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Saturday, February 19th, 2011 @ 2:12 pm | Headline, News, Other, Releases

Not long ago, one of our German colleagues told me about a story I’d never heard before: Anneliese Michel was supposedely the true-life inspiration for The Exorcism of Emily Rose (which we, of course, ripped off), who died after going through dozens of exorcisms for demonic possession.

Intrigued, I searched the internet for details about the story and stumbled upon this site. The owner of the site, Dixon Engle, claimed that he had footage of Anneliese’s actual exorcisms from the 1970′s. I contacted him about the tapes, but he told me he’d already given them to another producer in Hollywood.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that this producer was Jude Gerard Prest, who has produced several  TV documentaries (and also acted in a number of our movies). Jude showed us the footage he had compiled and we were just blown away. We have no idea if it’s is really Anneliese… but it’s absolutely chilling.

When I was in Germany last week, I tried to see if I could track down someone involved in the original case, but I don’t speak German, and couldn’t spend enough time on it to find anything out.

In the meantime, we made an agreement with Jude and Dixon to let us release the footage before anyone else does.

We’ll be rushing it out on DVD on March 1, 2011 and you can decide for yourselves whether or not it’s real.

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    11 Responses to “The Tapes”

    1. inmate977 Says:

      whoa! awesome!!! i really became transfixed with the story after seeing emily rose, nice that this stuff has ended up in the right hands!

    2. Shane Van Dyke Says:

      That is f#@king awesome. I’ll be the first in line for that one.

    3. Rick Says:

      Not a huge person for ‘found footage’; but most curious about this.

    4. Skeptic Says:

      I wouldn’t be so sure. being ‘ Asylum’, it’s very possible it’s just another cheap knockoff for an attempt at…what?
      So be prepared. they may have hired someone else – better – to make a more realistic movie then they themselves – a film production company – are able to, with all the shit writers and directors, cameramen and actors and whole crews of uncreative fools who may never produce a good film in their lifetime.

    5. Exorcismo - Possessão diabólica existe? Veja videos reais de exorcismo aqui. | Mundo Gump Says:

      [...] fonte [...]

    6. robert Says:

      sounds like your ripping off the movie/book the rite

    7. Kazuya Mishima Says:

      True Story. Fake video footage!

    8. Paul Says:

      A review:

    9. Paul Says:

      And another:

    10. james Says:

      about as fake as they come those spiders coming out of her mouth i mean it doesnt get any more fake then that.couldn’t have cost alot to make this movie

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