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From the Set: 2012: Ice Age

Feb 24, 2011 in Headline, News, Other, Releases

The first images from the set of 2012: ICE AGE are available here.

2012: ICE AGE stars Julie McCullough and Patrick Labyorteaux as parents  desperately trying to reunite with their family as the eastern seaboard of the United States is destroyed by an enormous glacier.

This exciting action disaster film was written by Paul Sinor and Victoria Dadi and is directed by Travis Fort.

2012: ICE AGE will be released on DVD, Blu-Ray, and VOD on June 28, 2011.

The Tapes

Feb 19, 2011 in Headline, News, Other, Releases

Not long ago, one of our German colleagues told me about a story I’d never heard before: Anneliese Michel was supposedely the true-life inspiration for The Exorcism of Emily Rose (which we, of course, ripped off), who died after going through dozens of exorcisms for demonic possession.

Intrigued, I searched the internet for details about the story and stumbled upon this site. The owner of the site, Dixon Engle, claimed that he had footage of Anneliese’s actual exorcisms from the 1970′s. I contacted him about the tapes, but he told me he’d already given them to another producer in Hollywood.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that this producer was Jude Gerard Prest, who has produced several  TV documentaries (and also acted in a number of our movies). Jude showed us the footage he had compiled and we were just blown away. We have no idea if it’s is really Anneliese… but it’s absolutely chilling.

When I was in Germany last week, I tried to see if I could track down someone involved in the original case, but I don’t speak German, and couldn’t spend enough time on it to find anything out.

In the meantime, we made an agreement with Jude and Dixon to let us release the footage before anyone else does.

We’ll be rushing it out on DVD on March 1, 2011 and you can decide for yourselves whether or not it’s real.

Trash Talk

Feb 12, 2011 in Headline, News, Other

Rimawi and I are in Berlin at the European Film Market and one of our German buyers told us about this newspaper article:

We don’t understand German, but we’re told that the title translates to “Hollywood’s Garbage Men.”

Pitch Session

Feb 03, 2011 in Headline, News, Other

Every day we get dozens of query letters from writers hoping we’ll produce their screenplays. Many of you email me and comment on this site asking how you can pitch us your ideas.

I very rarely respond. I usually just hit delete or pretend not to see them. Why? Because, as writer myself, I hate to disappoint anyone who puts their heart and soul into a screenplay. And because any kind of response would only confirm how superficial and whorish we really are.

If you’re at all familiar with our movies, you know that we rarely do “original.” As I’ve mentioned here many times, The Asylum always follows the market. Sometimes that’s making movies with a similar theme to studio films that already have built-in awareness and multimillion dollar marketing campaigns. Sometimes it’s a video retailer telling us about an under served market. And sometimes it’s just one of our best customers telling us they really need a movie about giant fish.

Your screenplay may be the best thing written since Showgirls. It may be the story that would propel us from b-movie schlockmeisters to Sundance darlings.

But probably not.

Original is risky. And we rarely take risks. And when we do, they are calculated (“we know we won’t sell our western anywhere outside the US, but if we make it cheaply enough…”).

So, how can you write for The Asylum? Well, if you’ve got an interesting take on a mockbuster for a studio movie that is coming out in six to twelve months, that isn’t a remake, sequel, or based on an old television series (good luck); we might read that. Or if you happen to know the buyers at Netflix or Redbox or Comcast and can ask them what types of movies they need, we’ll listen to that pitch.

Otherwise, the best and easiest way to become a writer for The Asylum (and this works for directors too), is to move to Los Angeles and work for us in some other capacity; PA, grip, janitor, babysitter for Latt’s kids. And eventually we’ll give you shot…

That’s because we make most of our business decisions based on guilt and laziness.

As always, please send your hate comments (but not your query letters) here.