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It’s finally here, check out the trailer for Mega Shark 2: Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus here at!!

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    1. Mike Gaglio Says:

      Looks absolutly fantastic. I like it!

    2. inmate977 Says:

      well, you went and did it, you topped yourselves! this looks SPECTACULAR!

    3. Rick Says:

      I’m so STOKED over this movie. I know what I’m asking for Christmas this year.

    4. Scotch Says:

      Absolutely spectacular! The effects look great…really looks like a lot of fun!

    5. seagal Says:

      Uoooooo, this movie seems far better than the first one. But I’ve a question in the final image of the Crocosaurus destroying a building there is a poster, is that a japanese poster of Jaws?

    6. Paul Says:

      Seagal, good eye!

      That image is actually the Japanese version of the poster for MEGA SHARK VS GIANT OCTOPUS.

      Latt put that little easter egg in the shot as a nod of appreciation to our distributor in Japan (who originally gave us the idea for MSVSGO… thanks, Hara-san!).

    7. Robert Hubbard Says:

      Next for your “Megashark” series – MEGASHARK VS. CTHUHLU: The Ultimate Showdown.

      Thank you… just send the check to me via PayPal, please…

    8. Rick Says:

      Speaking of posters, I’ve always wanted to ask; who does Asylum’s artwork? Is it in house or is there an artist you hire to make your artwork? Hands down some of the best I’ve seen.

    9. Osvaldo Neto Says:

      Loved it! It should get a theatrical release, maybe a midnight screening. :)

    10. NAveryW Says:

      If Jaleel White references his previous role as Sonic the Hedgehog I’ll buy this in a heartbeat.

      If not, you have some additional filming to do.

    11. Daniel J. Roos Says:

      Awe. Some. Seriously, what would it take to get this shown in theaters just for one night? Who wouldn’t be down with that?

    12. Rick Says:

      I’d love to see it in theaters, a double feature with Mega-Shark vs Giant Ocotopus…sadly no theaters in Savannah I think would play it.

    13. Scotch Says:

      Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus scores a mention from Entertainment Weekly!

    14. Brandon Says:

      Check out an article in Entertainment Weekly HERE:

    15. brennicholas7893 Says:

      When are you gonna make WHEN A KILLER CALLS 2 I’d love to see a follow up!

    16. brennicholas7893 Says:

      Mega Shark should face Sharktopus next!

    17. Lifewillsuck Says:

      The day Mega Shark takes on the Mega Piranha who accidentally cause the Titanic 2 to sink while chasing after Moby Dick is the day that I shall see the greatest movie ever known.

    18. Chris Says:

      SARAH LIEVING discusses M vs C at Guestar Blog !

    19. Nowyouraman Says:

      Damnit…why coudn’t you get Sarah Lieving nakked ? This sucks man…you should have just thrown a couple bucks her way (instead of spending Money on that Urkel dude). We want BOOOOOOOBS !

    20. Chris Says:

      M vs C review

    21. Paul Says:

      A couple more reviews:

    22. Matthew Mosley Says:

      Roger Corman STILL producing? Wow.

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