We (Don’t All) Want to Hear From You

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011 @ 12:03 pm | Headline, News, Other

Warning: This post and some of its links include strong language.

I realize that if you are the type of person who takes the time to search for our website in order to tell us how much you hate our movies, you are clearly someone who has a lot of free time.

Nonetheless, we want to make it easier for you to let your views be known. Therefore, if you really, really need to tell us that we are “cunt sucking bi-curious bum-rushing fucktards,*” please send your emails to comments@theasylum.cc.

And if you’re concerned that your email will never be read, rest assured that that is not the case. In fact, we might even feature it on this page, like these and these.

Again, I know that between eating frozen burritos and reading issues of Cahiers du cinema, you don’t have much to do, but PLEASE stop sending your comments to every person on our Company page. Most of these people don’t have anything to do with the decisions about the movies we make. They just work here.

And, believe me, they suffer enough without having you tell them to “fuck off*” every day.

*Excerpted from actual emails.

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    10 Responses to “We (Don’t All) Want to Hear From You”

    1. Serjio Rios Says:

      Is it still alright for me to send my scandalous pictures to Brett Bach? It’s not really a comment as more like a “thank you”

    2. nuthousecartoons Says:

      I believe I wrote a constructive cretinism once. But never anything mean. I think it went something like this “Many filmmakers and artists would kill to have the resources that you have and that you guys should spend more time on a movie to make it better” Or something like that. I put more time into making the first comment.
      Im sorry that there are some bad eggs out there and I wish you the best:) I feel anyone who wishes ill of the asylum wishes ill of the jobs that you generate. Any one who is making a profit doing what they love is OK by my book. I will continue to watch some of your movies and support you.

      PS: I Can’t wait for Almighty Thor!

    3. nuthousecartoons Says:

      Wait. Now that I think about it I have watched most of you movies and not some of them;)

    4. inmate977 Says:

      “the noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding” – LdV

    5. Julia Blauvelt Says:

      Using “bi-curious” as an insult is so 2010. And even then it wasn’t cool.

    6. Mr Mechant Says:

      I won’t say that i like all your movies but even with low budgets most of them were not boring, and it’s what you expect when you watch a movie…
      I think insulting people because you don’t like their movies is stupid, it’s like the “Boll Bashing”. Kids living in their parents’ basement got to find someone to bash, that’s life, and unfortunately, as film-makers, you’ll have to deal with it… :-/

    7. Dennis Lamers Says:

      I sometimes agree with the people, but for so many times they going too far. I have seen that Asylum is going better with making movies. I hope you guys could make soon a movie named Mautania. ;)

      Greetings from Holland.

    8. WeAllLoveToast Says:

      I’d have some respect for you guys if you weren’t such assholes

    9. I Know Says:

      There are people out there that just can’t enjoy movies. Like that guy that will foam @ mouth whilst explaining to you that the movie you enjoyed watching is actually crap, then he will complain about consumerism and Hollywood and throw in Wal-Mart for good measure, and then he will bore you to death praising some obscure French movies that are supposedly ‘art’. You know, the guy nobody wants to talk to at parties.
      Surely such a person will hate Asylum movies.

      To Asylum: you guys ignore the killjoys and keep up the good work.


    10. Mick Says:

      I just watched 30,000 Leagues for the first time. My vote for the most memorable line: “We’ve got squid!” (by Kim Little toward the end). Sean Lawlor was awesome!

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