Trash Talk

Saturday, February 12th, 2011 @ 1:47 am | Headline, News, Other

Rimawi and I are in Berlin at the European Film Market and one of our German buyers told us about this newspaper article:

We don’t understand German, but we’re told that the title translates to “Hollywood’s Garbage Men.”

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    13 Responses to “Trash Talk”

    1. Robert Says:

      more “masters of the garbage”…

    2. Paul Says:

      Accordimng to Yahoo Babelfish, MĂĽllmeister translates to Garbage master, There’s a huge difference between being garbage and the masters of trash.

      Keep it up.

    3. Mako Says:

      Man, you know you’ve made it when you get bad press in languages you don’t even speak.

      You should get someone to translate it then put it up on the site. You know, on display, like a trophy.

    4. Yo Says:

      Rightfully so. These movies are a piece of shit. Why would you be proud of something like this? lol

    5. Jen Says:

      Despite the criticisms and low budgets I found that there are some genuinely great dramatic moments in your films. Especially in your Moby Dick and Sherlock Holmes. Since your production turnarounds are so fast, it would be great to see a series produced or coproduced by Asylum. Something Scifi related like Dr Who or Torchwood, something that could gain a fan following with endearing characters. I also thought Princess and Pony very charming and well done. Keep it up!

    6. biji Says:

      HAHAAHAA!!! awesome. its hard to believe, but i guess some people CAN sometimes recognize quality after all. i literally just stumbled onto this site, and am blown away (and in many ways deeply saddened) that it even exists. if this site exists, it means you still make “films”. if you still make “films”, then it means you still make money. if you make money, i can only deduct that either unsuspecting people are giving it to you, or some sort of bargain with satan was made. i cant say i blame you for taking advantage of idiots who fail to realize that what they’re purchasing is a complete incomprehensible mess of a film that only LOOKS identical to whatever movie is a hit at the time…most people would take advantage – and count – on the stupidity/ignorance of the majority. on, and your fantastic cover for your MOBY DICK piece of garbage looks NOTHING LIKE jaws. well done, you really hit it out of the park with that beauty.

    7. Ben von Moahmy Says:

      The translation is “The Garbage Masters of Hollywood”. The first lines are translated: “The are the worst filmmakers in Hollywood – but with that they are really successful. The producers of Mockbuster productions steal the story of movies like “Pirates Of The Carribean” and sell insane cheap productions.”

      In the comments of the article, by the way, many people corrected the article because the author Benjamin Maack did make a lot of mistakes, e.g. gave wrong movie titles. I think he didn’t see much of your work.

      Be assured: In Germany are many fans of your work – like I am, and in our video shops we can buy also actual productions like “2010: Moby Dick”. We enjoy your work – keep going!

      Greets from Germany,

    8. Rick Says:

      I gotta say; no offense to the German newspaper, but how dare they include Ratatoing as an Asylum film! That movie is such garbage I still felt bad even paying $4 for it as a White Elephant at last year’s Christmas party at work.

      That flick was made by a Brazilian company…*shudders just thinking about that movie*

    9. Zictor Says:

      Come on, Rick, can’t you contemplate the irony of this mistake?
      IT’s actually funny.

      Plus, Video Brinquedo, the Brazilian company is pretty much the Asylum of animation.

    10. jic Says:

      You can get a relatively readable translation via Google. Of course it has the usual parts that either don’t translate coherently (“the Ducks are seven kilometers from the Walk of Fame”) or don’t translate at all (“The idea is dranzuhängen a hit movie”), but it’s fairly easy to understand.

    11. You Suck Says:

      Your movies suck, the worst movies i ever seen… not kidding.

    12. Suxxy Says:

      guyz, your ‘Paranormal Entity’ isn’t worst than ‘… Activity’. sometimes it’s even better. anaways, great work! requesting moar!11

    13. brianusn Says:

      So I watched your Megashark vs MechShark and was dissapointed in your portrayal of people in the Navy. I am active duty Navy and when I saw you had an Admiral with chest insignas put on as his collar device, I turned your movie off. Do some research before you make the Navy look like bags of asses in your movies. You can google uniform regs for the Navy. If you have to make the Sailor not 100% dressed correct, can you at least not use something so noticable? I think i’m done with Asylum movies.

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