From the Set: Almighty Thor

Monday, December 20th, 2010 @ 4:54 pm | Headline, News, Releases

The first images from ALMIGHTY THOR can be seen here.

Cody Deal (pictured) plays the Norse thunder god who must defeat the villainous Loki (Richard Grieco) before he can destroy both the world of the gods and the world of men.

Former WWE star Kevin Nash plays Odin, the King of Valhalla, and Patricia Velasquez (The Mummy) plays Jarnsaxa, the demigoddess who trains Thor for his ultimate confrontation with Loki.

ALMIGHTY THOR was written by Erik Estenberg and directed by Christopher Olen Ray.

Get ready for hammer time in Spring 2011.

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    17 Responses to “From the Set: Almighty Thor”

    1. Mike Says:


    2. Charles Says:

      Cody Is THOR. You have a winner here.

    3. Rick Carter Says:

      Hey Cody you look great in the Thor picture you posted. And now after the filming is finished you can head home for some much needed rest and spent Christmas with your family. Have a great holiday and Merry Christmas to you. Cant wait to see the film.

    4. Mike Says:

      Rockin’ Hammer!

    5. inmate977 Says:

      these look stellar! grieco looks unbelievabe! can’t wait!

      COMMITTED – an asylum blog

    6. Mechmester Says: – trailer of “Princess and pony”.

    7. happyhuman Says:

      Intersting project, looking forward to it. by he way, any plans for Transmorphers 3?

    8. TrueAdam Says:

      You need to correct your description of the movie “When the demon god Loki destroys the fortress of Valhalla and steals the Hammer of Invincibility, only the young hero Thor can protect Earth from armageddon”

      Not “armageddon” – Ragnarok, and Loki was not a demon/demon god but a God, a Frost Giant God

      You’re using one of the best mythologies out there, don’t make this a christen movie, use the norse myth to their fullest

    9. Rick Says:


    10. What The World Needs Now: A “Thor” Knock-Off | BLOGGIN' BIN REVUE Says:

      [...] market on Fabio-looking dudes swinging big hammers, The Asylum is pitching in their own entry with Almighty Thor. You may start your snickering… [...]

    11. nuthousecartoons Says:

      Very nice. I really do hope you put a lot bigger budget with this one then you do your others. Super hero movies are the Bomb! I’m crossing my fingers and hoping there is flying in it. Really looking forward to seeing the movie Asylum:)

    12. Matthew Mosley Says:

      Any chance of “Mr. America”, “Machine Man” and “The Revengers” next? :-)

    13. Almighty Thor Set Photos Featuring Cody Deal as Thor | eMovieTalk Says:

      [...] The Asylum is one step ahead of Marvel Studios, as they will be releasing their own version of the Greek mythology tale Thor ahead of Kenneth Branagh‘s take on the character. Titled Almighty Thor, this homage of sorts stars Cody Deal, whom you may remember as Roman Soldier at Caesar’s Palace in The Hangover or Strip Club Patron in Get Him to the Greek, as the Norse thunder god who must defeat the villainous Loki (are you ready for this…Richard Grieco! I can tell by the look on your face that you weren’t ready for that) before he can destroy the world of Gods and the world of men. Former WWE superstar Kevin Nash will play Odin, the King of Valhalla. And Patricia Velasquez (The Mummy Returns) is set to play Jamsaxa, the demigoddess who trains Thor for his ultimate confrontation with Loki. You can take a look at Cody Deal as Thor and Richard Grieco as Loki in the set photos below: [...]

    14. TrueAdam Says:

      Thor is not a hero from greek mythology but a hero from norse mythology

    15. Angantyr Says:

      I am not a fan, but kudos for employing the wonderful Patricia Velasquez. Good choice.

    16. Galber Says:

      The only thing realy good in this movie is
      the handsome image of Cody Deal.

    17. Mike Manero Says:

      Patricia you look Hot! You can be my demigod anytime.

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