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Thursday, February 3rd, 2011 @ 8:42 am | Headline, News, Other

Every day we get dozens of query letters from writers hoping we’ll produce their screenplays. Many of you email me and comment on this site asking how you can pitch us your ideas.

I very rarely respond. I usually just hit delete or pretend not to see them. Why? Because, as writer myself, I hate to disappoint anyone who puts their heart and soul into a screenplay. And because any kind of response would only confirm how superficial and whorish we really are.

If you’re at all familiar with our movies, you know that we rarely do “original.” As I’ve mentioned here many times, The Asylum always follows the market. Sometimes that’s making movies with a similar theme to studio films that already have built-in awareness and multimillion dollar marketing campaigns. Sometimes it’s a video retailer telling us about an under served market. And sometimes it’s just one of our best customers telling us they really need a movie about giant fish.

Your screenplay may be the best thing written since Showgirls. It may be the story that would propel us from b-movie schlockmeisters to Sundance darlings.

But probably not.

Original is risky. And we rarely take risks. And when we do, they are calculated (“we know we won’t sell our western anywhere outside the US, but if we make it cheaply enough…”).

So, how can you write for The Asylum? Well, if you’ve got an interesting take on a mockbuster for a studio movie that is coming out in six to twelve months, that isn’t a remake, sequel, or based on an old television series (good luck); we might read that. Or if you happen to know the buyers at Netflix or Redbox or Comcast and can ask them what types of movies they need, we’ll listen to that pitch.

Otherwise, the best and easiest way to become a writer for The Asylum (and this works for directors too), is to move to Los Angeles and work for us in some other capacity; PA, grip, janitor, babysitter for Latt’s kids. And eventually we’ll give you shot…

That’s because we make most of our business decisions based on guilt and laziness.

As always, please send your hate comments (but not your query letters) here.

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    20 Responses to “Pitch Session”

    1. Victoria Dadi Says:

      …but if you ever get the chance to write for The Asylum it shall become your drug of choice. You can’t resist continuing to do it no matter what others tell you because, even if it may be bad for you, it’s just soooooo good!

      Victoria Dadi
      Asylum Junkie and Two-Time Writer

    2. Doug Higley Says:

      Because of the blatant honesty in this posting, the internet will now be shut down in Hollywood and it’s enabler communities. Refuges will be hauling old Cadillacs and Mercedes, piled up with belongings and covered in old blankets, pulled by mules and human power to North Carolina…where old standing sets are being dusted off and people can still be ‘led on’ with a moguls grin.

    3. David Blair Says:

      I actually read your Pitch session letter and found it quite amusing. Now to que you in on my letter. I have the next Jurassic Park/Harry Porter fanchise. No Joke. A China CGI Studio has committed to producing an animation version of my screenplay but I think it deserves a live action version as well. I own the copyright for the story and the screenplay. If you wish to find out more, email me


    4. Michael Banno Says:

      You guys are big on alien/werewolve/vampire/monster pictures. You’d do great for DARK SIDE RISING :D…no seriously you would.

    5. Rick Says:

      I’m surprised that y’all haven’t mockbusted Twilight yet; call it ‘Sunset’; tweak the story to where it’s actually interesting and make a far better film.

    6. V_Shaft Says:

      Yeah, I second Rick’s suggestion. “Sunset” would be awesome!

    7. Ryley Blackwood Says:

      Ok, even if you don’t decide to do this i want to hear your
      thoughts on it.

      I think a CGI movie adaption to kenneth oppels book silverwing would be incredeble.
      I’m friends with the author on facebook and i could ask him about permission.
      he has many fans and the book is incredeble. Synopsis: “Shade is a young silverwing bat, the runt of his colony, determined to prove himself on the long and dangerous winter migration to Hibernaculum, millions of wingbeats to the south. During a storm he is swept out over the ocean away from his family, his friends, and the only life he has ever known. Alone and frightend as winter fast approaches and tempatures plunge, Shade sets out on a remarkable journey to rejoin his colony in the south…” and there is way more to the story than that! there are supernaturel aspects and its full of various genres! Again, even if you dont do this give me your thoughts. and if you are interested i could talk to the author for any permission you may need! Contact me at j2-studios@hotmail.com

    8. Daniel J. Roos Says:

      Does this mean my Satan-Child-Fish screenplay MinnOmen isn’t going to get picked up???

    9. Matthew Mosley Says:

      Original is risky? Don’t give me that bullshit, that’s Hollywood crap and you ain’t Hollywood (not that that’s a bad thing).

      You should have a email address where people can submit a synopsis in the message and attach a PDF – that way you can read a synopsis and if you don’t like it click DELETE – if you like it, you can download the script …. and if you don’t like it – hit DELETE and they’ll never know.

      It would be easy to do and it would stop the million emails asking if you will read a script.

    10. Ryley Blackwood Says:

      P.S. I Talked To The Author Of The Book. He Likes The Idea Of A Movie Version!!!

    11. Jeffrey Scott Richards Says:

      I’m not sure if it was a test or a serious pitch. But roughly June 2010 I sent a series of 3 pitches to Micho Rutare for Mega Shark vs. Crocasaurus. It was a fun experience. I just did an interview about a film I’m directing and self distributing and I referenced the pitch experience in that interview. I learned a lot from Micho in that week period and would love to have the opportunity again. My only complaint was there wasn’t much follow up after the fact, but that’s a minor complaint…you guys are much busier than I am.

    12. Chris Says:

      You silently passed on a query of mine and now my script is in development at another production company. So, there you go. You win some you lose some guys.

    13. Bobby Says:

      While this isn’t really a pitch, I think it’s obvious that superhero movies are getting more and more popular, and I really do think that you guys should make one before the well runs dry.

    14. Bobby Says:

      So, I am apparently a dick and way behind the times. When was “Almighty Thor” announced? How did I miss it? God, I can’t quite for it!

    15. robert Says:

      pitch so are you saying that fans dont have good or great ideas? i sent a kick ass idea about zombie dinosaurs!!!!

    16. Yo Says:

      Heres a movie pitch. There is this production company called the Asylum that makes original movies. Not based on a true story. kthnxbai

    17. Rick Peters Says:

      What if my idea is for a mockbuster of a movie that is, say, seven years old, but is a revered classic by a respected director with a fanatical fanbase? And my idea is very cheap to pull off – probably cheaper than most of your other productions. Low cost, low risk, high chance of internet buzz. Kinda like, “The Asylum is ripping off who?!” type of stuff.

    18. Matthew Mosley Says:

      I would love to write you a Spider-Man mockbuster (no idea what you’d call it though) …… I’ll email you after I have a treatment.

    19. Collin Ritter Says:

      Sharknado 4: The Final One

    20. Keith Makenas Says:

      Five years later, I’m assuming pitch session is still closed? What about if a concept by The Asylum is thrown out there and writers can write the first ten pages and winner gets to write entire script?

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