Sometimes I’m Surprised

Thursday, January 13th, 2011 @ 10:28 am | Headline, News, Other

When I published my last post about making comments on our movies, I really wasn’t fishing for compliments.

My only purpose was to try to address the concerns from our employees about some of the nasty comments they’ve had to endure while just trying to do their jobs.  

To be honest, I kind of expected the comments mailbox to be instantly filled with “vitriolic rhetoric.”

Instead, except for this one guy (who sent his email to the comments box AND every one of our employees), the box was filled with emails of support and encouragement.

Thank you all for the kind words… and thanks for surprising me.

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    12 Responses to “Sometimes I’m Surprised”

    1. Osvaldo Neto Says:

      My favorites were J. G. and Jon Trimble, who i want to share two great quotes:

      > What do I know? I play trumpet.

      > …I hope anyone actually reads this crap we send in.

      God bless you and your family, mates! :)

    2. Will Says:

      Thanks for noticing that your biggest fans can be just as loud and enthusiastic (or annoying) as the haters! 2011 is going to be huge for The Asylum. The biggest laughs in the office must be for the nasty comments, but it’s nice to know the compliments are appreciated as well.

    3. nuthousecartoons Says:


    4. Scotch Says:

      Long live The Asylum…great entertainment through and through! Glad you guys don’t take this stuff so seriously! The only thing I’m going to be taking seriously is the seriously awesome catfight between Tiffany and Debbie Gibson in the forthcoming Mega Python flick!

    5. Maarten Says:

      And stil… thumbs up for The Asylum! :)

    6. Rick Says:

      Asylum rulz

    7. Chris Says:

      Okay, here’s a comment from a different Chris…

      I’ve been enjoying your giant monster features, though I think Mega Shark Vs. Crocosaurus needed a tighter script. But Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus was terrific, and Mega Piranha was terrific fun. Sure, the end credits don’t run as long as the special effects credits for the latest Micheal Bay blockbuster, but your films are a lot more fun. If you could get your features into a theater, I’d rather pay the admission price for the latest Asylum film than most of the major Hollywood productions.

      Okay, to be honest, I enjoy B-grade cinema, but only because it tends to be more fun than what Hollywood has to offer. Keep the giant monsters coming!

    8. Slushie Man Says:

      Sure, not all your movies are great, but I really love watching them. Even the bad ones are entertaining on a B Movie level, and that’s my favorite kind of level. I recently went on Ebay actually, and purchased BluRay copies of every single movie of yours that’s currently on BluRay, plus the sequels/prequels for those that are on DVD but not BluRay (War of the Worlds, Transmorphers, and Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus for example, are all on only DVD while their other entries are on BluRay). And I’m always checking back on your site to see if there’s a new movie listed (For instance today I noticed there’s 2012: Ice Age now listed and that had me pretty excited).

      Fuck the haters. There’s always gonna be people who hate what you do and trolls that get on the site, but just ignore them. The only people you need to pay attention to are the ones who love you guys, or even the ones who don’t but can portray their opinions in far more mature manner.

      With that said, I actually just reviewed Transmorphers on my blog at and I’m hoping to keep reviewing Asylum movies at various points in the future as I watch the DVDs/BluRays.

    9. Zulimar Says:

      I just wanted to say thank-you for these movies. I was doing a random search for Asylum and came across your movie company. Curious I clicked it and started viewing your list of movies.

      I have to say I have been enjoying alot of your movies. I don’t care if its a already done concept, technically everything has already been done. You guys are just doing it in a different and more entertaining way.

      :) I plan on showing these movies to my friends. We love making up stories and making flims ourselves. =D Inspiration I have found. Thank you! =D

      :) Keep making great flims. D: So I won’t run out of entertaining things to watch. Lol Just kidding take your time with it. :) I want more greatness.

    10. Dennis Lamers Says:

      Keep it up with making movies. I hope on one day you guys can make a movie about the fiction ship Mautania.

    11. Vokar Says:

      Oldster here, long-time film buff and indie filmmaker since the early ’70s. Recently discovered the films of The Asylum and enjoy them quite a bit. You can thank Safeway grocery stores for my discovery, as they have a healthy supply of your DVDs near the registers. Bought nine Asylum movies just this week. You’re welcome! ;)

      As for the haters, I always respond “So, how many movies have YOU made?” :)

    12. Michael Says:

      What we really want is a sequel to your Sherlock Holmes movie! Damn good fun, that was.

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