Battle of Los Angeles

Friday, March 11th, 2011 @ 9:54 am | Headline, News, Releases

There are two movies coming out this weekend about the legendary “Battle of LosĀ  Angeles.”

Why not watch the only one that was actually shot in Los Angeles?

Battle of Los Angeles premieres on Syfy this Saturday, March 12, 2011 at 9 pm est.

The DVD will be released on March 22, 2011.

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    16 Responses to “Battle of Los Angeles”

    1. Bozo The Clown Says:

      Yeah its not like one of the movies has state of the art CGI, a epic soundtrack, well known actors, and a actual theatrical release. Who needs that when you’ve got your movie that includes laptop special effects, unknown porn star actors, and a midi soundtrack.

    2. Rick Says:

      I’m working when it’s playing; blast

    3. Bobby Says:

      Got to work, but totally DVRing it! Does that somehow count/ help the viewing numbers? I know jack about how all that stuff is figured out.

    4. Dennis Lamers Says:

      Battle: Los Angeles was yesterday in Cinema. Will you guys also make a re-make of Skyline?

    5. inmate977 Says:

      can’t wait for this one! i’ll be live-blogging during the premiere. hope your ratings are through the roof!
      COMMITTED – an asylum blog

    6. Mockoff Says:

      This movie sucked so bad. It is piggybacking off of Battle LA to make a cheap buck using effects that look like they used ms paint on. the real movie was amazing and the asylum is a cheap ass company who makes cheap knock-offs of real, good, respectable movies. my 2 cents.

    7. Mockoff Says:

      oh and btw the alien guns that were used were actually painted-over nerf guns with weird knex attachments. Filmed in la my ass, probly filmed in som1s backyard.

    8. Scotch Says:

      Great flick…hurray for the triumphant return of Kel Mitchell.

    9. Matthew Mosley Says:

      Hey Mockoff, clearly you’ve never watched a film from The Asylum before, this is what they do, they pretty much ONLY do this, if you’re gonna post here you should maybe know a little about it first.

    10. Jack Says:

      Where do I send my hate mail to? Aslo, is this company for sale? I wish to purchase it and fire everyone involved in the movies you make. I figure about $200 should cover it. That’s more than your last 5 movies budget combined!

    11. Slushie Man Says:

      When is the BluRay coming out? Same day as the DVD?

    12. Inmate1954 Says:

      A movie in the Asylum vein of entertainment! I saw both BATTLE: LOS ANGELES and BATTLE for LOS ANGELES on the same day. Don’t waste your money at the theater, unless you want a headache or REALLY love the Marines.

      Wait ’till March 22!

    13. Inmate1954 Says:

    14. Randall Larson Says:

      Regardless of what you think of the movie the music score is terrific. Cinefantastiqueonline dot com has an interview with both composers about this film score if you’re interested in learning more about the music, this film, and The Asylum – and if you’ll forgive the plug.

    15. adult Says:

      Plz stop make movies , couse is TOTAL absurd , nonsense.

    16. Nomoreplease! Says:

      What a big shit!

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