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A Truly Original Post

Mar 27, 2011 in Headline, News, Other

If you read the comments on my post below you’ll see that one of our readers has commented on a previous entry about our not doing “original” movies.

You might also notice that both times I put the word “original” in quotes.

That’s because all of our movies are original. And none of them are.

You see, I’m a firm believer in that old adage that ‘there are only about seven original plots and every other story is just a variation (and if I weren’t so lazy I’d look up who said that and give proper attribution).’

As with all of our Mockbusters, we’re getting a lot of shit on the message boards about BATTLE OF LOS ANGELES (available here). No surprise. What I don’t understand is why no one is criticizing “Battle: Los Angeles.” There were two alien invasion movies released in theatres this year. Does Sony get a pass because theirs is more successful? Or is it because they didn’t call it “Skylight?”

There’s nothing original about alien invasion movies. They made another one three years ago (a remake of a 1951 film), and another one six years ago (a remake of a 1953 film).

The Asylum has made three “2012″ films (one of them almost two years before the Roland Emmerich movie) because people are interested in the 2012 phenomenon (and because titles that start with numbers are listed first on VOD menus).

Saying we’re unoriginal is a false criticism. If we’re guilty of anything, it’s shameless marketing.

Oh, and Matthew, about BORN BAD, I’ve also said before that The Asylum never makes a movie unless we have a pretty good idea where we’re going to sell it.

Think about it…

From the Set: Born Bad

Mar 25, 2011 in Headline, News, Releases

The first stills from BORN BAD are now available here.

Starring Bonnie Dennison (left) as Brooke, a rebellious young girl who discovers that her new boyfriend (played by Michael Welch) isn’t what he seems.

Meredith Monroe and David Chokachi also star as Brooke’s concerned parents.

BORN BAD will premiere this Fall.

Sex, Religion, and Politics

Mar 24, 2011 in Other

I know these are three things you aren’t supposed to talk about in polite company (and 12 step programs), but I have a point to make.

My own personal politics usually fall somewhere to the left of Karl Marx… except that I don’t believe communism or socialism are viable systems because, as sad as it makes me to say it, human beings seem to require direct personal incentives to thrive. Therefore, I am a capitalist. A bleeding heart capitalist who believes that unbridled capitalism can be dangerous.

Which is why it makes me angry to see the concerted effort of the studios to punish or destroy smaller companies that have dared to compete with them and who have dared to actually follow the market.

I believe that consumers should dictate what something is worth. And if customers want to stream as many movies and TV shows as they can for $9 a month, or if they say that movie rentals should be $1 per night, and if they believe that DVDs should cost $10, then that is the price.

Artificially inflating prices by manipulating the market, or trying to punish successful competitors isn’t the type of capitalism I believe in.

The studios and networks should do what small companies (like ours, for instance) have to do when paradigms shift: Find a way to work within the new system.

Media companies that can’t adapt to change are destined to find themselves in the same position as the record labels. And the communists. Irrelevant.

Official BATTLE OF LOS ANGELES Trailer Now Online

Mar 21, 2011 in Headline, News, Releases

At long last the Official Trailer for BATTLE OF LOS ANGELES is now available here.

BATTLE OF LOS ANGELES premiered with fantastic ratings two weeks ago and tomorrow you’ll have a chance to see why.

Sorry it took us so long to get you a trailer, but we’re really proud of this movie and wanted a trailer worthy of the film.

Thanks to writer/director/cinematographer Mark Atkins and trailer editor Brian Brinkman and everyone else associated with the movie.

Go to Netflix, watch it on VOD, or if you can find a video store that’s still in business go rent it tomorrow!

Battle of Los Angeles

Mar 11, 2011 in Headline, News, Releases

There are two movies coming out this weekend about the legendary “Battle of Los  Angeles.”

Why not watch the only one that was actually shot in Los Angeles?

Battle of Los Angeles premieres on Syfy this Saturday, March 12, 2011 at 9 pm est.

The DVD will be released on March 22, 2011.

Big in Japan

Mar 07, 2011 in Headline, News, Other

Albatross Film, the company that releases most of our films in Japan, has announced the First Annual Asylum Film Festival from March 19-April 1.

Eleven Asylum films will be screened over the course of the Festival, culminating in the first ever theatrical screening of BATTLE OF LOS ANGELES on April Fools Day.

If you happen to live in Tokyo, or know someone who does, please spread the word.

If you read Japanese (or just want to see the cool DVD covers they create for our movies in Japan), check out the flyer for the event here.

More Media

Mar 04, 2011 in Headline, News, Other

We are simultaneously loved and hated by the Huffington Post:

Best Films of 2010 in Review

Movie Sequel Fail

Plus, we continue to keep The Soup business:

Mega Python vs Gatoroid

Hint: It Wasn’t “The King’s Speech”

Mar 02, 2011 in Headline, News, Other

Guess which film won this year’s award for BEST B-MOVIE Nudity?

Mega Shark in the Media

Mar 01, 2011 in Headline, Other

It’s the gift that keeps on giving:

And this:

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