense, Hope you keep making your films in a dvd form because the packaging and artwork are all great.

    4. Osvaldo Neto Says:

      I’m with Rick

    5. Abalistar Says:

      Good to hear this. Gotta be honest that I became terrified when Movie Gallery went under, and Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy. I didn’t know if the smaller/regional stores would order in enough Asylum films to keep you guys in business.

    6. Craig from England Says:

      You can’t beat owning the ‘real thing’ . I’ll never settle for downloads unless we are forced to by the corporations (conspiracy theory alert!!!)

    7. indrid-cold Says:

      will we see a moby dick vs mega-octapus i know i cant spell!!! or any moby dick vs???? movie

    8. indrid-cold Says:

      wal-mart has asylum dvds

    9. Maarten Says:

      That’s why I love you guys.

    10. Yes, it’s another 2012 movie… Says:

      [...] the way, The Asylum recently explained why so many of their movie titles begin with numbers. Check out their blog. Share: Tags: the [...]

    11. Joe Says:

      LOL I like watching these films. Okay, so they may not be crazy yet actually cool and above average like I thought “Altitude” was, But I actually can’t wait for “Mega Shark VS Crocosaurus”, the reasons are: I enjoyed the first “Mega Shark VS Giant Octopus”, it was good fun, and it’s one of the only megalodon films in a few years now, without it I wouldn’t be into films like I am now, What I’m saying is it was nice to see megalodon film again. This moby dick LOL I can’t help but laugh whenever I think of the name, I keep thinking it says Moldy Dick

    12. REVIEW: 2010: Moby Dick (2010) - Snark, Critic and Pop! Says:

      [...] motivating the placement of ”2010″ in front of “Moby Dick” is, as the Asylum has confessed, is that Video on Demand services often list movies alphabetically.  Thus they’ve been [...]

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