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Sunday, March 27th, 2011 @ 10:07 am | Headline, News, Other

If you read the comments on my post below you’ll see that one of our readers has commented on a previous entry about our not doing “original” movies.

You might also notice that both times I put the word “original” in quotes.

That’s because all of our movies are original. And none of them are.

You see, I’m a firm believer in that old adage that ‘there are only about seven original plots and every other story is just a variation (and if I weren’t so lazy I’d look up who said that and give proper attribution).’

As with all of our Mockbusters, we’re getting a lot of shit on the message boards about BATTLE OF LOS ANGELES (available here). No surprise. What I don’t understand is why no one is criticizing “Battle: Los Angeles.” There were two alien invasion movies released in theatres this year. Does Sony get a pass because theirs is more successful? Or is it because they didn’t call it “Skylight?”

There’s nothing original about alien invasion movies. They made another one three years ago (a remake of a 1951 film), and another one six years ago (a remake of a 1953 film).

The Asylum has made three “2012″ films (one of them almost two years before the Roland Emmerich movie) because people are interested in the 2012 phenomenon (and because titles that start with numbers are listed first on VOD menus).

Saying we’re unoriginal is a false criticism. If we’re guilty of anything, it’s shameless marketing.

Oh, and Matthew, about BORN BAD, I’ve also said before that The Asylum never makes a movie unless we have a pretty good idea where we’re going to sell it.

Think about it…

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    19 Responses to “A Truly Original Post”

    1. Slushie Man Says:

      Don’t listen to the haters that obviously have no life but to come on here and bitch and live their lives in negativity. You guys are doing excellent and I love watching the majority of your movies. Good, cheesy, low budget fun.

    2. Jen Says:

      I remember back in the 90s when Tombstone came out, then right after Wyatt Earp with Costner. It was fun to see two interpretations of the story. Hollywood has always done that. And Asylum now has it’s own ‘Mega’ brand right now that I notice other companies are trying to emulate. I honestly had more fun watching Mega Python vs. Gatoroid on tv than anything in the theatre so far this year. If Hollywood was smart they woud team up with Asylum and do a 100million mega shark film in 3D and it would be the biggest hit of all time! Forget – Mars needs Moms.. how bout MEGA SHARKS FROM MARS! in 3D! Marketing gold baby!

    3. Slushie Man Says:

      I’d pay to see that in theaters. With Charlie Sheen starring :)

    4. Mike Says:

      I actually watch BATTLE: LOS ANGELES and BATTLE of LOS ANGELES on the same day. Even though it’s not similar to the Big Budget Blockbuster, I felt your Mockbuster was superior because I didn’t get a headache trying to watch it!

      Looking forward to your next production.

      P.S. KUDOS on embracing your “Mockbuster” title. No other movie company has their own genre!

    5. inmate977 Says:

      all i’ll say is…huzzah…oh, yeah, and viva la asylum!

    6. Matthew Mosley Says:

      @Asylum D’Oh! :-) NOw i look a fool – being as you’re reading the boards, Spider-Man reboots next summer with the Lizard as the Villain, can I write the a mockbuster with an Alligator villain please? (i’ll even give you the first free)

      @Slushie Man hey dum dum – I wasn’t hating, maybe read the comment first before moving your fingers ;-)

    7. Adam Says:

      This is a fantastic post and one that sets the story straight to all those hatters out there of the great/fun work that The Asylum put out.

      Keep it up.

    8. Dennis Lamers Says:

      They don’t really argue about Battle: Los Angeles because the movie was super made in Story line. If you see Skyline as example it had critic because of the acting and special effects. 90% of Skyline movie took place in the apartment interior where some survivors watching how some aliens and mother ships getting hit by a Lego rocket..

      I hope you guys can make a better Skyline movie with some pretty nice action.

    9. Drive-In Mike Says:

      In all fairness, I have not seen the current big screen alien invasion movie, BUT “Balle of Los Angeles” rules. The current big screener with a similar title LOOKS like a mockbuster of previous flying saucer movies. Asylum’s recent offering is definitely unique with cool characters (a sword wielding Nia Peeples!) and killer aliens. Sorry haters. I’ll take Asylum movies over overblown big screen duds any day!

    10. Thomas Says:

      And Asylum is the only production company who guenuinly interact with customers/fans : people can post their comment, there will always be someone to answer, even if the comment is mean and nasty. You rock guys ;)

    11. Jen Says:

      I have to agree with Thomas. The latest trend seems to be watching a movie premiere at home, then twittering about it in real time with fellow viewers. Good or bad comments, makes no difference, thats just part of the fun.
      So having the Asylum and Syfy interact with everyone on twitter makes the experience alot more enjoyable! Most big league film makers egos would probably not be able to handle that! I’d rather watch SyFy with my twitter friends rather than pay a fortune to sit near some dude in the theatre loudly munching on popcorn while the person next to you is texting her girlfriend. And on another subject – whats with the studios wanting to charge $30 to watch a pre DVD release!?

    12. Jack Says:

      Would you not agree that a large majority of your fans are only fans and watch these films because they are so bad? That the effects are poor and the acting and script is just as thin that it makes it entertaining to watch?

    13. Jen Says:

      And how is that different from most of the mainstream hollywood genre movies? Did you see the new ‘Clash of the Titans’ Sure the fx we’re great, and even had two world class actors but it didn’t stop the film from being boring and cliche (In my humble opinion). The 80s version with cheezy stop animation and bad acting was far more entertaining. If an Asylum film had 30million dollar fx on a film and maybe an A list actor, how would you tell the difference?

    14. Jack Says:

      The new Clash of the Titans did not go down well with its audience that’s agreed, but the Asylum version did. My question is, did it only do so well because its so bad? last time I checked the movie wasn’t made to be a comedy. Does this company know the majority of its fans come from the fact it isn’t being taken seriously?

    15. Jen Says:

      Good question. Not sure, but it makes no difference as long as there are fans and people wanting to watch. For me, aside from maybe a 100million dollar budget, I just don’t see the difference between an Asylum film and a mainstream Hollywood blockbuster. It’s all smoke and mirrors on the big studios part. It’s just over paid pampered actors with air conditioned trailers trying to act against a sterile green screen. That lack of realism that you know that actors don’t have to work with, comes through sometimes on the screen. That is why ‘Clash’ was boring to me. Of course there are very great movies out there being made all the time by the big studios, I’m talking more of the big dumb pretentious genre films.
      The reason the Asylum films are fun for some people, because you know everyone involved is trying so hard, not getting paid much and are very grateful for the opportunity to have work in this business or even work at all. Sure, sometimes it doesn’t translate into great cinema, but they just have more heart. As for the comedy aspect, I’m sure films like Gatoriod are meant to be comedic – any movie with Micky Dolenz being eaten by a giant snake I’m sure are not meant to be Shakespearian – its just funny. I think Mega Piranha is probably the funniest movie I ever saw and also the most fun.

    16. jared Says:

      BORN BAD!!!

    17. Cannibal Cam Says:

      What is the problem with “Mocbusters”. Who cares! I certainly don’t or else I wouldn’t be here posting about this shit. They make it with more edge and go for the throat. Been a fan for a while and really like their takes on certain films. Or is everyone just jealous cause they are doing a better job at churning out these kinds of movies and your not. Whatever….. I’ve got a few ideas if you guys are interested………

    18. Acrobatic Flea Says:

      Please, please, please keep making your mockbusters… too many films (and and fans) take what is supposed to be entertainment way too seriously. Really looking forward to seeing Almighty Thor over here in the UK!

    19. assylum sucks Says:

      I seriously hope you don’t put your films on dvd, because you’re just creating trash for landfills. These are not movies, they’re just tricks for stupid people, and any of you that commented positively, I challenge you to take an online iq test (without cheating) and score above 90, because you’re all morons. It is not entertaining in the least, its just painful to watch and you’re diluting the movie marketplace with literally, garbage. Bargain bin trash. At leasy give these terrible actors, screen writers and directors something they might put at least a single original thought into.

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