Top 10 Movie Monsters

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In going with the theme of Halloween, here is a list of 10 of the best movie monsters throughout the years.

10. The Deadly Mantis, The Deadly Mantis

This time the stick-like predatory insect known as the praying mantis, which for some reason has grown to 200-feet in length, has developed a penchant for eating remote weather stations and Eskimos.

9. Megalodon, Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus

Although this is probably one of the worst movies I have ever seen, it is still pretty impressive when a 200 ft. shark jumps out of the water and takes down a Boeing 747.

8. Boggy Creek Monster, The Legend of Boggy Creek

It’s basically just Arkansas’s version of Bigfoot.  What made this low-budget 1972 docudrama so scary was not the monster (which you never really see except fleetingly and usually out of focus) so much as the fact that it was supposedly a true story.

7. The Cloverfield Monster, Cloverfield

It basically destroys all of New York City by itself—can’t top that.

6. The Thing, The Thing

It’s an extraterrestrial creature that can perfectly copy a human’s DNA and look like them. The film takes place in isolated Antarctica, which is a recipe for paranoia.

5. Godzilla, Godzilla

It’s hard to argue that Godzilla isn’t the best-known Hollywood critter in the world.

4. Predator, Predator

These guys have no desire to invade the planet; they just want to come and hunt humans. This one in particular goes toe-to-toe with a whole platoon of marines before finally falling to, of course, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

3. Jaws, Jaws

While the great white shark from the 1975 blockbuster hit Jaws wasn’t a monster in the typical sense (oversized, radioactive, fire-breathing, etc.) he (Or was it a she? We’re not ever told for sure) scared an entire generation of beachgoers out of the water.

2. King Kong, King Kong

This one is my personal favorite. Arguably the second most popular monster of all time, this fifty-foot-tall ape first appeared on the silver screen back in 1933.  He was a huge hit and went on to inspire several sequels and a couple of remakes. Also, when you can take on three   Tyrannosaurus Rexes and win, you deserve a spot on the list.

1.  Creature, Alien

What could be better than a creature that crams embryos down your throat which burst out of your chest when they come to term and then have the baby get big enough in a few days to carry you off to its lair?

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    6 Responses to “Top 10 Movie Monsters”

    1. Rick Says:

      Aw man The Deadly Mantis is one of my childhood favorites. I remember when AMC used to have a genre double feature Saturday mornings. Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy films from the ’30s – early ’80s…oh man I’d wake up early for that. Wish it’d come out on DVD at some point.

    2. JJ Says:

      It’s time for the Asylum to update “The Deadly Mantis”!!

    3. Scotch Says:

      The Asylum’s Deadly Mantis…featuring Kylie Minogue and Webster! Love it?

    4. Rick Says:

      Nah, bring back some ol’ vets for Asylum’s Deadly Mantis: Rhett Giles, Jeff Denton, Eliza Swenson…and of course shoot it in Black and White.

    5. JJ Says:

      No,it should be the Asylum’s Deadly Mantis with Jamie Farr from M.A.S.H, Donnie Most from Happy Days and Lee Majors the Six Million Dollar Man!!! Green light this now!!!!

    6. TimTE01 Says:

      Hey listen, if you guys will publish anyone who mentions you- no matter how ironically- I have a page that has done so many times. In fact, I’m going to begin the new year with a review of ‘Princess of Mars.’

      I’m just throwing that out there, guys.

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